Moving To Albuquerque, New Mexico: 11 Things To Know

Moving To Albuquerque
Thinking about moving to Albuquerque, NM? The largest city in New Mexico has gorgeous views, a low cost of living, and plentiful entertainment. Get a local insider's perspective on daily living in Albuquerque so you know what it's really like.

Are you moving to the great and bustling city of Albuquerque, New Mexico? It may be a good idea considering many things to do there. But, before then, make sure you research well.

Whether you are moving to the place for a new job, want to experience some great sunshine, you are a lover of world-class museums, or just in a rush to enjoy some New Mexican cuisine, everyone will find what they are looking for in Albuquerque.

If you enjoy arid climates, hot air balloons, southwestern Native American culture, and think living in the metropolitan area with the highest height in the United States will be cool, try moving to Albuquerque.

It is also referred to as ABQ by locals. In this place, there are beautiful mountain views, a unique food scene, bustling festivals, and nice neighborhoods for families and young professionals.

Be prepared to find out more about this fantastic city, as you read through this guide. You will find 11 things you should know about living in Albuquerque.   

Why are People Moving to Albuquerque?

Albuquerque (ABQ) is the largest city in New Mexico and the highest metropolitan city in the country. Being a metro area, it includes Rio Rancho, Corrales, Belen, Placitas, Bosque Farms, Los Lunas, and Bernalillo areas.

The Albuquerque metro area ranked 60th on the list of the largest metropolitan areas in the country. New Mexico draws in new residents from every country, all thanks to the fascinating landscape and 310 days of sun every year. The history of the state, plentiful outdoor fun activities, and great quality of life are all some of the reasons why people decide to relocate to Albuquerque.

Below are 11 things you should know before moving to Albuquerque:

The Cost Of Living is Friendly

One of the vital things you should know in advance of your move to Albuquerque is the cost of living. There are 388 metropolitan areas in the country and rank 43rd. When you consider that the city is the 60th largest urban area in the U.S. You can easily see the cost of living is great in relation.

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, the cost of living is 2.70% below the national average. The monthly rent for a 1-bedroom apartment costs an average of $739.

Household income in Albuquerque on average is just more than $51,000 and the average price of a home is more than $207,000, an indication that ABQ is highly livable. Income and home prices also have increased over the last year.

It’s where you will find Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque hosts the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta which is the largest hot air balloon event anywhere in the universe. Every year, more than 800,000 people are present at the 10-day long event. And both locals and tourists in the city will get the same magical feeling as you will all see balloons flying in the sky every morning.

Moving to Albuquerque means you’ll Experience Four Seasons

Albuquerque is one of the few locations that experience sun at an average of 310 days in a year, even though there is a four different season climate here. You won’t need to bid the winter farewell or a beautiful summer in ABQ.

Prepare for the d-80s and higher in peak summer months, with the temperature dropping to the 40s during night-time in the winter season.

Rainy weather in Albuquerque doesn’t stay long as there is just an average of 61 days of training per year. The weather in New Mexico offers an experience for the best of every season and maybe one huge reason to move to ABQ.     

There are Different Neighborhood Hot Spots

There are lots of different hot spots and neighborhoods in Albuquerque, each with individual recognition. If you are relocating to Albuquerque, you probably will settle down in one of these great neighborhoods.

If you decide to explore, there is Downtown, Westside, Old Town, the Balloon Fiesta Park, and it is clear in each of the people and attractions available in different neighborhoods. These include:

  • Balloon Fiesta Park
  • Barelas and South Valley
  • Downtown
  • Eastside
  • Indian Pueblos and Reservations
  • Midtown and University
  • Nob Hill
  • North Valley, Los Ranchos, and Corrales
  • Old Town
  • Uptown
  • Westside

Albuquerque Identity is influenced by Native American Culture

Albuquerque culture is a different mix of Mexican, Spanish, and Native American influences. This is because there are 22 different Native American Indian tribes, such as Jicarilla Apaches, Navajo, and the Mescalero Apaches in New Mexico.

The state has 19 pueblos and three separate reservations while Sandia Pueblo is just 14 miles away north of Albuquerque. One can safely say that ABQ is a nice place to learn more about the culture and mandatory of Native America. You will find the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in this city. It is one brilliant way to see the culture and history of the 19 Pueblos in New Mexico.

Visit the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center to see art demonstrations, traditional dance shows, and experience special events all through the year.

Much Love for the Isotopes, Dukes and Lobos

The Lobo, which means wolf in Spanish is the mascot of the University of New Mexico. Residents of Albuquerque have much love for the Lobos, especially in football and basketball season.

