How to Prepare For Your Orlando Move

How to Prepare For Your Orlando Move?

Relocations are a tense, uncertain time for almost everyone. Moving to another apartment or house in the same city is stressful, let alone relocating to another part of the country.

If you are planning an Orland move, you are likely wondering how best to hire Orlando moving companies. Going into this process without the proper information may leave you scrambling to complete specific tasks within days of your moving date.

Below are three important tips on how to prepare for your upcoming Orlando move, which will help ensure a comfortable and relatively stress-free relocation.

Hire the Best Movers for the Job

One of the most important aspects of relocating is hiring the best movers for your particular situation. When you use online resources to find movers, you can easily communicate with them regarding the size of your move and the services you are seeking.

Ensure the movers are available on the day you want to relocate, and try to schedule a time slot that fits within your schedule. Most moving companies are busier during the summer months, while late spring and early fall can also be hectic.

If you are planning to move during the peak season, try to reserve a slot at least a month in advance. You may even want to connect with movers six or seven weeks before moving day, if you are hoping to secure a slot on the weekend. Movers are a lot busier on weekends, compared to weekdays.

As you choose the moving company to hire, ensure you are comparing their quotes, moving services, reputation, insurance coverage offered, and customer reviews to make the best possible decision.

Bring Down the Cost of Relocation

Moving can turn into an expensive undertaking if you are not careful. Knowing how much movers cost can help you understand if you can relocate within your budget.

One of the best ways to bring down the cost of your relocation is to downsize your belongings. Sort out your clothes and other possessions based on how often you use them, and sell or donate any items that you no longer need.

Not only does downsizing make it easier to pack and unpack, but it saves you money come moving day. The movers will have less work to do, while they can use their smallest moving truck as well.

Another way to bring down the cost of relocation is by packing and unpacking your belongings without professional help. The movers only load, transport, and unload, while you pack everything up before they arrive.

Create a Moving Checklist

Writing down every job you must complete, such as hiring movers, finalizing a moving date, closing utility accounts, forwarding mail, getting a new driver’s license, taking care of car and health insurance, etc. can help you stay on task during a relocation.

Having a packing checklist for moving on hand ensures that you are not likely to forget any important job in the hectic last weeks and days before your relocation. As you finish each task, you can cross off the item on your checklist.

Aside from a moving checklist, you may also want to write up an inventory of all your belongings, before you pack them up. You can further split up the list by labeling each moving box, and then writing out what items you placed inside that box, which makes it easier to find specific items when they arrive at your new address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to get a binding moving quote?

Yes, when you get a final cost quote from a moving company, ensure that it is a binding quote. Movers are not permitted to change their terms after sending a binding quote, unless you request additional services on moving day.

If you choose to go with a non-binding quote, the movers can change the terms without notice. You may end up with a much higher bill after the move’s completion.

Can I get the movers to relocate my car?

If you are moving over a long distance and driving the car to the new location isn’t feasible, you will most likely need to find a separate company to handle transporting the vehicle.

Most long-distance movers do not offer vehicle transportation services. You can contact an independent vehicle relocation company, and choose between their open-top and closed-top car moving services.

When should I forward my mail ahead of a relocation?

If you visit the USPS website, you can fill out a form to forward your mail to your new address. Start the process roughly two weeks before your moving date, as the USPS does take around ten days to two weeks before the request processes within their system. You can also visit your local post office to fill out the relevant forms, if you prefer.

Can I ask the movers to transport part of my belongings to a storage unit?

Yes, if you are downsizing your living arrangements, and need to keep some items at a storage unit, you can ask the movers to make two stops at the destination city. Ensure you discuss this with the movers before they send you a moving quote, as the additional stop may result in a higher moving cost.

Can I transport cleaning supplies, fertilizer, and other such materials on the moving truck?

No, most movers do not permit hazardous chemicals on their moving trucks. Items such as fertilizer, bleach, bug spray, and other such liquids are not allowed on moving trucks. You could get into trouble with your movers if they discover these items in your boxes while loading or unloading your belongings.

Final Thoughts

Preparing for a relocation is so important, as you can save time, money, and stress by thoroughly planning every aspect of the process. You can create a moving checklist to help you keep track of every task you must complete.