The 12 Popular Misconceptions About Moving & Professional Movers

The 12 Popular Misconceptions About Moving & Professional Movers
Summary: There are lots of misconceptions about moving that it would be impossible to list them all out. So, we will not even go that way at all. Instead, we will concentrate on the twelve (12) common myths people have about moving and hiring professional residential or commercial moving companies.

Moving is not a small project. It involves a lot of planning, efforts, as well as coordination to make it run smoothly. Surely, similar to many industries, there are lots of misconceptions surrounding the idea of moving, and whether you should hire professional moving companies or not.

You may have found yourself in a situation where you have been worried about moving due to the things you’ve heard, only to realize that you only wasted your time being worried without a reason.

There are lots of misconceptions about moving that it would be impossible to list them all out. So, we will not even go that way at all. Instead, we will concentrate on the twelve (12) common myths people have about moving and hiring professional residential or commercial moving companies.

Immediately we unravel them, you will realize that moving doesn’t have to be worrying like the popular belief.

1. Thinking that a DIY Move is Less Expensive than Professional Moving Companies

Thinking that a do-it-yourself move is cheaper is one of the most popular misconceptions about moving. Statistics revealed that the highest part of all moves is performed in the old DIY style. Does that imply that people just choose to handle everything by themselves without any assistance at all? Does it mean that they have more capability to perform a better job than experienced moving companies?

Absolutely Not!

It just implies that people believe that hiring professional moving companies will cost them more than moving with some assistance from friends.

Want to know the wrong thing about that belief? When you hire a mover, you are offered the entire package. Inside their residential moving services, moving companies include many help options, such as a moving truck and moving equipment.

But when you go the DIY way, these are everything you will be paying for yourself. Just for clarity on the number of things you will be paying for, as a DIY mover, check the list below carefully:    

  • Moving truck
  • Moving equipment
  • Lodgings and meals
  • Road tolls
  • Moving insurance
  • Parking Permits
  • Vehicle insurance

And, most possibly, many more!

Be assured that your DIY move will consume a lot of money and it will mostly cost the same as an assisted relocation would have. You will experience all the stress in vain.

Have you not relied on this popular moving misconception, you could have had a leading moving company working for you.

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2. Moving Companies are Alike

The value you get for your money can significantly vary from one company to another. Experience level, reliability, services offered, and reputation, as well as pricing, are just a few ways to expect a difference in moving companies.

For instance, you don’t want to hire a moving company for a cross-country move if they’ve only performed local moves. Perform your research. If you need assistance with some questions for the movers, read one of our blog topics – Guide: How To Find The Best Movers

3. All Moves are Disorganized

Some people have the idea that a move will be chaotic, disorganized even regardless of hiring a professional mover. Maybe they fear the thought of moving boxes spread anyhow in the house, or they have no trust in their organizational skills. Irrespective of what the case might be, the reality is that your move can be organized – provided you put some effort.

That includes your moving boxes, pack items in a similar category together, and planning out the items to be packed and loaded, and when.

Professional moving companies can help you keep things organized all through the moving process with their numerous supplies and years of experience. 

4. All Moving Boxes are Similar

How can we have a lot of myths about some things that are simple and straightforward like moving boxes? But usually than never, understand that you don’t need too many moving boxes and you can get any quality. And, that is the truth. In reality, moving boxes should be sturdy if you want them to best protect your items the way you want, and it would be perfect if they could be bought anew.

Whether you are packing fragile belongings or your hunting equipment, the moving containers you use to pack them should protect them until you get to the new place. So, while it is possible to find nice moving boxes for free as you check your local stores and libraries, you still can have a safe move by buying new moving supplies.

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5. Something Usually Gets Lost or Damaged

Getting your belongings lost or damaged during your move is not a normal practice for experienced moving companies. Our moving teams from Pricing Van Lines use a certified relocation process to make sure your belongings are carefully handled and arrive in similar conditions. While it is uncommon, accidents sometimes happen. Go through your coverage options with your moving company and with your home insurance provider to ensure you have enough protection for safety’s sake.

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6. Moving in the Weekends is the Best

Moving on a weekend may seem more convenient (Friday inclusive), but that is surely one of the busiest times to relocate. This is what that means for you:

  • Difficulty finding available moving companies
  • Compromising on the time slot you reserve
  • Paying higher moving rates because of increased demand

A weekend move is only possible if you have it planned far in advance, but if you can perform a weekday move, it is the best. Want to know the best time of the week, month, or year to relocate? Check our blog.

