Tips for Hiring Top-Rated Movers

Top-Rated Movers
Summary: The movers you hire can help you get through the process from start to finish. However, with a variety of prospects to choose from, picking the best one can be daunting. Don't assume that big-name companies are best. Follow these tips to choose right.

Every day the number of people is moving from one place to another and while so many relocations are happening, it is almost impossible for all of these movements to go smoothly. Even if you hire the best of the movers and packers, they ought to make some mistakes but still no matter what without these moving companies it is almost impossible to go with the movement swiftly. Without these companies, relocation to a new place will be more of a stress than excitement. Gone are the days when people used to do all the packing and moving. In recent times neither people have the time nor are they left with that much of physical strength to cope with such movements.

Thorough inspection

The professional moving company will always go for a thorough inspection of your belonging. They will check every Nik and corner of your house to assess your belongings. They will also assess the weight of your inventory before giving you the estimated cost. The costing largely depends on the weight of your belongings, the one which is giving you the quote without taking the actual weight is not that professional and may not be able to give you accurate costing while finalizing the deal.

Discuss everything

A casual estimator will take a quick round of your house and will provide you with the budget but a professional estimator will always walk through your house thoroughly and will also ask a number of questions about your belongings. Some may also want to take a look at your new house where you want to relocate.

Large deposits

Professional movers and packers would never ask you for a large amount of money before the actual movement. They have fixed criteria and will ask for a certain percentage of the total amount as an advance, the rest of the payment they will take after the job is done. For such companies, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance.


Before you start looking for a reliable company for your movement, take suggestions from your friends and family. In case your closed ones have no references then it is suggested to check online ratings and reviews of various moving companies around your area.

Avoid a company with several names

There are certain companies that operate under different names to avoid certain legal obligations. Before working with any such company make sure that they have some registered local address and have all the licenses, permits and other related documents required to run a business. If you find anything fishy then we recommend you not to go ahead with the same even if they are giving the best costing amongst all the estimators you have met.

Comparing and Picking Top Movers

1. Know why you should hire a Moving Company

Before you choose to make use of the services of a professional mover, you need to be certain that your decision is the perfect one. You don’t want to be challenged by any doubts that you might have performed a DIY move instead. Ask yourself;

Is it worth it to hire movers?

  • Long-distance move: You can probably perform a local move by getting the help of your friends. Moving to another town or a nearby city provides you a better chance to prove your moving skills. Not when you are relocating hundreds or thousands of miles to another part of the country through – the risk associated with the move is too great to be properly assessed.
  • Pressed for time: Only the professionals can take care of the last-minute move or a household move with no enough time for the best organization. Unlike you, expert movers have been professionally trained to work timely and efficiently.
  • Specialty items: The DIY move vs. hiring movers’ discussion is easily solved when you own some special items like pieces of antique furniture, a piano, a grandfather’s clock, a pool table, and so on. When last did you a hot tub on your own? Immediately you are used to the good reasons to hire a moving company, let’s reveal some things about the price of hiring a moving company. Guide your research using these questions:
  • Do I want to take an over-the-phone moving estimate?
  • Do I need coverage?
  • Do I want to self-pack or pay someone to pack for me?
  • Do I own fragile belongings that need to be packed especially?
  • Do I need specialized crating?
  • Do I want to track my goods?
  • Do I need assistance to disconnect and reconnect my appliances?
  • Do I own specialty items like a piano or antique art?
  • Do I need to disassemble and reassemble furniture?
  • Do I need to move a heavy or bulky item like a washer/dryer?

Immediately you know the kind of assistance you need we recommend you pick a moving company depending on how its services match your needs and your budget. Find out more about your options by receiving many estimates and then use those to choose who to hire.

2. Choose which Extra Services you need

Extra moving services are available in numbers. They are not popular in DIY moves, but some rental truck companies still offer the following options:

  • Packing: For any type of packing (partial, full, or special which involves packing items that need additional protection).
  • Custom crating: For antiques or expensive furniture pieces, such as mirrors or art that are big to fit inside a regular moving box.
  • Loading: For transporting that 6-person sectional or our heavy dresser, especially if you can’t get your friends to do it for pizza and beer.
  • Electronics installation: for your built-in sound system or expensive TV.
  • Furniture assembly and disassembly: For items of off shape such as pool tables or gym equipment that need to be disassembled to fit through hallways or up stairwells.

3.   Find out the Typical Cost of Hiring a Moving Company

It is vital to know your expectations when hiring a mover, especially the things to expect from a financial aspect. Well, you know your next move will be costly, but you don’t know how costly it will be. You don’t even want to assume the overall moving bill for fear of planning on false hopes.

