Step By Step Guide To Move Internationally

Step By Step Guide To Move Internationally
Are you considering moving abroad but don't know where to start? The planning and preparation steps in an international move are, of course, crucial. From saving money for the move to choosing the best movers and reaching your destination, this guide will walk you through all you need to know.

Moving across the state lines and different countries can turn stressful if you don’t know your starting point.

A full checklist or guideline for your overseas move is essential. You are ready for an exciting and challenging transition. Make your move a stress-free endeavor by following our step-by-step guide. While hiring the best international mover will go a long way in ensuring a hassle-free move, having much-needed information about the international move is also important.

This guideline will enable you to relocate to another country without stress, as it contains complete tips from professionals and experienced international movers. 

1. Save as Much Money as Possible

Consider the huge amount of money it will cost you for a cross country move. Now, think of the amount of money an international move will also cost you. International moving costs include but are not restricted to housing, plane tickets, emergencies, visa application, and international shipments.

The old idea of having worth of savings is excellent, and it should be the lowest when moving overseas. We also advise that you conduct research on the exchange rate and the cost of living in your destination and making a budget plan based on it. Be ready to spend unexpected money on your first few months. 

2. Determine a Moving Date

Now that you have decided where to move to, you can now determine when. Ensure you have enough time from your moving date to put all your plans in order. If you have kids or you’re a teacher, figure out when school starts/ends, find out what the weather is like, and how long you will need to save up your desired money.

To be realistic, after we had decided to relocate, our actual moving date was over a year away. Many factors saved money; this school, and when our agreements (work and house) expired at the current location.  

3. Preparation

Similar to another job, you should come up with a plan for it. The first stage highlighted on the list is to draft an inventory list and other essential moving-related steps. However, it is better to follow the instructions given by professionals. Since they have much experience in this business, you will have a great chance to make an easy schedule. 

  • Packing is important in every move, and you should understand that packing under pressure is also included in the guide for international moving. 
  • You should go with one of the reliable truck rental companies in USA and make your moving easier as possible.
  • Research on culture in your destination country as it will be a part of your life for as long as you stay there.
  • Do not begin with any preparation if you are yet to do a thorough preparation as you need to know the documents to have at hand for the move.
  • There may be a need for you to get a specialized wardrobe or sports equipment for quick adaptation as a lifestyle in your new country is very much important. 

3. Do Your Research

Conduct thorough research on your proposed international location. Find out about the weather of your destination. How many seasons’ worth of clothes would you need? Or will the temperature be more stable? Will you be provided with some important supplies and comforts?

For instance, some medications may not be as effective in another country or just difficult to find them, so moving with some (provided it is legally permitted in that country) can be important. There is also a difference between shampoos and body wash because hair textures and skin types are not the same. However, transporting liquids is a tricky task, so if you are glued to your particular brand, be sure to get an international alternative in the months leading to your moving out. 

4. Renew Your Passport

Properly check the expiration dates on everyone’s passport making the move with you. If the expiration date of any of them is closed within the next year, go for renewal. We recommend getting the 52 pages passport book (if an American), as this will save you money, time, and stress. We recommend getting a replacement if the passport has been damaged.

A lot of companies have a 6-month validity regulation, which implies that your passport should still be valid within 6-months of your move. You can also get passport renewal done by mail affordably but can be as far as 8-weeks to complete. If time is not on your side, you can speed up the process for an extra fee. 

5. Gather Documents that you may need in the Overseas Country 

Important documents like this may include transcripts for your kids, college transcripts and diplomas, birth certificates for you and your kids, marriage certificates, insurance cards, and vaccination cards. After you gather all the documents required, scan and email them to your email address so that you have them with you anytime you need them.

Don’t forget each country is different from another. Thailand requires original copies of all your documents, including her huge college diplomas. Kuwait and the entire Middle East often require marriage certificates. Consider gathering up these important documents: 

  • Passports
  • Travel documents 
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce papers
  • Child custody papers
  • Adoption papers
  • Drivers licenses
  • Medical records
  • School/university transcripts
  • Certificate for pets/animals vaccine.
  • Insurance policies as well as legal documents: bank statements, tax records, last will, power of attorney.

6. Transporting Goods When Moving Overseas

When looking to send items and packages to your new home overseas, consider this advice as given by Ali Wenzke. Sort items by what can wait for 6-weeks. Most airlines have their weight limit on luggage as 23 kilograms or 50 pounds. For the overseas flights, you can move 2 suitcases with you.

Other household possessions will take around 6-weeks to reach your new home. When you begin to pack, consider items that are so essential to your living for your first or two months there. Now, pack those essential items to below 100 pounds”. 

Since international moving is so costly, it is a great chance to thoroughly analyse your household goods and dispose of unnecessary stuff by throwing them away or donating them.

Disposing of items you are yet to use or don’t have sentimental value will help downsize items a lot. Also, ensure you take a lot of time to sort through things to improve your efficiency and objectivity.

Create an inventory of your things to note items that you need to keep, which puts your hired international movers responsible for any loss or damage in transit. 

7. Choosing an International Mover

Many popular United States’ moving companies also will handle your international move. Find a company with enough experience; it is important as when your belongings will have to pass through customs. Also, in several cases, you will be shipping your goods internationally, ask your hired movers if they offer real-time tracking of shipment.

You will feel relieved when you know the current location of your stuff at all times. Don’t forget the moving company with the lowest moving price might not be the perfect, best, or efficient choice. Read reviews and ensure you are certain and comfortable with your mover’s claim and dispute resolution procedure.   

8. Make a Bank Transfer

You will have enough time to set up a new bank account after relocating, but this may take some time. It is difficult to make it faster in some cases, so, it may be better to complete all transfers before you continue so that your money will be available for you on the account.

9. Find Good Schools/Job

Be well-prepared for this tough and essential process before you organize it. You first need to get a job and find a school for your kids. You will have enough time to get it done after moving, but why not prepare on time? You should get it done before and perform thorough and timely research. Doing it slowly and taking time to conduct research is always better.   

10. Get Rid of Stuff

We should not say that you will not be able to move all your stuff with you during a move. Your moving price will be higher if you move all boxes and bags on the plane. Things become tougher and costly if you plan to transport furniture with you. It is even better to leave it behind and begin a new and fresh life again.


Moving internationally requires planning. It is important to know how to relocate to another country as well as the most crucial steps to take to simplify the process. It is also better to know how long in advance you will plan your overseas move so you know the actual packing and another arrangement you should make. Moving to another country could be one of the most essential things you do in your life, so ensure you do proper research before you move out.