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Summary:Hiring low-cost moving companies is one of the way to move on a budget. We discussed all you need to know as regards this topic to research and find the best amongst the rest of affordable moving companies handling interstate move.

When you plan, arrange, and manage a move, you need to make better choices that take care of each important aspect of the move to reduce cost. This means that you need to pick the right interstate moving company for your specific moving needs.

Screening the comprehensive list of cheap cross country movers involves knowing the factors that distinguish the moving companies.

This post will share tips to hire the right mover to move at a reduced price.

How to Hire Movers to Get a Good Deal

1. Recommendations

Verbal advertising might have been a thing of the internet now, but the old-fashioned word of mouth recommendations is still important for finding out the reputation of a company like a relocation company. Before you check any other important factor for hiring a company from the list of the 5 best affordable movers in the United States, you should ask family members, neighbors, friends, and professional peers their recommendations for the best affordable movers they know.

You can mark out moving companies from your list if your friend or family member had a negative moving experience with, and can indicate a star or two beside a mover that received applauds from a relative, friend, or coworker.

2. Excellent Customer Service and Positive Reviews

After receiving feedback from those you know and rely on, the next step is to perform research on the moving companies on this list of the top 10 cheap movers in the USA.

Online reviews on websites like Google and Yelp are so much reliable because most customers want to keep a positive name online by sharing the truth. To get the top-rated affordable movers, you must read customer reviews that mention timeliness, packaged services, as well as customer services. One or more of the best 10 affordable movers in the United States might package services like packing materials into a discounted plan.  

3. Trust and Experience are Important

Practice brings perfection is a policy that is so much relevant for the top movers in the country. The year of experience a trustworthy moving company has is important. There is no fixed number of years of experience they must have, but you want to hire a reliable moving company that has a minimum of 5 years of delivering quality moving service experience to customers over a long distance.

You can confirm their years of experience by checking the number of years a moving company has been operating business on the Better Business Bureau website.

Proper licensing credentials: most moving companies boast of their licenses. Getting a license should clear doubts about the legitimate status of the company you are looking to hire for the big move. However, licenses differ from one to another. You want to hire one of the best affordable moving companies that got its license from the USDOT. Be sure to verify the legitimacy of a cheap moving company by finding the company’s USDOT number on its website and checking it out on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website.

Honesty is important: moving companies have taken a lot of hits from the movie industry in the form of satires that joke about rogue moving companies. when you screen our list of leading 10 affordable movers in the United States, you want to choose a company that is well-reputed for being honest. An honest moving company will not hide hidden moving fees inside a relocation contract. Hidden fees can include additional charges for transporting large, heavy items, including hidden contractual fees that charge customers for breaching travel arrangements. Since it is strangers that will enter your home and move your possessions, you want to make sure all movers are honest that you can leave your items with them.

Insurance for coverage against Murphy’s Law: Murphy’s Law was first introduced in 1949 at Edward’s Air Force Base and it states that ‘if a thing can go wrong, it sure will’. The adage is highly relevant for interstate movers. from accidentally dropping precious china to scratching the home’s wall surface while maneuvering a large piece of furniture down the stairs, things could likely go wrong during your move. You need to ensure all your belongings are of higher value to get peace of mind. Cheap Basic Liability insurance costs around $.60 per pound of item. However, you need to consider getting Full Protection coverage to be certain that all your shipments are covered by insurance.

Services personalized to your moving needs: you want to pick one of the leading 10 affordable movers t t personalized services that meet your relocation needs. One famous personalized moving service is the disassembling and reassembling of household furniture. You might need crates for some of your small precious belongings or moving large, heavy items such as antique art. Storage is one other personalized service that professionals moving to anot6her city often need. In any case, you want the cheap moving companies on your list to offer all the services you need to have a successful move.

Superior customer support: we already discussed how important customer support is for a move regardless of the distance. What is the actual meaning of superior customer support? It means putting in extra effort by making sure the movers you hire are friendly and willing to assist you whenever needed. You want a cheap moving company that quickly adapts to changes, which will be needed for most moves. If there is a storm at the beginning of your move, you want your movers to have enough flexibility to delay the commencement of your move until the rain stops. 

Professional credentials: similar to most companies, interstate moving companies can be a member of any professional organization that helps to better its performance. Organizations centered on the relocation industry also assist movers by bringing improvement to their professionalism on the job, including back at the office. Businesses are accredited by the Better Business Bureau to ensure professional legitimacy. Try one of the top affordable movers in the country that has been accredited by the BBB. You also want a cheap moving company that is a member of the AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association).