The only thing regarding the cost of hiring a moving company that you should consider is that the price estimated on the quote with the use of case-by-case principle – which is, no one can tell you the actual cost of your move, not even professionals in the business unless they come to your home in person and perform in-home moving cost estimation. And even at that, you will only receive an estimate of the relocation price.

Yet, it is important to be ready mentally for the next financial blow. See the average moving costs for both local and long-distance moves of 1, 2, or 4 bedroom homes here. Find out the major factors that affect the moving cost as well as the things you can do to reduce those moving costs to save you cost on your move.

4. Obtain Several Moving Quotes

There are many important things to know when hiring moving companies, and the fact that getting just one moving quote from a single moving company won’t fetch you any advantages, in the long run, is one of them. How are you then supposed to secure the best deal as regards price when you are not able to make a comparison of different cost estimates and select the best one for your budget?

The best advice for hiring moving companies is to receive several quotes from different local or long-distance movers so that you widen your moving options.

Allow professional movers to compete for your moving business just because there can be significant differences in professional services ranging from quality, reliability, and yes, rates.

Accepting the first offer you got from a moving company is considered as one of the major mistakes during a residential move, and is something you should think over and over before you do it. A thorough comparison of the movers and their moving price estimates is the best way to end up with the best mover for you and your household.

For idea about the cost of your move, read Best Moving Cost Calculator To Estimate Moving Costs

5. Get In-Home Inspections

If you have not hired a moving company before, you may truly find the whole price estimation process tiring. And because you don’t have much experience, you may choose that the best way to obtain moving cost estimates from the professionals is wither via phone or e-mail. Our checklist for hiring moving companies never stops warning: do not go with any moving company’s quotes unless they are provided after a physical in-home inspection in your home.

Since you are likely inexperienced in moving, you won’t be able to know the actual dimensions and weight of all your shipments to your movers. That is why the estimates of the moving costs you get won’t be accurate.

Ask moving companies on your list to send their reps to your home for visual surveys. If they refuse to do this, then you should just refuse to hire their services. Remember that the best movers in the United States today will ask for an in-home survey before they issue accurate moving estimates.

6. Check the Estimate

The moving estimate may be a combined document that, when you and the moving company representative, serves as your booking for service and bill of lading, as well. These, together with the inventory list compiled when your shipments are loaded, are the basic paperwork any moving company should give you. Ensure ‘written binding estimate’ is indicated up top and the mover’s signature with a date at the downside.

For a long-distance move, the estimate should indicate a description of the type and number of items you are transporting, the distance to your new home, when your shipments will be picked up and delivered, as well as any extra services (like packing) and supplies the mo,  vers, are providing. If you want to buy extra insurance from your moving company (more than the standard $0.60 a pound that the moving company’s insurance covers), ensure you clearly understand the costs as well as details of that insurance coverage.

For a local move, one in which you can’t be given a binding estimate, you should still receive a written estimate that indicates the hourly rates and any extra costs you might incur (for tolls, supplies, driving duration to and from the mover’s locations). If you are confused about anything in the moving estimate, call the company and ask. And a request for a revised written moving estimate from the company if necessary, don’t just go with their words at all.

7. Compare the Bids

Be cautious of any company that is too cheap than the others. Check high bids to determine where the additional costs are added. Call and ask questions if something seems unclear. If you have many reasonable-seeming buds from trusted movers, don’t be scared to negotiate to secure the best possible moving rate. Especially in a moving market where there is much competition, most moving companies will want to discuss pricing with you.

8.  Now Screen Contenders in more Detail

With the information you have compiled so far, go online. First, ensure they are offering services in your state, and find out the number of years they’ve been working – by checking the office of your state’s secretary. Some have databases of businesses that you can search online’ else, reach out through the number in the government pages of the phone book.

9. Book your Move

After you have completed your research and picked out your preferred moving company, you can now book your move. The majority of companies enable you to go for online estimates, but you will almost have to often call to book. Remember that even if you book your move for a certain date, not all moving companies have specific bookings. Some offer speedy shipping or guaranteed pickup but note that the moving industry is highly unpredictable.

For instance, most companies, especially moving truck rental providers are restricted by the customers they are currently working with. The moving equipment or workers you reserve might get delayed if the move of another customer takes longer than planned to be completed.


Relocation is a very big job, and you just cannot hire anybody for the same as you would be leaving all your belongings with that company. Don’t take any decision in haste and make sure to choose the best company for the job.