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Key Things To Know Before Moving From U.S. To Canada

Key Things To Know Before Moving From U.S. To Canada
Summary: Are you in search of a brand new start from the US? Being moved for work? Dreaming of getting a new home surrounded by amazing views? Canada could be just the perfect location for you. We don’t always side with stereotypes, but Canada is always spot on – great, polite people, with a burning passion for maple syrup.

Every day, around 380,000 people travel to Canada from American for family, business, and travel purposes.

Canada is famous for its amazing scenery, northern lights, ice hockey, natural parks, and maple syrup. These overwhelmed the extremely cold winters experienced in Canada. Fortunately, Canada is open to immigrants. As an ex-pat, you will be reducing the labor shortage problem that is affecting Canada.

It is a perfect way to help the economy. Surely, there are other advantages to moving from the United States to Canada.

Here, we will talk about various prices you may face during the next move, including a discussion on what the Great White North country has to offer you. 

Cost of Living

Getting there alone is costly, but the cost of living is also huge when you are settling down at your new home. Before you move to another country, regardless of the distance from your former home, it is important to have a head start and check out prices for daily necessities. Fortunately for you, we’ve made a comparison list of the necessities:

Cost of Living


The US


Groceries (eggs, milk, rice, bread, and cheese)



Inexpensive restaurant



Bottle of beer



A trip to the movies



Gym membership (monthly)



In general, the cost of living in Canada is above the amount spent by an average American – so, it might first shock you. With that, these prices are mainly averages, and anywhere you choose to live in might be different from these estimates. For instance, if you are coming from New York and plan to move to Toronto, you can prepare to cope with a friendly 30% decrease in the cost of living.

Housing Costs

Costs of houses are increasing all over the universe – but what can you prepare to pay when you are living in Canada? Most cities are certainly costly places to reside in every nation, but that should not prevent you from living a quality life in Canada. Below is a table that compares housing prices in the three main Canadian cities:

Housing Costs





One bedroom flat/rent




Three bedroom flat/rent








So, if you plan to move to one of the largest cities in Canada, but need to plan a budget, maybe going for a smaller city like Montreal would be the best for you.

Expat Healthcare

Healthcare in Canada is so different from that of the United States it couldn’t be any more different. Canadian citizens or permanent residents can apply for public health insurance – which implies that you won’t be paying for most healthcare services. These services are all covered via taxes.

However, there is some bad news: this only favors Canadian citizens. Sadly for American immigrants living in Canada, this implies that you likely have to spend some additional money each time you fall sick.

Low Crime Rates

Canada is among the safest places to live all around the globe. The country allows its citizens to carry guns with not many restrictive regulations and legal systems on gun usage. However, guns in Canada are often used for hunting. Occasionally, they are used to commit violent crimes. The United Nations reported that homicides in Canada are 5.1 per 1,000,000 people, unlike the United States which has 29.7 ratings.

The Climate in Canada

Even though Canada is often linked with a continuous state with winter, in reality, Canadians also have all four seasons as the rest of the universe. Across the summer, you can prepare for higher temperatures up to 350C, while in severe winters, you can expect the temperature to drop to as low as -250C. Yes, this is based on the exact location you plan to settle roots in Canada, so you can still leave your snow boots for now. 

Cost of Utility

The United States performs well as regards cost, but how do they stand as regards utility bills? We imagine that if you are planning a move to Canada, you will want to know how your bills will be affected by your daily lifestyle. See some of the price ranges you may encounter every month: 


The United States



$70 to $80

$125 to $150


$35 to $70

$15 to $35


$100 to $110

$125 to $200


$60 to $70

$35 to $70

Similar to other expenses we’ve discussed, Canada costs more for utility bills. Yes, there is a difference in the trices of utility bills in each location, especially gas bills in the United States, where you have various climates in Texas and Alaska inside the same country. After all, those living in colder regions will likely spend more money on heating than those living in hotter regions.

How to move to Canada from the United States

Moving to Canada from the United States can be a happy life-changing period but also a tough experience. However, it is not easy to become a Canadian citizen. You will have to live in the country for a minimum of 6 years, behave well, and know more about the country if you want to be considered for citizenship.


  • Confirm that you are not a Canadian already. You may have inherited citizenship without you knowing
  • Confirm your eligibility to relocate to Canada. Criminal records, health, human or internal rights compliance, financial reasons, and non-compliance with the IRPA (Immigration Refugee Protection Act) are some of the reasons for your ineligibility.
  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age. Parent or guardian of minor will be asked to complete an application for them and is a process.
  • Make sure you are fluent in English or French. Canada’s official languages include French and English. You must be able to have a conversation, give a description of yourself, or provide directions in any of the two languages.
  • Know the values, history, symbols, and institutions of Canada well. You will be subjected to an oral or written questionnaire with the expectation that you will show your knowledge of the country.

The Cost of Moving to Canada from the United States

In general, most people have completed the move with a budget of about $1,625 – $7,000. The cost may be higher or less than those figures. The cost of performing international moves from the United States to Canada will base so much on your planned destination, the number of goods you have, special belongings, distance, packing and unpacking, and many more. Therefore, filling out the Instaquote above is the best way to determine the actual cost. 


How much should I gather to move from the USA to Canada?

In general, a lot of people have moved with a budget of around $1,625 – $7,000. The cost may even be higher or lesser than those amounts.

Is living in Canada better than in the US?

Canadians get better social benefits like paid maternity leave, healthcare, and the huge subsidized cost of their post-secondary schools. The U.S. is much cheaper to live in but they don’t give comprehensive benefits, unlike Canada. The two countries generally have almost the same annual income.

Why do residents of the United States move to Canada?

Canada has a lot of options that make it attractive for many residents of the United States, such as Free Universal healthcare accessible by Canadians and permanent residents. Better balance between work and life: workers in Canada work shorter hours.

Why is life in Canada different than in the United States?

The primary difference is cultural diversity. The rate of migrants in Canada is dramatically more than in the United States. This offers a different range of cultures across Canada.

Which is cheaper to live in, Canada or the U.S? 

Generally, living in a metropolitan city in Canada is cheaper than in the U.S. Certainly, this depends on the city you plan to move to and your income tax range.


Moving to a nearby country is a brave, emotional decision to make – one that will be of benefit to you whether you live alone or come with your family. You can expect an amazing new home in a climate you have adapted to or something much chillier – including great schooling and universities as well as high-quality transport. If you would like to obtain quotes from reputable state to state moving companies to new your new home to Canada, start the process now to start your adventure in Canada. 

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