Moving Cost Checklist By Experts

2020 Moving Cost Checklist
Setting a moving budget is a vital step in the relocation process. If you have the right moving cost checklist, you will be able to budget right without leaving anything out. Follow the best moving budget checklist to be prepared for your move.

You need to create a moving budget so you can save money on your move. Since there is no clarity on the amount you will spend, there are several little costs that quickly add up.

These include the higher costs of moving truck rental or hiring a moving company and the amount spent on your airline ticket. The cost of purchasing the packing supplies or hiring packers are also factors.

Moving out of state costs more than $4,300 on average. That is 7% more than the average household annual income, according to the Census Bureau. Many costs are associated with a home move, and you need to be sure you have plans for all of them.

Make use of this helpful budget for each aspect of your moving needs.  

Moving Services Costs

Unlike the general belief, you can later discover that hiring a professional out of state moving company for your long-distance move can be a cheaper option when you find the total of the most popular hidden costs of the DIY move.

These include packing materials, costs of renting moving equipment and truck, gas, food, road tolls, insurance, and lodging. However, we will first discuss the possible moving costs when you hire a professional moving company.  

Moving Insurance Costs

Moving insurance will be provided by moving companies, but the standard rate given is not enough for the replacement of lost or damaged items, especially if it is a small but valuable item such as glass, crystal, or porcelain.

You will need to get additional insurance because insurance is determined by weight, and the average standard rate covers $0.60 per pound.

Also, remember that you may not actually get the standard rate even if some of your household items got damaged.

This rate only indicates the highest coverage you are entitled to, but taxes, regulations, and others from the government may reduce the amount you receive.

Find out everything on moving insurance before you proceed with your move.

Packing Supplies Costs

There will be no need to purchase packing supplies when you hire full service moving companies, but if you are looking to save money, be sure to pack your belongings yourself. So, get: 

  • Moving boxes of high quality
  • Protection for furniture such as moving blankets
  • Cords and ropes to secure belongings
  • Moving tape
  • Bubble wrap and packing paper.

If you can lay your hands on free moving boxes or can use blankets, towels, and t-shirts to support fragile items as cushioning instead of bubble wrap, then you can save cost on packing supplies. 

Transportation and Accommodation Costs

If your move is taking you out to another state, you will need to consider transportation and maybe short-term accommodation.

This is essential for moving out of your current home and into your new home. hence, make sure you incorporate it in your moving cost calculator.

  • Living costs for transport time: This includes things like food. You might end up eating out more than you used to during this period, so you need to add this in your budget. This may also include entertainment, water, and anything you find yourself doing at this time.
  • Hotel: If you don’t have a place to crash for a night or two, you need to add the accommodation cost in your budget. 
  • Baby/Pet Sitter: You will be busy during your move. Especially if you are performing a DIY move, you need to consider having a baby and/or pet sitter as you will be moving around and spending more time outside.
  • Airplane/Gas and Tolls: You will spend some money, whichever means you plan to move from one point to another. 
  • Foods, Drinks, and Gifts for Helpers: If your friends or family are helping you move, be sure to treat them well. Get them refreshments or lunch. You obviously know the money spent on this is your responsibility.   

Storage-Related Costs

Many people need storage options when moving. Maybe their new home is not ready for another month or more.

They may also need temporary residence until they get the right home they actually like. Regardless of the reason, below are the costs linked with storage: 

  • Insurance: Sure, more insurance is needed. However, you will have peace of mind that your household items are protected if any unexpected damage occurs. Insurance is essentially needed for storage. You will need assurance that the valuable belongings you leave in storage for some time are properly taken care of in the event of an ugly issue. 
  • Rental: Storage is definitely not free. Rental fees apply to storage. 
  • Transportation: You need to plan how your belongings will move to the storage center you plan to use.   

Housing-Related Costs

Whether you put your house up for sale or your lease is expiring, there will certainly be few things to handle before you bid it goodbye. 

  • Cleaning and repairs: You need to leave your house in good condition possible before selling it at the best value or recovering your safe deposit. Plan a little amount of time and money to ensure this is handled before moving out.
  • Real Estate Agent(s): You need to include Realtor’s fees and commissions in your relocation budget. Even though you won’t make the payment to them directly, they will still get a part of the deal, and you need to factor that in your budget quickly. 
  • Deposits: Such as security deposits, utility deposit, firth month’s rent, and pet deposit. 

Car Shipping Costs

Remember the cost of moving your vehicles to another place. Driving your motorcycle, car, or SUV yourself is one of the cheapest alternatives you have as that will enable you to combine vehicle transportation costs and travel fees into one.

However, some people own more than one vehicle, and they can only drive one or may not even have it planned to drive to another state at all. In this situation, there will be a need for you to plan for a vehicle shipping service, which includes shipping your car or hiring a driver to haul it for you to your new address. 

Post-Move Expenses

After moving in, your move is almost completed. The best step is to take out post-relocation costs to be able to settle in quickly. These include: 

  • New household items: Each house is constructed differently. If there is a larger backyard in your new house, for instance, you may want to get new stuff to put in there. Items like new furniture are among the things you may need. Others may be things you couldn’t relocate, such as perishables and flammables.
  • Safety items: Make sure you invest in safety measures each time you move into a new home. Get new locks for the doors, extra copies of the new key, a home security system, fire extinguisher, and pest controls, among other things you may need.   

Factors That Affect Moving Costs

Although moving costs are different, there are a few essential factors that determine your moving cost: 

  • The time of your move: The high season to relocate is in summer, and you should be ready to pay more on DIY or hire moving a moving company when demand is high because of the summer weather. 
  • The quantity of your belongings: During your move, each belonging in your home has a price tag. Professional moving companies charge by the weight and size of your stuff. The more items they move, the more costly your move becomes. Even though you usually spend a lower amount to move, this is still the same: more quantity of belongings requires a larger size of a rental moving truck, which is also more expensive both in time, effort, and cost. 
  • The distance of your move: Usually, long-distance movers are costly. Prepare to pay for meals, gas, and hotel, aside from your average moving truck rental cost and packing supplies during a long-distance or interstate move.


You will be able to stay within the moving budget and avoid breaking the bank on your move when you take time to understand your moving expenses in advance.

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