Make Kitchen Essentials Checklist Before National Move

Make Kitchen Essentials Checklist Before National Move
Summary: You will want to pack the kitchen carefully when making a big interstate move. Learn what should be on your kitchen essential checklist and more from our moving pros.

If you have the typical kitchen, you probably have large and small appliances, several types of dishes, and a variety of utensils that need packing for a big national or cross-country move. To prevent leaving anything behind, write out a kitchen checklist.

When packing the essentials you will want to use sturdy boxes or plastic totes. Most national moving companies can supply their customers with packing materials to ensure the boxes are strong enough to survive the trip. However, you first need to make the moving checklist for your kitchen.

Making the Kitchen Packing Checklist

On the list, put things you must take with you, such as the spices, utensils, and coffeemaker. Consider giving away or selling items you don’t need. If you have any leftover perishable foods, give them away to a family member or friend. The food would not survive being in a delivery van for two to three days without refrigeration.

Wrap your glass plates, drinking glasses, and other breakables in clothing or bubble wrap to ensure there is no breakage on the trip. If you have a shoebox, place the eating utensils in it to keep them from rattling in the truck. It will also make the utensils easy to find.

Once all the appliances are empty, clean them out and leave their doors or lids open to allow them to air dry. Along with being clean, this can prevent smells or mold during the move. Wash the dishes, utensils, and other items from the kitchen to ensure they are clean. You will need to gather packing materials for the kitchen.

What to Use to Pack Kitchen Essentials

If you’ve hired a full-service moving company, you can have the movers pack for you and add the cost of the supplies and labor to your invoice. If you are not utilizing that service, add the cost of packing materials to your moving budget using a moving cost calculator.

The calculator can help not exceed your moving budget. For a national move cost , a good online calculator uses the number of miles you’re moving plus the weight of the load for the moving cost as well as any additional services.

Armed with this info, you may be able to find a bundled price for everything that is less expensive than many quotes, but make sure it is a good company before considering it.

Buy sturdy medium and large boxes for packing the kitchen. Also, get packing tape and a marker to label where each box goes, such as the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. Bubble wrap is optional as dish towels, napkins, and hand towels can cushion glasses, cups, and plates in a box.

Go through the pantry and throw out anything over its expiration date. Canned foods are heavy, and lightening the loads can make each box easier to carry. Consider placing canned foods at the bottom of boxes and lighter plastic containers or dry foods on top of the cans.

Don't Box Small Appliances

Often it is a waste of box space to pack small appliances like an instant pot, crockpot, or air fryer. Use the original boxes if you have them but consider placing small appliances in laundry baskets, tote bags or other containers to carry them. The larger utensils will usually fit in the containers with the small appliances.

Before closing the boxes, double-check everything in the kitchen to see that you packed it, including your cookbooks. If you have a few cookbooks, make room for them in other kitchen boxes. Otherwise, get a medium box for the cookbooks. After, taping the box, label what’s in it so that the cookbooks are easy to find.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to tell if a moving company is good?

When you start looking for a quality long-distance moving company, check that all their drivers have insurance, bonding in case your property sustains damage, and the licenses they need to drive 18-wheel trucks. Also, check for reviews on sites like Angie’s List and Yelp, and check for testimonials on their website.

How long can interstate truck drivers drive per day?

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a driver can be behind the wheel 11 hours per 24-hour day. However, if there are two qualified drivers, one can drive while the other rests in the sleeper berth.

So, if you are moving from, say, Ohio to Oregon, they should be able to make the trip in approximately two and a half days or 36 hours, assuming they don’t have any stops to make.

Do I need to ensure my property when moving?

Although most moving companies insure your property while using their services, talk to an insurance agent about buying additional coverage.

If you have an art collection that sustains damage, the moving company may pay some of the damage costs, but they won’t necessarily pay the painting’s value. Get an appraisal on collectibles and expensive items and get additional coverage through your insurance agent.

How many rest breaks should you take when moving?

When traveling long-distance, try to take a break every two hours. It allows you to stretch your legs, go to the restroom, and get snacks at a gas station. During the break, walk around to get circulation back into your legs, check the gas and oil, or take the family to lunch. Consider a short sightseeing trip at some of the areas you come across while driving.

Should you follow the moving truck when moving cross country?

As long as the drivers know their destination, you shouldn’t need to follow the moving truck. However, it would be helpful to arrive before or at the same time as the truck to let them in the house and start unloading your possessions.

Your car or truck will be faster than the moving truck because you don’t have a load in the back of it, plus cross-country movers often transport more than one household at a time, so they may make a stop before yours.

Moving Your Kitchen Essentials Across the Country

To ensure everything you want from the kitchen goes with you, make a checklist of what to pack and buy packing materials. Start culling your cutlery, food, and dishes a few weeks before the moving truck arrives. By packing a little at a time, you won’t be in a rush and stress yourself by the time moving day arrives.