Getting the best deal on a mover

Hiring a moving company is the best and easiest means to move but the cost can leave a big hole in your pocket. Below are some ideas on ways to save money on professional moving companies to get many affordable moving services.

Avoid being scammed: finding out how to save money on moving comes with challenges too. if you hire a mover based on cheap pricing, and they end up being a scam, you could lose your property and money. While it is always important to stay within your budget limit, consider the steps below to hire a trusted professional moving company and stay away from scammers.

  • Ensure the movers are licensed and insured
  • If a moving company quote you a too low price, run
  • Have the moving company perform an in-home moving estimate to find out about their professionalism and the amount they will charge. Most professionals will only assure you of a moving quote’s accuracy after the in-home estimate
  • Request for rentals from family and friends, and search for online reviews.

Compare companies: now that your list of reliable professional moving companies is complete, check their quotes. The price differences may have much to do with the additional services they offer. Request for a breakdown of quotes and note down the services you don’t feel is essential. Check if any companies are ready to reduce the prices if you drop any special services.

Downsize: some companies charge a fixed moving cost, while others charge by materials and time. You may be able to find a great deal on moving services if you can lower the number of belongings that need to be transported. Donate goods that you don’t need to charity or transport smaller belongings like bedding, clothing, and dishes in your car.

Be aware of the additional costs: moving companies usually charge more for transporting bulky or special belongings. Having some of your friends come over to transport your jet-ski to boycott paying extra for your moving company may make sense to you. You may also be charged more for packing and moving home appliances. If there are appliances already in your new home, and you will be leaving your old ones in storage, selling your old appliances before the move may be the best move. This will save you from paying more moving costs and leave you with more money to spend on your move.

Pack it yourself: avoid being charged for packing by handling all your packing as this can significantly lower your movers’ fee. Self-packing also makes sure your peace of mind is secure in knowing your goods have been safely packed.

Negotiate: negotiation is not hard. Moving companies know others are fighting for your moving business, so they may be willing to reduce their moving quote to meet or beat down the competition. This is a great strategy if you prefer a mover to others, but its fees are higher.

Book early: some moving companies will charge last-minute reservation fees, so you can save part of your money by scheduling in advance of the day of your move. Call your movers to find out when they tagged the best time to book for a move. Some moving companies may also bring down their quoted moving prices if customers are flexible with their moving days and times.

How to cut moving costs and expenses

1. Hire a low-cost mover:

Carefully research all the vital information to locate an affordable mover that will perfectly meet your needs. Complete a moving quote and many reliable moving companies will contact you to offer their services. Ensure you pick a legit company that will give you the best atmosphere. All that you need is top quality moving services at a better price:

  • Grab in-home binding written moving estimates from many trustworthy moving companies and make a comparison of the offers – ensure all the important details and specifics are well highlighted, all your moving requirements are well satisfied and you clearly understand and consent with the entire provisions;
  • Find out about additional services and their costs: carefully read the contract and concentrate well on the type of liability protection included, the transportation and storage options, subcontractors and third parties that are involved in the moving process, and so on. Don’t forget that some movers have minimum charges, no matter the amount of time the moving will take, while others charge additional fees for travel time to and from your location, or overtime on the day of your move, and so on;
  • Negotiate the moving details – request for discounts, current deals, coupons, or vouchers – anything that may reduce the overall cost of your move. Negotiate the amount they requested as a deposit and ensure it is refundable in case there is a need for cancellation or changing the date (or if the movers fail to do their job). Don’t forget that many relocation companies will make effort to match or even beat their competitor’s prices, so notify them if you have a better deal at hand;
  • read online moving reviews and make sure you get references – this is a convenient method to check customers’ satisfaction ratings and to know how they have resolved previous disputes and claims.
  • Avoid moving scam- be sure to always check if the moving company you pick are appropriately licensed (you can confirm their USDOT number) and insured. If you get an unbelievable offer, if the moving company accepts only cash as its payment method or if it refuses to send a worker to your site for a survey and accurate moving estimate, be alert and confirm the credentials of your moving company.

2. Smartly arrange your move and book early:

To properly get ready and avoid bad surprises, you need to properly plan your moving budget early. Consider all the parts of your coming move (mover’s rates, additional fees, transporting your car, pets, extra insurances, road tolls, lodging, fuel, meals, parking fees, and tickets if you plan to fly to your new home, post-moving costs like rent and deposits, different paperwork, furnishing and important supplies, and so on), and crosscheck every possible hidden relocation costs.

