The Top 5 States People Are Leaving And Moving To

Top 5 States People Are Leaving And Moving To
SUMMARY: Idaho is the leader in the country for migrants – that is, those who move in – while the most outbound moves (people moving out of the state) are seen in New Jersey, according to a study by moving experts.

Lots of Americans have been moving since late 2020; many because of the COVID-19 pandemic and for many other reasons.

College students and young adults relocate, and a new set of remote workers who no longer want a long commute now look for new places to live in.

There is so much data on the states that people are moving from and which states they are relocating to.

Work seems to be the major reason behind this move, even though the quality of life, as well as opportunities in particular states and retirement, also carry some weight. Whether they are searching for a highly affordable cost of living, more friendly weather, or more employment opportunities, people are leaving some states in larger numbers than the rest of the nation, especially in the Northeast.

Continue reading to see the top states people moved from and to in 2020 and 2021.

1. New Jersey – Outbound moves is 66.8%

New Jersey ranked high among the top 5 states that people move from for over 10 years with roughly 69% of moves being to another place. Surveys revealed that the high taxes in the state are the force behind the moves, including employment-related moves and retirement. New Jersey has the most property tax rates in the U.S. Above a third leave the state due to job opportunities elsewhere, and a fair share leave in search of greener pastures for retirement.

2. Illinois – Outbound Moves is 65.9%

This state has so many greats in it: great sports, great farm produce, one of the greatest cities in America (Chicago), great colleges, and possibly the greatest pizza. However, the state’s economy is not so great. Unemployment is higher than in other states, and taxes are one of the steepest in the United States. People moving from Illinois mention high taxes and the cost of living in the Chicago area as a force behind their move, including the need to escape harsh winters.

3. New York – Outbound moves is 61.5%

NYC has the costliest housing in the U.S., and the high living cost is forcing some people to move out. New York’s percentage of move-out was at 63% in 2019 and is projected to be higher in 2020 because of the record number of people moving from the state during the pandemic.

4. Connecticut - Outbound moves is 62%

Similar to NY, real estate in Connecticut is costly, especially in the Near-Manhattan parts of the state. Connecticut’s property taxes are also on the high side, driving people to relocate to more affordable states. The percentage of move-out in Connecticut was 63%.

5. Kansas – Outbound moves is 58.7%

Even though Kansas’s real estate is and cost of living are cheaper than other major states, many people have been forced to leave due to the limited economic opportunity. United discovered that over 50% of move-out in Kansas were leaving for employments, while others wanted to retire in other locations or stay closer to family. The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that the average income in the state is a bit above $57,000 annually, which is a little lesser than the country’s average of $61,000. Kansas’ move-out percentage was pushed to 58% by economic and other factors.

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What are the Top 5 States People are moving to?

While some states are seeing outbound moves than they are receiving, others are increasing in popularity, especially those in the Pacific Northwest. Below are the top 5 states people are relocating to:

1. Idaho – Inbound moves is 67%

The relaxed lifestyles of this state, plus its access to nature, as well as low cost of living, have made it a friendly place to relocate to, especially for retirement reasons (which constitute 35% of move-in to the state). Overall, the percentage of move-in in Idaho was just a bit above 67% in 2019. It went up higher in 2020, as people moved into the state during the pandemic.

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2. Oregon – Inbound moves is 65%

This state has become a center for tech a few years back, attracting young people to the Portland area. People also relocate to Oregon for its fascinating nature as well as moderately affordable cost of living compared to the rest of the region. The total move-in percentage in Oregon was 65% in 2019 and beyond in 2020.

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3. Arizona – Inbound moves is 63%

With sufficient sunshine and tempting affordable costs of living according to a study which discovered Arizona as the second most affordable state in the United States, the state has drawn lots of people in recent times. With major cities like Phoenix and smaller outdoor areas like Sedona and Flagstaff, AZ can accommodate any lifestyle. Retirees are relocating to this state at a fast pace, making the move-in percent 63%.

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4. South Carolina – Inbound moves is 61%

The mild winters and cheap cost of living in South Carolina have attracted newcomers from highly expensive and colder places. South Carolina is even popular with retirees, who constitute 40% of its inbound moves in 2019. Overall, the move-in percentage of South Carolina was 61%.

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5. Washington – Inbound moves is 59%

Even though the natural beauty of Washington is a great bonus, the major attractions for those relocating to the state are employments in the state’s booming tech and health sectors. Most newcomers to the state were of working age, and their main reason for moving was work. The total move-in percentage to Washington was 59% in 2019.

Things to do when moving Out of State

Below are some things you need to handle when relocating to another state.

  • Pay your new state and city a visit: Before you move to another state, we strongly recommend that you pay at least one visit to your new city. This way, you can get a great feel for the location and different neighborhoods.
  • Budget accordingly: Relocating to a new state will cost money. The median cost of hiring a professional moving company for an interstate move is $4,890. Remember that even if you decide to perform a DIY move, you will be paying for a moving truck rental or container, moving supplies as well as other expenses.
  • Find accommodation: Normally, you would like to find w accommodation before you relocate. Unless you are familiar with the new area, I recommend that you rent for the first 6 months while you gather a feel for the city. To get a safe, pocket-friendly location to live, hire a reliable real estate agent to take you aroundd hoaroundyour preferred neighborhoods.
  • Research movers and hire a reliable one: Moving out of state is tough to handle without assistance of professional out of state movers. If you do choose to hire a moving company to assist with the move, ensure that it is a reliable and reputable one. We recommend reaching out to at least four different professional out of state moving companies to get a quote.
  • Pick a moving date: Time to pick a moving date! When moving to a new state, ensure that you take the availability of the company, your work schedule, and family concerns as well as weather into consideration when choosing a date for your move. Take it or leave it, when you move can impact your overall cost of the move.
  • Make a strategic packing plan: Before you pack up your goods, create a timeline and a plan for packing. I strongly advise packing all non-essential items first. Non-essentials include any item you won’t need in the weeks before your move, lovesome décor items, electronics, and books.

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  • Arrange and transfer your utilities: Before moving, make sure you reach out to your utility companies to notify them that you are moving. Utilities include water, electricity, cable and internet, sewer, satellite, security system, and gas. If you already have your new state’s address, proceed to arrange a transfer or installation date.
  • Forward your mail: Luckily, it is easy to forward your mail and can be done well in advance. You just have to visit and pick a date you wish to start forwarding your mail.
  • Obtain new auto insurance: You may need to change your auto insurance in your new state if your current insurance doesn’t cover your destination state.


With new employment opportunities, retirement, and closer family connections on the table, people are relocating from one state to another and from one region to another looking for a new place to settle down.

When moving out of state, make sure you hire the best long distance mover to help you. Have a stress-free move!