The 28 Smart Ways To Save Money On Your Upcoming Move

28 Smart Ways To Save Money On Your Upcoming Move

Regardless of how you view it, moving is costly. That is why it is so much important to explore all the chances you can to save money on your move. If you are searching for tips on ways to save money to move, you are in the right place.

We’ve compiled a list of 28 ways to save money on your upcoming move. Don’t forget: every penny is important. We have also scheduled our saving money tips neatly and into each step of the relocation process.

The more belongings you own, the more the cost you will pay to move it. In this part, we will walk you through all the parts you can save money by knowing the things to move and what to leave behind.

1. Dispose of, donate, or sell things you don’t want any longer

If you are searching for a cost-saving moving method, you will have to look into disposing of some of the things you no longer need. Whether you are moving on a local distance or long distance, the more possessions you own, the more the move will cost you. Ensure you dispose of, sell, or donate as many possessions as possible if you want to save cost on your next move.

If you are moving to a long-distance destination, try disposing of all of your heavy cheap furniture. If you calculate it, you will discover that buying cheap furniture at your new address will possibly be less costly than moving your heavy cheap furniture.

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2. Make use of all the items in your freezer, pantry, and refrigerator

When you are almost at the final weeks of your move date, check your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer and use up everything in there. This will save you more money on food costs entering the moving day and also help you dispose of the food you already have.

3. Donate other food to a local food bank

If there is non-perishable food leftover that you don’t plan to eat, donate it to a nearby food bank. Or, if your moving company is in partnership with Move for Hunger, they will collect the items for you. In any case, you don’t want to move more than necessary food.

How to Save Money during Packing for a Move

In this aspect, we will discuss all the parts you can save money when packing for your moving process. If you surely want to find out how to save on relocation costs, this is where you can do most of it.

4. Begin early

The earliest you commence; the more time you will have to find affordable or free moving supplies. You will also have enough time to dispose of items you don’t need to move. A lot of expenses during the relocation process come from last-minute purchases because of unpreparedness.

5. Find free boxes and packing materials on Offer up, Craigslist, or Let go

Checking websites like Offerup, Craigslist, or Letgo for those trying to give away old boxes for free is even better than purchasing new boxes. If you begin to check these websites early enough before your moving date, you will have much time to gather all the free moving boxes you need for your move.

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6. Pack yourself

Packing yourself is one best ways to save a lot of cash on moving costs. The more items you pack and ready to move, the less time it will take movers to perform the move. Movers also offer packing services, but if you handle it yourself, you can save so much money. Just make sure you pack correctly to avoid your belongings being damaged. If you pack yourself, you won’t have any coverage if any item breaks in those packed boxes, so make sure you learn the right ways to pack your breakables.

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7. Make use of Towels, Sheets, and linens to pack

Instead of purchasing many packing papers, use your sheets, towels, and linens to wrap and protect some belongings (plates, dishes, or bowls excluded). You will have to make use of packing paper to pack your delicate kitchen items, but the use of items you already own on other items will save you cost on packing paper and boxes that those items will be packed into.

8. Pack an essential box

You need to pack a box for daily necessities or emergency needs. You can be tempted to go out and buy a new bottle of Pepto Bismol or Advil because the box that holds your bathroom items is loaded far back in the moving truck. Packing a box of emergency items or daily utility items and having it closer to you will prevent you from purchasing new stuff that you already own.

9. Get assistance from friends & family

Moving needs so much work, whether it is in time of packing or moving, your family and friends can assist you so you don’t hire professionals to handle some tasks that anybody can perform. Ask your family and friends to pack with you, host a yard sale, clean, paint, or even babysit or pet sit. These are simple tasks that almost anyone can handle, and there is no sense in having professionals handle these tasks if you are moving on a budget.

10. For TVs, make use of their original box (if possible)

The easiest way to ensure the protection of your flat-screen TVs and save money is if you are still in possession of their original box. That will ensure you don’t spend extra to buy TV boxes from the movers.   

How to Save Money When Hiring a Moving Company

We will discuss all the ways you can save money when you hire professional movers and how you can still hire movers and still save money in this section.

11. Move in the offseason

Moving companies often increase their rates from May through August. This is termed the busiest time of year for movers. If you want to save money on your move, try to move outside these dates. When moving companies are less busy, their rates are often lower.

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12. Move during the week

Weekends are notoriously busy for movers as people often need moving services, especially towards month-ends. Many moving companies charge more during these peak periods, so try to move during the week or find out if your moving company can reduce your rate if you pick a day during the week.

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13. Read reviews and hire the perfect company

During a local move, you are charged by the hour by movers. You get an idea of how quickly a moving company works if you do a little research on their reviews. If people are reporting the movers to be slow, know that it might take much time and cost you more money to find moving companies with reviews that talk about their efficient and fast operation.

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14. Know the costs and additional fees of the moving company

Some moving companies will charge additional fees like stair charges, long carry charges, fuel charges, use of packing equipment, and so on. Always find out from the movers what is added in the hourly rate and what extra charges you might pay. Click here for a full guide on how moving companies charge so you can better understand the charges and where you can reduce cost.

