How To Negotiate With Movers And Get A Good Deal

How To Negotiate With Movers And Get A Good Deal
Summary: Price matching is one of the best ways to negotiate with mover but there are a lot more ways you can negotiate and get a good deal. What are the ways? If you're new to negotiating, these tips will get you started towards scoring a budget-friendly moving quote.

Is it possible to negotiate moving prices with movers? Yes.

The best technique for negotiating with your mover is to obtain several moving estimates from a minimum of three moving companies. Each moving estimate should contain a similar list of items to be moved and any extra services, such as special packing or other charges. Then just select your preferred company and ask them to reduce the price. It’s that simple.

Negotiation has always been a part of life’s most powerful and it is even commonly used in the moving industry.

It provides the best result in any situation and makes sure everyone involved is satisfied.

Since the moving process can be costly, we always tend to reduce the costs as much as possible. However, if you are not aware, it is possible to negotiate with your moving companies to secure a better deal and save a lot of money.

So, we will today discuss negotiating with moving companies and the proper way to do it.

Gain Negotiation Power: Things You Should First Know

To negotiate effectively with moving companies, you must have good leverage – collect enough information, take steps to protect your relocation, and set your priorities, goals, and possible compromises.

1. Get Details of your Move

Take some time to consider your moving details, including distance, quantity, and weight of belongings that require transport, and belongings that require special care. The median cost of a short-distance move normally will be cheaper than the cost of a long-distance move. However, if you know the actual thing you need, you can negotiate a fair price with the movers.

2. Know what is possible

Before you begin to make moving plans and collecting estimates, you need to find out what is reasonable in the relocation industry and what to consider in a moving company. So, the #1 thing to do when searching for moving companies is to understand the cost of professional moving services, conduct research on your options, and determine which companies are good to partner with:

  • Determine the median cost of moving home of your size over your moving distance.
  • Get an approximate insight of your moving price by using a moving cost calculator.
  • Check the websites of various moving companies near you to find out what they have to offer – make a comparison of tariffs and conditions, find discounts and promotions, focus on the general quality of the site, inspect the name, e-mail address, phone number, physical address, and USDOT number of the company are properly indicated, check the ‘About us’ to know more about the company, and so on.
  • Read moving reviews to know what old customers of the movers have to say about their moving experience with the company.

With this, you will get an overall idea of what the company can offer, things to expect from them, which companies to rule out, and the amount of money you will need for your move.

3. Further research who you choose to work with

You may also observe a difference based on which company you are working with. As you look for moving companies in your area, perform your research. Ensure the company is licensed and reliable online.

Perform a fast background check by:

  • Checking their Better Business Bureau entry
  • Visit their website
  • Find out if they belong to AMSA
  • Check their USDOT#
  • Check their recent customer reviews
  • Look at reviews by moving experts
  • Go to their physical address to confirm their office and branded moving fleet.

Sadly, moving scams are just too popular. Ensure you feel comfortable with the mover you choose to hire. Check our list of reliable long distance movers.

4. Plan your Negotiation Strategy

Put all your leverages to use in negotiating a cheaper moving price. Now that you are certain you won’t get scammed by rogue movers and have all the essential information, you can choose the best negotiation strategies that will help you secure the best deal on your move – requesting discounts and special offers, benefiting from movers’ competition, not using some extra services, handling some of the work yourself, allowing flexibility with your time of the move, and so on. Immediately you’ve identified your objectives and have your arguments planned, you are set to begin your negotiation with movers. 

Ways to Negotiate with Movers

Immediately you’ve discovered reliable companies near you, it is time to know how to negotiate a better price with your moving companies. Following the steps below will provide you a lot of bargaining chips to use when in negotiation with movers:

Contact Companies for Estimates

Begin by reaching out to each moving company and request an estimate. Make sure you get written estimates from a minimum of three companies. You will have a better knowledge of which company is available when you move as well as their price levels. Ensure you ask questions and know what services are contained in their estimates.

Make a comparison of the prices you received from each mover, but don’t base your judgment majorly on price. If any company offers you a too-good-to-be-true price, be careful. They could have extra fees lined and services lined up for you in the shadow, or, they could even scam you.

