Tips To Find The Best Student Movers In Houston

Tips To Find The Best Student Movers In Houston
When you are looking for a student mover, you are searching for affordability and small load movers. There are many of them out of there if you are equipped with right information to find one. We discussed some tips to help you find the best student movers in Houston.

Shopping for movers is not without its challenges. You are in the middle of planning a huge move out of Houston, but you are not sure whether you have the means to hire professionals. It is an understandable conundrum, as you want your items to safely reach the destination, but you do not want to pay over the odds either.

The best thing you can do is to look for pro movers Houston companies that offer cheaper rates, compared to the more established companies. As an example, you may be able to find student movers who are willing to help you with some part of your move for a modest fee.

Below is a guide that will help you find the best student and discount movers in Houston. They will help you ensure your local or long distance move goes off without a hitch.

Shop Around Early

One of the issues with finding a good deal on moving services is that people end up looking too late. If you are moving during the spring or summer season, you must understand that a lot of people will be doing the same. You are essentially competing with others for the same professionals.

If you know you are moving out of Houston three or four months before your move date, now is the time to start planning the move. Think about searching for movers this week, and then make contact with them the following week.

By getting a head start on this process, you will be in a position where you can get a good rate from student movers and other local moving companies. They will offer you a discount for booking so early, and you can also get your preferred date and time slot.

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask Around

There is no sense in wasting resources that are available to you. If you have family and friends in Houston, ask them about their moving experiences. Those who have recently moved to the city (in the past five years) can probably remember the movers who helped with their relocation.

Such information can be invaluable, as you get a first-hand account of the professionalism shown by the movers. If it is a student moving company, and you know someone who used their services, you could also use that connection to get a discount. Ask your mutual friend to put in a good word, and the student movers may be willing to take on your relocation project at a slightly lower fee.

It is a good idea to cross-reference any personal anecdotes of movers with the information you find online. For instance, a family member may say the movers were great, but all the online reviews point in the other direction. Such situations are frustrating, but it is generally best to skip those movers unless the person giving you the recommendation is someone you trust without question.

Go With Smaller Companies

Whether you are picking student movers or pro movers Houston, you should be veering toward companies that have been around for a short period of time. Most people will seek the most experienced movers, which puts them in greater demand. They charge higher fees, even if you book early.

Movers that have less experience, but come with a good recommendation, are trustworthy. You know someone who had a good experience, so you are not worried about them messing up your move. Since they are a smaller company with less clientele, they will be delighted to hire you for a lower rate.

Ask Relevant Questions

Choosing a student mover for your upcoming relocation is a significant step. You will want to ensure you are properly vetting any companies that may be coming to your home and handling your belongings.

It is vital to ask the right questions, whether it is through your online searches or your conversations with the movers through email or over the phone. Ensure you have all the information about the business, even if they are student movers. That includes the company name, address, email address, and more.

The company should have a license number from the state or nationally. They should also provide you with information about their liability insurance coverage. If they do not have any insurance, you are taking a big risk by hiring them for moving services.

It is also vital to understand whether these movers are going to handle your move on their own, or if they will be hiring someone else to do part of the work. There are many student movers that deal with some aspect of the move, but subcontract other work to friends. It is not a huge issue if that happens, but it is good to know ahead of time.

Obtain Multiple Estimates Online or Over the Phone

The best way to narrow down your options when it comes to student movers in Houston is to create a list of the top five that have stood out in your initial screening. These are companies that:

  • Have a valid license.
  • Have been in business for at least a year.
  • Have good online reviews.
  • Have affordable rates and offer the services you need.

Now that you have a list of five or six such movers, send them an email or give them a call. Talk about the services you require and when you are moving. They will let you know if they are available, and provide you with a non-binding quote.

These quotes are the starting point of you hiring the movers. Compare the quotes to see where you are getting the most value. Then narrow down the search to the final two contenders.

When you have two movers in mind, ask them both to come for an in-person appointment. It is the time when they will assess your premises and give you a binding quote for your relocation.

After getting a binding quote from each of these movers, you can decide on who you are going to hire. Make sure you thoroughly read any contract before you put pen to paper, as you do not want to commit to something you have not read and understood.

Special Requests

When you are hiring pro movers Houston or student movers, you want to find a company that offers the services you need the most. It means making any special requests ahead of time.

Say you are hoping to have a piano or pool table moved onto the moving van. It is the type of request the movers cannot handle unless they know about it ahead of time. They would need more than two people and specific equipment to handle that transportation work.

Be clear about the special services you need, and whether you will be requesting any additional insurance coverage for some or all of the items within the moving van. It is vital to have all the information about such requests early, as some movers may not be able to accommodate your needs.

By asking when you get a quote from the mover, you have enough time to look for other movers if that company cannot fulfill your request. If it is two days before the moving date and you ask them to move a piano from a third story apartment unit, then you are taking a significant risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure the mover does not charge me more than expected at the end of the trip?

If you are worried about the mover adding costs to the final bill, you should ask them for a binding quote when they come to meet you in person. A binding quote means they cannot charge you more than the hourly or fixed rate they have provided. It is written within your moving contract, and doing so would be a violation on their part.

The only time you are charged extra after the mover provides you with a binding quote is when you require additional services, which you did not inform them about at the time.

Can the movers take my car for me as well?

Most student or professional movers in Houston will not be able to transport your car. They can transport household items within the moving van, but you can request a car transportation service from a different company.

Car transport is useful if you are moving across the country, or to a state that is more than eight or ten hours’ drive away. Otherwise, you are better off driving the car to your new city yourself, as it saves time and money.

Do I have to pay the movers in advance?

Most movers will ask you for a small deposit when you book the moving date, while others may not require any deposit. Full payment is only expected when the move is complete and you are satisfied with their work.

Get Your Houston Move Going

Moving from Houston may be a big step in your future, and it is one you will not have taken lightly. Whether you are moving for education or work, we hope our guide can help you find the best student and pro movers Houston has to offer.