To lower the price and make sure you don’t get worried, we advise you to reserve our move as early as you can. If you are allowed to select your moving date, choose a day during the week, in the middle of the month and off-peak moving season (September – May) as this may save you a substantial amount of money from the overall moving cost.

3. Pack everything yourself:

While you are hiring expert packers to increase the speed of your moving process, it will affect you as regards cost. Hiring professional packers can be costly and up to multiple hundred dollars. Certainly, there are differences in packing rates from one company to another. 

4. Cut your relocation expenses from your taxes:

Keep those receipts! Based on your move, you could save a lot on taxes during the upcoming tax season. TurboTax reported that if you move to a new place due to work, you could be eligible to use the IRS Form 3903 to claim your moving expenses costs as a deduction on the tax return of your federal income. Taxpayers are allowed by the IRS to deduct qualified moving costs from the taxable income they indicate on Form 1040.

5. Gather enough moving discount:

There are certain special deals such as discounts and price reductions that are better used for specific types of moves – and if you find one applicable to your move, you can get a really good deal on your move. Professional movers offer different special deals on your move. Professional movers offer different special deals as well as discounts to improve their reputation and get more customers:  

  • Senior discounts: elderly people can benefit from senior discounts regardless of the reason for their move, whether downsizing to a smaller apartment, moving to a warmer climate, or relocating closer to family. (also check to move after retirement);
  • Student discounts: as you are moving to college in another state or city, young people can benefit from student moving discounts
  • Military discounts: military moving discounts are also available for active service members relocating for duty at their next duty (and ex-military can also get veteran discounts)
  • Discounts for law and first responders: Fifirefighterspolice officers and emergency medical technicians relocating to another location can also avail themselves of special relocation discounts;
  • Membership discounts: a lot of people can lower the cost of their relocation by making use of their club or organization membership – such as AARP discounts, AAA discounts, Costco discounts, Union discounts, and so on;
  • Off-season discounts: Most relocation companies are willing to offer better moving deals during the less-demand season (October – April) when relocation services are in lesser demand. Those that decide to move in a less busy period (like in winter months, mid-week days, and so on) can save about 30 percent from their overall cost of moving with off-season discounts. (also check reasons to move during the off-peak season).

Based on your unique moving situation, the following may also be available to you: 

  • Referral discounts: if someone (maybe an old customer) referred you to a moving company (because moving companies also applaud moving jobs via word-of-mouth) or by your realtor (because a lot of realtors have a recommended mover they work with) a discount maybe offered may be on your move;
  • Repeat customer discounts: if you are a returning customer of the company, make sure you call them – they will be glad to work with you again and offer you a discount as a loyal customer, and you will also be sure that safe hands are moving your belongings.
  • Cash discounts: a lot of moving companies offer a moving discount for cash payments, so if you find it possible to pay your moving costs in cash and not using a credit card, you may be able to save a lot of money on your relocation. However, be careful of movers that ask for cash payment – as this may be a warning flag of moving scam.

Ya, you will find all, you’re special moving deals helpful and get the best available moving services at the best possible moving price and will assure you of seamless, affordable, and successful moving.

Ways to get discounts during a move

If you do it right when you are negotiating with moving companies, you may be able to secure a special offer that will help you save huge hundreds of dollars on your upcoming move.

  1. If you can, plan to move in an off-season time, when most movers will be willing to cut their rates to get more moving businesses.
  2. Check websites of moving companies and social media to get discounts: check the social media pages of various movers in your location to find out what they have to offer – make a comparison of their tariffs and conditions and check for special offers, discounts, coupons, and so on. Create a list of the moving companies that offer the most affordable moving prices as well as best moving deals and verify their reputation by reading moving reviews, check the complaint histories and ratings of the company, confirm their USDOT numbers, and so on), to ensure they are professionals with experience and proper licensing.
  3. Get moving price estimates from lots of reputable moving companies. when you have more moving estimates, it will be easy for you to negotiate with the moving company you prefer the most
  4. Ask your preferred movers for a discount – even if they don’t have ongoing special deals or if you are not eligible for a discount, it is better to ask – the moving companies might be able to create a special offer for you in order not to lose your business.
  5. Negotiate with them: prices from moving companies are negotiable – if your negotiation skills are good, you will secure a better deal.

Use moving coupons: different coupons (like RetailMeNot coupons and Groupon promo codes) are good for reducing your moving costs. You may be able to secure discounts on moving services and/or moving trucks starting from 10 to 25 percent on self-storage units and moving materials.