The 10 Largest Cities in the United States

The 10 Largest Cities in the United States
Summary: New York City is the largest city in the United States with 8,336,817 residents according to 2019 Population Census. Our list of the largest cities in the United States shows which cities have the biggest populations and what you should expect when you move there.

Are you planning a move to a new town or city? When you’re getting ready to move to a new location, you can get all sorts of different feelings: excitement, nervousness, stress, and the like. There is plenty of fun, beautiful cities all over the United States, and every one of them is teeming with new things for you to do and to explore.

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So, while you’re planning your move out, let’s add some more things to your to-do list by leaving you wanting to travel to new places. If you’ve ever been curious about some of the largest cities in the United States, now is your chance to learn all about them.

A popular question among people looking for a new city to move to, and there are plenty of great options on this list! From the concrete jungle of New York City to the sandy beaches of San Jose, it’s all here. Keep reading, and get ready to learn all about the biggest cities in the country.

1. New York City, New York

Everyone knows about the splendor of New York City (often lovingly stylized as NYC). This city has been featured as the setting of many great films and television shows, and it is a fun place to live for its citizens with no shortage of things to do insight.

  • Population size: New York City currently boasts a population of 8,601,186 people. 
  • What you’ll love: From countless options for local entertainment, delicious restaurants and more, “The Big Apple” offers its residents and its visitors alike plenty of things to do. If you’re going out for a show at one of the theatres, checking out one of the fine local restaurants, or just going to see the awe of Times Square with your own eyes, you won’t be disappointed by anything New York City has to offer you. 
  • Random notes: New York City is slated to host a population of 9 million people by the year 2040. New York City is also the largest city in the United States.

2. Los Angeles, California 

Nestled in the heart of southern California, “The City of Angels” is the destination of choice for all sorts of people with stars in their eyes. Musicians, hopeful actors, and all kinds of other entertainers have made their way to Los Angeles to make their mark.

  • Population size: Los Angeles is currently home to 4,057,841 people. 
  • What you’ll love: If you are a fan of Hollywood, music, or the arts, you will absolutely love Los Angeles. You could explore the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or see plenty of live bands almost anywhere in town. There are sprawling, beautiful beaches waiting for you to come enjoy them. There are also plenty of nature trails for nature and hiking enthusiasts in your family. Los Angeles truly has something for everyone. 
  • Random notes: The greater LA metro area has a total population of roughly 12 million people, making it the second-most populous metro in the United States.

3. Chicago, Illinois 

Running right alongside Lake Michigan, The Windy City of Chicago offers something for just about everyone out there.

  • Population size: Chicago is home to 2,679,044 people. 
  • What you’ll love: Chicago has a diverse range of delicious restaurants to try a bite at, along with plenty of museums, sports events, and more to check out. A range of parks will satisfy nature lovers in Chicago. Those famous Chicago nights might get chilly, but the people of Chicago still love their city. 
  • Random notes: Without question, Chicago is the biggest city in all of Illinois. Interestingly, the actual population of Chicago has fallen slightly over the years, but it’s metro area has seen a growth in population size.

4. Houston, Texas

Texans know how to have a good time, and that couldn’t be any more evident than by checking out Houston. Space City has much to offer you, so be sure to include it on your travel list or list of places to think of when moving.

  • Population size: Houston is home to 2,359,480 people. 
  • What you’ll love: Houston has a diverse economy, beautiful neighborhoods, and a good job market. Houston has also been included in the Forbes list for best places for businesses and careers. Houston offers a lot of amenities for a low cost of living, along with beautiful Texas weather.
  • Random notes: Houston’s metro area is the fifth largest one in the country.

5. Phoenix, Arizona 

If you love spending plenty of time outside, Phoenix may just be the place for you. There are plenty of trails and deserts on either side of the city, and there is much to explore. What makes Phoenix great?

  • Population size: Phoenix is home to 1,711,356 people. 
  • What you’ll love: The Valley of the Sun has something for everyone. There are all kinds of sprawling golf courses for lovers of the sport. The weather is nice and sunny year-round, perfect for those who love spending time outside. It also offers residents a low cost of living, making it a perfect destination for young professionals. 
  • Random notes: The Phoenix metro is now the 12th largest in the country.