The Isotopes are the city’s much-loved minor league baseball team. But the ABQ Dukes, the minor league team that vacated the city in 2000, is also still much popular. A store in Albuquerque is even dedicated to Dto’s merchandise.

Public Transportation is currently not available

You need a car to live in Albuquerque. Surely there are bus lines, but most people get around the city in their private vehicles. That probably will change soon, when the Albuquerque Rapid Transit rapid bus line which is sponsored by the federal government steps up its game.

Ready to run on Central Avenue, the local government is counting on Albuquerque residents to welcome the public transport.

There are always Yearly Festivals and Cultural Events

The yearly International Balloon Fiesta that is held in the first week of October is one great example of the annual festivals offered in Albuquerque. Residents and visitors both look forward to sighting hundreds of hot air balloons soaring. This Fiesta is the largest hot air balloon festival in the world and a fascinating sight to see.

The State Fair in New Mexico is held in Albuquerque every September. Did you know this State Fair sits on the sixth position in the country as regards attendance?

It is truly a big deal. There are also many events, from Spanish and Indians art performances to horse racing, with a lot more for people in attendance to do and see. 

There are Tax D References Here

If you are moving to another state, the difference in tax rates can be huge, based on the location you are moving from. Make a comparison of the local tax rates in Albuquerque to your existing tax rates so that you can note any differences. In general, tax rates in Albuquerque are reasonable, and in most cases, you will possibly see tax savings when you move in from another location.

Below are the possible facts:

  • In Albuquerque, the property tax rate is 0.96% and is lesser than the national average of 1.211%.
  • In Albuquerque, the sales tax rate is 7.875% and is a bit above the national average of 7.3%.
  • In Albuquerque, the state income tax rate is 1.7% to 4.9% based on your income-based tax range. This rate is lower than the national average for state income taxes in the country at 4.6%.

Moving to Albuquerque means you’ll never be hungry

There are different types of food in New Mexico’s cuisine, such as that of Mexican and Native American. The city enjoys a unique mix of cultural influences in its local cuisine. It’s different from the Mexican food and the Tex-Mex: the food in Albuquerque is mainly New Mexican. This means you may need some time to adjust to it.

There are great international eats as well. When you are anywhere around the Nob Hill area, you can always enjoy Yanni’s Mediterranean Bar and Grill.

Why is New Mexican food so sweet and unique? It is hidden in the list of ingredients: red and green chilies. You necessarily need to develop a taste for both.

Servers commonly ask in restaurants here whether you want red or green.  Local fast-food joints in Albuquerque get on board as you will see Green Chile Cheeseburger in McDonald

Parks everywhere in the City

Talking about the large open spaces and outdoor activities, Albuquerque is at the front of most major cities in the country in the percentage of the city that is filled with parks. Parks constitute more than 25% of the city. There is a park near you, find it out using one of the park locating tools.

Petroglyph National Monument Park is one of the most attractive and interesting parks and it is 17 miles alongside the city of Albuquerque. Many of the petroglyphs discovered here were made between 1300 and 1600 AD. Most of the images were carved by Native Americans and Spanish settlers as the population in the place was rising.

The petroglyphs found in the park spiritual and cultural meaning to locals in the area, head to the park to find out more about the petroglyphs, hike beautiful hills, and even experience audio explorations.

Planning the Move 

There are also few things to note as regards your plan to find a home. Leases here often start on the first day of the month, so make sure you begin your search two weeks to the first of the month you desire to move in at least.

As mentioned earlier, the weather in Albuquerque is so much temperate, so, that doesn’t have to be considered in your move planning. A move during the winter will probably be difficult to manage than a move in summer. 

How to get all your Items Moved

If you want to know how much different moving services can cost you, use our moving cost calculator. You may also want to see our interstate moving guide for further information and tips to consider when moving to a long-distance place.

For this kind of national move, you can find reputable national movers or best out of state mover to move you to Albuquerque.

There are side and nice roads in Albuquerque so you can easily park a moving truck or moving container on the street.

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We don’t know whether a permit is required by the city or not to park a moving container on the street overnight. The safest and best thing you can do is to contact the city in advance and ensure they don’t require any permit. If you will be blocking the street, you may need a permit for that.

Final Words

Are you moving locally or long-distance to Albuquerque? Get a free moving quote now. Pricing Van Lines partners with only insured and licensed movers so you cannot worry about how your move will be carefully and properly handled.