Moving From One State to Another Checklist

Moving From One State to Another Checklist
Sumary: State to state move is not a local move; hence, requires proper planning. You have enough to think about; make sure worrying about whether your belongings are safe isn't one of them. Follow our step-to-step checklist to keep track of the entire tasks.

Moving anywhere new is a big undertaking, and there are a lot of things that need to be sorted out before you do anything. You want to be sure that you take the time to understand what is involved and how you need to try and get everything worked out in a positive manner.

But, if you’re moving from state to state, you want to be sure that you do what is best in your situation. How can you be sure that you get everything sorted out? At Pricing Van Lines, we want to help your move go smoothly and without stress. That’s why we hope you can use this checklist to sort out the details and get things accomplished.

How Do You Relocate To Another State? 

Getting everything in order for your interstate move will require some things from you before you just go out there and hope that everything works out in the way that you want it to. Here is a quick look at some of the things that you’ll want to have together before your relocation efforts begin.

1. Scout out your new state and city 

Head out there and see what you can do. There are a lot of things that you’ll need to take care of, especially in regards to finding a place to live. Scout all that out and get a lay of the land so you can get started.

2. Explore the cost of living and see if your job will make that lifestyle possible 

Do some research and see if you can afford the cost of living, including food costs, home rental/buying costs, transportation costs, and more.

3. Put together a moving budget 

Sit down and put together a budget that sorts out every last detail of your move’s costs – we’ll talk more about that in the next section.

4. If you have kids, look at the schools and other family-related things 

Explore the school districts, learn about the community centers and religious communities, and research information about the different types of community events there.

5. Hire your moving company 

Talk to our team and we will help you to sort out an estimate that meets your needs and makes it simple for you to work out all of the details of your move with ease.

6. Take care of change of address concerns

Make sure that utilities are turned off and that you change your address on everything before moving day comes around. Start forwarding your mail a day or two before you move out and get your utilities turned on at your new place before you arrive.

How Much Does It Cost To Move From One State To Another?

When you’re starting to plan for your move, it’s likely that you want to put together a budget, as previously mentioned. So, what should you include in that cost? Many experts say that your average interstate move is going to cost around $5000, and there are a handful of things that you need to keep in mind about that. Here are just a few.

  • Distance of the move: Many movers, including our team, schedule long-distance moves by the mile, so knowing that mileage can be a solid first step in working out what your costs may look like. It can also help you as you work out what you’ll be spending on some of the following items.
  • Moving company rates: Moving company rates can include things like mileage (as mentioned), white-glove services (fragile/large items), renting additional items you may need, and taking care of problems and concerns as they come up.
  • Truck and/or storage rental rates: How much will it cost to rent your vehicle and/or deal with storage upon arrival? If you’re moving, then you want to go ahead and look at your options in regards to these rates and compare them to other potential options.
  • Hotel costs, if necessary: Long-distance trips may require a hotel stay in between, or you may have a delay where you need to deal with hotel costs. Keep these in mind, too.
  • Transportation costs: If you’re driving your own vehicle, you need to be sure that you think about gas and tolls. If you’re using another form of transportation, then you want to be sure that you calculate tickets as part of what you’re paying for.
  • Meals: You’re going to need to eat while you’re on the road. And, if friends or family are helping you to move, then you want to be polite and pay for their meals as a way to thank them for assisting you.
  • Packing supplies: While you’re packing, you’re likely going to need boxes, bags, tape, labels, and a wide array of other items that can really help you to get everything organized properly.

What Do I Need to Know About Moving to a New State?

Moving to a new state is a massive adventure, and there are a lot of really neat things that you’ll come across in the meantime. When you’re moving to a new state, there are a handful of questions that you want to have answered before moving day arrives.

  1. How do you take care of driving in the new state? What sorts of license, registration and other such concerns need to be sorted out upon arrival to your new state? How much will those things cost?
  1. Are there any laws about animals or plants that you need to know? If you’re bringing in a pet, you’ll need to check out state and local laws to ensure that you are allowed to have that pet with you. Some states, towns, and/or counties have laws regarding certain breeds of dogs, some small animals, and animals that are considered to be exotic pets. If you have non-native plants, you may also need to check outlaws, as well.
  1. Which utility companies will you be working with? Know your utility company and sort out all of the details about what you may need to sort out so that your power, gas, and/or water is going to be functional upon your arrival at your new home.
  1. Are there any questions that may come up regarding schooling? What school will you send your kids to? Do you need to find a specialized school for one reason or another? Or will you need to consider things about college classes? Knowing this before you go in can be useful.
  1. Will you need specific training or licensure for your new job? Different people in different professions require different licensing and training, and that all depends based on what state you live in. Teachers, truckers, delivery professionals, medical professionals, and a number of other professionals are likely going to need to pass certain tests or transfer their license to their new state in some form or fashion before they start working.

How I Can Transfer My Company from One State to Another?

 If you’re a business owner that is relocating, then you have a whole new set of issues and concerns that you’re going to be trying to take care of. Not only do you have to relocate your items, but you’re going to need to be able to relocate a variety of other things as well. Here’s a checklist to help you sort out what needs to be done here.

  • Determine what you’ll do with your business. Are you going to dissolve it and start a new one? Merge your old one with the new one in the new state? Or take care of it as a “foreign business” and keep your licensure in the old state? All are options. 
  • Get any licenses and training that you or your employees may need. Schedule tests and be sure that everyone’s licenses are up to date so that you can get to work shortly after arriving at your new home. 
  • Put together an inventory of all the items you’ll be moving. Have a complete list and then give that list to your movers – it’ll make everything go much more smoothly.
  • Work with employees that will be coming with you to your new state. Help them with moving costs, offer to schedule moves, and work with them to find housing. 
  • Hire movers that know and understand how to take care of business moving needs. Pricing Van Lines knows the ins and outs of moving businesses, and we’ll take care of you and your employees.

 Take some time to look at information and use this checklist so that you can work out everything possible and ensure that you’ve got all of the details in order when it comes time to schedule moving day.

Learn what you can, sort out the information, and contact our team at Pricing Van Lines. We can help you to figure out what is most important and to ensure that you’ve got everything necessary to stay ahead of things in a manner that is going to allow your interstate move to go well.