6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

The famous Philly (original home of the Fresh Prince) is home to plenty of fun clubs, universities, and more. Why do people love this great city so much?

  • Population size: Philadelphia hosts 1,576,596 people. 
  • What you’ll love: There is definitely no shortage of things to enjoy in Philly. If you’re into the arts, there is a huge scene for that here. There are several music venues and delightful restaurants in the area, as well. People on the hunt for a new career will love Philly’s booming job market. 
  • Random notes: Philadelphia is the home base of several large companies, and is considered to be the fastest-growing area in the country.

7. San Antonio, Texas 

Thinking of coming down to the Alamo City? You won’t be disappointed when you see just how much San Antonio has to offer.

  • Population size: San Antonio is home to 1,565,929 people. 
  • What you’ll love: If you love the culture of the Wild West and history, you are going to love San Antonio. The city also offers a rich diversity of restaurants, with several delicious Mexican ones in particular. The city is well known for its job market, low cost of living, and beautiful weather. 
  • Random notes: San Antonio saw a lot of new residents move in around 2012, causing a bump of 25,000 new folks to the population.

8. San Diego, California 

San Diego is a well-known city in California, and for many good reasons. It offers many amenities to residents and visitors alike, and it’s just plain beautiful.

  • Population size: San Diego is home to 1,453,775 people. 
  • What you’ll love: A booming surfing scene, a rich range of restaurants, and beautiful beaches are just some of the things you’ll find in San Diego. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, and the job market in the city is good, too, with a booming market in the tech sector.
  • Random notes: San Diego has a thriving startup scene, with many companies being founded there. San Diego also has a huge metro, with over 4 million people living in the San Diego-Tijuana international metro.

9. Dallas, Texas 

Dallas is a leader in innovation and business, as well as just a fun place to live in general. Let’s see what makes Dallas popular.

  • Population size: Dallas plays host to 1,379,735 people. 
  • What you’ll love: The city is well known for having excellent public schools. Dallas also hosts affordable housing for people along with beautiful weather and plenty of amenities. You’ll find delicious restaurants, fun clubs, and plenty of nature activities in Dallas. 
  • Random notes: The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro is the seventh-largest in the country.

10. San Jose, California 

Called one of the top ten cities to live, there is a good reason San Jose is a popular locale for many people to call home.

  • Population size: San Jose is home to 1,033,519 people. 
  • What you’ll love: San Jose boasts a booming job market and plenty of entrepreneurial opportunities. The city offers one of the biggest amounts of tech companies in the world, ensuring a lot of people have access to good jobs in a booming sector. San Jose also offers good schools and plenty of amenities to enjoy. 
  • Random notes: San Jose is by far the biggest city in northern California.

What are the top ten metropolitan areas in the United States?

 There are many large metros in the country. Here are the top ten, along with their populations.

  • New York-Newark-Jersey City. Population of 20,320,876 people.
  • Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim. Population of 13,353,907 people.
  • Chicago-Naperville-Elgin. Population of 9,533,040 people.
  • Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington. Population of 7,399,662 people.
  • Houston-The Woodlands-Sugarland. Population of 6,892,427 people.
  • Washington-Arlington-Alexandria. Population of 6,216,589 people.
  • Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach. Population of 6,158,824 people.
  • Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington. Population of 6,096,120 people.
  • Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell. Population of 5,884,736 people.
  • Boston-Cambridge-Newton. Population of 4,836,531 people.

What are the top ten international cities?

All over the world, there are plenty of amazing cities to visit. Here are just a few to check out in your lifetime, and how many people live in them.

  • Shanghai, China. Home to 21 million people.
  • Beijing, China. Home to 18.5 million people.
  • Karachi, Pakistan. Home to 18 million people.
  • Istanbul, Turkey. Home to 14.6 million people.
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh. Home to 14 million people.
  • Tokyo, Japan. Home to 13.6 million people.
  • Moscow, Russia. Home to 13.1 million people.
  • Manila, Philippines. Home to 12.8 million people.
  • Tianjin, China. Home to 12.7 million people.
  • Mumbai, India. Home to 12.4 million people.

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