15. Ask your movers for a fixed rate

Also, during a local move, ask for a fixed rate from your moving company. Many movers will just charge by the hour, so, however, the long the move takes is how much you will pay. Ask if your moving company will give you a fixed rate on your relocation. This implies that whatever the fixed rate is, that is the amount you will pay. If the rate is within your budget and the moving company has a truly good reputation, try using them.

16. Compare moving quotes

Not all moving companies will quote your moving job at the same price. Also, know that professional moving companies will perform a better and efficient job relocating your belongings. When making quote comparisons, always check the company’s reputation online. This will provide you a sense of things to expect on moving day. Just because a moving company has a cheaper moving quote doesn’t mean it will cost the exact amount. Always look for their hourly rate and how long they will take to finish the job.

17. Be ready for the movers

One of the highly important things to do when you are looking to save money on a move is to be prepared for your movers. Local movers charge hourly, so if you are yet to pack everything up and set to move, or if the hallways are not accessible due to clutter, it will take movers more time to move over your items. The more organized and prepared you are for the movers the better. Try these tips:     

  • There should be furniture and boxes in each room. Boxes should be clearly and perfectly labeled on the sides, so, movers know the exact room it will go in the new place.
  • Try staging boxes in the garage. The more belongings you stage in the garage or an easily accessible place to the moving truck, the faster the movers can load the moving truck with your items.
  • Maintain a clear path. Your movers will possibly handle the large furniture first. Be sure that the entire furniture has a clear road to where the movers will be parking their moving vehicle.
  • Have clear communication with your team. Your moving crew will ask you some questions on moving day.
  • Be present on moving day. If you are not there to provide answers to the questions of your movers about where items should be placed and what your plan is, it may take more time and then cost you more money.

18. Allow the movers to move only the furniture

If you are moving locally, try to move all the boxes and small belongings in your vehicle or pickup truck to the new location. Then, just hire movers to move the heavy furniture for you. Ensure you have enough belongings for the movers to move. Many local movers charge a minimum of three to four hours, so, regardless of the small items you need to move, you will be charged that minimum. 

How to Save Money during a Move-In

In this part, we will discuss the areas you can save cost in the middle of your move, as a part of your moving process

19. Cancel your subscriptions and get new services

A lot of cable services have new customer deals. If you cancel your existing cable service and place the service in your partner’s name, you should be qualified for the new customer deals on your cable.

20. Check Craigslist to get used furniture

Craigslist, Letgo, and Offerup are nice places to find cheap or even free items like furniture. You can find free or cheap coffee tables, bed frames, dressers, dining room tables, and so on for just a little amount. That is if you don’t mind the difference between the furniture.

21. Make use of coupons & find deals

When you change your address, the local post office will send you packets of coupons for services that relate to moving. Ensure you save these coupons and when you need to make use of a service, put them to use.

How to Make Money to Save for Relocation Costs

In this part, we will talk about all the aspects you can truly make money during your move.

22. Exchange your coins

Moving your large jars of change is not a smart approach when you can put that money to use on your move. When you are downsizing, visit the coin collection machine and cash in your change.

23. Throw a garage sale

Hosting a garage sale is an obvious way to make money. When you host your garage sale, label items to sell. Don’t forget, it is just as related to disposing of your belongings so you don’t have to spend money to move them because it is about making money on the sale of your items.

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24. Try selling or giving away old appliances

If you have old appliances and pan to buy new ones at your new home anyways, you can sell them now. You will not only make money from the sale but also save huge some on the cost of relocating them. Remember, if you are to move these appliances, you will pay for it. But if it is still valuable, consider moving it.

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25. Change your address as early as you can

Immediately you are sure of your new mailing address, check to schedule for mail forwarding. You can even state the actual day that you want them to begin forwarding your mail. Immediately you do that, you can benefit from the moving discounts and coupons they will send you in the mail.

26. Do not eat at restaurants the days to your move

Eating out every night in the days to your move is tempting. Your kitchen will not be organized and making a meal could be difficult. Even though eating at restaurants will be possible, other alternatives won’t affect your pocket. Cheap and easy things to go for include spaghetti, pizza, or rotisserie chicken. These are all easy foods you can make even if your kitchen is down.

27. Have your friends or family watch over your kids or pets instead of paying for sitters

On the day of your move, you want to prevent your kids and pets from getting in the way of your movers by running around. You also want to avoid spending too much money on hiring baby and pet sitters. To save cost on the day of your move, let your family and friends watch your kids and pets.

28. Perform an energy check of your new home

The home you are relocating to might not have much energy as your former one. It is possible, there is no sufficient insulation, there may be drafts from leaking window sills, or the wrong setting of your water heater.


We hope this list of 28 tips to save money on your move is helpful for you. If you are looking most cost-effective state to state moving companies, check our reputable state to state movers.