Think about Important Moving Services

If the actual estimates you get are beyond your moving budget or your expectation, now is the right time to put what you know about negotiation with a moving company into action. To begin, check the additional services you can let go of. Maybe you can shop for bubble wrap and other moving supplies yourself. Try to get help from friends and family members to pack all or some of your household belongings. If you choose not to make use of extra services, you can ask movers for new moving estimates. You also can find out the extra fees a moving company has from its representative and how you can stay away from unimportant ones. If you ask, you may even get a discount on regular services

Request for Discounts, Special Offers, and Promotions

You will know if the moving company offers any special deals or discounts via its websites, but asking for a discount is also a good idea. Even if they don’t have an ongoing promotion at the time of your move, or if you are not eligible for the terms for a discount, the moving company might be able to give you a special offer. They wouldn’t want your job to pass to another company, you know.

Have Flexible Scheduling

There is an underrated means to secure the best moving deal. Don’t move in peak relocation season. Busy moving days are during the summer and weekends. This implies that these days are costlier than off-season: winter and during the week. If you have flexibility with your moving plan, your movers can offer you a good price for a different day. There may also be price differences if you choose to move very early in the morning or late in the day.

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Mention the Competition

Letting them know there is competition may be the best when learning ways to bargain with your movers. Immediately you’ve performed all your research and gotten various estimates, you likely know the company you are choosing already. However, they may be offering expensive prices. You can negotiate with the movers by informing them of the lowest estimate you’ve gotten. Then, ask the company if they can match or beat the competitor’s price. They may oblige if it means they will get your job. If they don’t, they will probably explain why they charge higher prices than the competition. This could include specialty services, faster delivery times, or experienced workers,

Be Persistent

If the movers you like best are not going to reduce their initial quote, you should try to negotiate with them again in the next day or two. The second time may be your lucky time as it may be another representative that picks your call this time who is more ready for compromises; the moving company may already regret not providing you a discount, and so on. After all, everyone likes to say ‘yes’ to customers – asking the first time may be denied, but you may get what you want after asking again.

So, can you negotiate with movers? You can – with lots of leverages; you are getting a satisfying outcome and make sure your move is successful and affordable.

Other Ways to Negotiate with the Moving Company

Regardless of what you do, some movers may maintain their ground on their estimated price. However, below are some things you can engage in to increase your chances of bringing your cost of the move down:

  • Pack lightly: You need to pack light. Before moving, check all your household goods and dispose of the things you don’t need. When the company agent arrives to perform an estimate, they will see that your little amount of items to move. They will find it easy work, so they will be ready to work with you for a fair price.
  • Plan ahead: The other tip is to make planning. Reach out to local movers when you first know that you will be moving. This provides them enough time to get ready, and you will be first attended to on a good day and time. If you reach out to them the final minute, they will possible ask for a higher price and not shift from it.
  • Use your bargaining skills as your weapon: Can you bargain with movers? Definitely. Immediately you have gotten good relocation quotes from several reliable companies, it is time to benefit from those same quotes to secure the best moving deal. These strategic moves will reveal to you how to bargain a cheaper price with your movers with the assistance of one smart little trick.

In normal scenarios, most moving companies would rather reduce the quoted price than lose your job to other competitors. Unless you are moving in the middle of the peak season, use this as a bargaining chip.   

  • By now, you should have a moving company that you would like to hire its service. If you’ve been offered the best price by that professional mover, then you don’t have anything to worry about. Else, then speak with the company to notify them that you want to hire their quality service but that you have gotten a cheaper price from another company. Let them know your lowest offer and ask if they will be willing to match or beat the best deal you’ve received.

If they are indeed willing to gain you as a customer, they will work something out. Remember, negotiating with moving companies is a good move because you don’t have anything to lose. The key to a successful negotiation is to reach a compromise that will satisfy the parties involved.

If you are willing to reach some compromises and can allow flexibility about some of your moving terms (early booking, picking a good moving date), then there is no reason why you shouldn’t secure the best moving deal.

If the movers are not willing to reduce their initial price, you may wish to bargain with the moving company in a day or two again. This is because you may be able to speak with another movers’ representative who may be willing to present a new and better deal, or likely offer you a price discount that you will agree upon.


How to negotiate relocation costs? Collect enough information as possible so you have so much leverage, be persistent and flexible, and use smart strategies (competitor play, early reservation, essential use of extra services, and so on) to bargain the best price for a moving service. Trust, your move will run smoothly and more affordable than ever.