7. Hire Amateur Movers will Save you Money

This misconception is the result of the above point 2 – if all moving companies are the same, why would I pay more when I can just hire these movers and save money? People take this risky path since moving can be costly. The median cost to move a household is about $1,250, and the median cost to move long-distance is about $5,000.

The overall price will also be based on the other moving services you will add to the deal. So, the first reason why people choose to hire amateur moving companies is to save money. Before doing that, however, see what could happen:

  • You may pay more than you have originally planned. If the offer appears too good to be true, then maybe it is not. You are likely dealing with scammers that offer moving contracts with several hidden fees and extra clauses. That is if you even get the contract.
  • Your shipments might get damaged or missing. If you hire amateur moving companies, you are risking the safety of your shipment. The possible damage could exceed the difference in the price by a larger margin.

8. I have Opted for a Full-Service Move; I don’t have to Lift a Finger Now

This is also a misconception! Hiring a full-service moving company is the best way to free yourself from obligations that come with moving, and focus on the tasks. This moving type is perfect if you don’t have much time to handle your packing, or if you have a deadline and need to move in a hurry. Your moving company will disassemble and pack your piece, load and unload the moving truck, and dispose of packing materials.

However, movers can’t do it all; there will still be some things that you will have to handle yourself. Below are some of those:

  • Declutter your home: Do you have items that are beyond your needed quantity? Now is the ideal time to dispose of it, and only you can do that.
  • Create a moving budget: Before you contact your movers, you should plan out your moving budget. Remember to include other costs like insurance policies, travel schedules, and agent fees.
  • Cancel utility services: Remember to cancel the utility services at your former address and to set up everything at your new home.

9. Your Moving Coverage Plan Covers Everything

This works well with the last misconception. Moving companies are required to provide basic liability coverage which is automatically added in your move. However, this only protects $0,60 per pound per item. For items of higher value, such as expensive clothes, TVs, or jewelry, this may not be sufficient.

Good movers will offer comprehensive coverage for an extra fee. You should look into your homeowner’s insurance policy to find out if your move is covered in it. Regardless of what you choose, ensure you check your coverage options and clearly understand them. Be free to ask questions.

10. Moving is Usually Stressful

This may be the biggest misconception of them all. When you properly plan your move, it doesn’t have to stress you at all. Follow simple steps as you go, so, you don’t get stressed trying to complete everything in a rush. Hiring moving companies to assist you with the process takes a lot of work and stress off your neck.

Transporting boxes in and out of moving trucks and carrying furniture through doorways and tight corners should be left to professionals. Make a step-by-step plan for your move using our helpful moving checklist to have a stress-free moving experience. Our detailed list guides you from 6 – 8 weeks out till your moving day.

11. Moving Companies will Move Everything

There are certain things that professional moving companies cannot or will not move for legal or safety reasons. Examples of such items movers might not transport include:

  • Perishable or frozen food items
  • Plants
  • Hazardous materials (like paint)
  • Explosive or ammunition
  • Flammable items (like lighter fluid)
  • Valuables like jewelry or stock certificates
  • Pets

Ask your moving company about any prohibitions on what they don’t move so you don’t get caught unaware.

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12. Moving Companies are all Scammers

You likely have heard sad stories about dishonest moving companies who do things like increase price immediately they have loaded all the shipments onto the moving truck and then request for cash payment. Your belongings are being held at ransom by them. Stories like this sadly do happen. But they are normal occurrences in the moving world.

Similar to any profession, there are some bad eggs out there that make all of us look bad. The best way to make sure you are safe from them is to know the company you are hiring. Check them up with the Better Business Bureau and read reviews on Yelp, Google, and service directory websites such as Angie’s List.


So, have we had a successful busting of some of the popular myths about moving you may have had? If we, at least, managed to address just one of them, we consider it a success. The final piece of advice we have for you is not to believe everything you hear. Moving can truly be a tough experience sometimes. But that is not often the case. You only have to be careful about the moving company you hire and, yes, manage your expectations to what is achievable.

For all other inquiries, our moving team is willing to help at your request.