How To Find The Best Self Storage Companies?

How to find the best self-storage companies
Summary: Do you need self-storage facilities nearby by your home? Storage turns nightmare when you fall a victim of item loss. To find best self-storage facility, here is a detailed guide to finding the one that's the right fit for you, whether for personal or business.

No Matter whether you are moving, downsizing, renovating or even staying at home, at some point in time you may need to hire a self-storage company. Self-storage units are almost everywhere and very easy to find but the problem is that with so many options around at times we end up making a mistake by choosing the wrong and no- reliable self-storage company. It is really important to find the most suitable self-storage unit as you would be leaving your precious items there. Experienced out-of-state movers claim that storing your belongings in a self-storage unit can turn down your moving expenses tremendously.

However, before understanding how to find the best self-storage company for your belongings, it is really important to understand what these storage units are and why we need them.

What is a self-storage company?

Self-storage Company provides the storage space to people on a short term basis, to store their personal belongings which they otherwise cannot keep at their home because of various reasons. These storage units can be rented for both personal as well as official purposes.

When should I rent a self-storage?

  • Renovation: If your house or office is undergoing renovation and you are worried about your belongings then these self-storage companies are your perfect escape plan. You can hire these storage units every month and can keep all your personal and official belongings in safe custody without worrying about them being damaged or stolen.
  • Moving: If you are moving to a new location but still have not found the perfect house for your family then you can always use these storage units to keep all your belongings till the time you find your perfect place to live in.
  • Early arrival: In case your transporter has reached early with your belongings then also you can seek their self-storage services to keep your belongings in safe custody.
  • Downsizing: In life, you often have to make a place for new things and in this process, you have to let go of a few things which are of no use to you. However, there are things which may not be useful to you now but holds a very special place in your life thus you don’t want to just throw them away. In this case, you can always hire a storage unit every month and can keep all such things there. This will not only help you to make space for new things but it will also help you to keep your precious with you.
  • A safe place for your vehicles or equipment: There may be some equipment or even vehicle which you may use occasionally or on a seasonal basis, there is no point in cluttering your house with this equipment throughout the year. Thus, it is always recommended to hire a self-storage unit during the period these things are of no use to you.
  • Business inventory: Just like our home even our offices need to de-cluttered on regular basis but it doesn’t mean that we throw away all the documents and other important business inventory. Self-storage units can not only provide you storage space for your documents but can also provide you climate-controlled warehouse wherein you can keep your inventory without worrying about them getting damaged.

How to find the perfect self-storage company for me?

Now that you know that what these self-storage companies are used for, it is really important for you to know how to find the perfect unit or company that suits your needs.

Before you hire a storage company, you must decide on the following things:

Why do I need a storage unit?

The most important thing to understand is that why do you need to hire a storage unit.

Are you planning to hire it for your personal belongings or do you want to keep your seasonal clothes or do you just want to temporarily hire the unit till the time your house is under renovation? There can be multiple reasons like these, figuring out the right reason to hire these storage companies will not only help you to hire the perfect storage unit for you but will also ensure that you will not end up spending unnecessary money on the same.

What kind of storage unit I need?

Another important thing to be clear about before hiring a storage unit is to decide what kind of storage unit you need. You won’t believe that any country has got more storage units than any leading food joint, it shows that how important it has become to keep your belongings in safe custody and at the same time how options have spoiled us as a customer.

It is really important to understand that whether you want a small storage unit or a big one, you want a climate-controlled storage unit or the usual storage unit would work for you. The costing of hiring a storage unit will depend on the kind of storage unit you intend to hire.

Once you have decided on the above-mentioned things, here are the ways and tips to find the perfect self-storage company or unit for your needs.

  • Research: You must do thorough research before hiring a self-storage unit as you are going to trust some random company with all your belongings. Thus, you just can’t afford to go wrong with your decision.
  • Location: The most important thing to look at while hiring a storage unit is the location. Even if you are hiring the same for relocation, downsizing or moving you would not want to go a mile away just to take out one important thing or to look after your things kept there. Thus, it is really important to choose the right location while hiring these storage units.

However, if you are more concerned about price then you must choose the location which is away from the high-population area but for that, you may have to go little miles extra to keep your personal belongings, but this way you can save a lot.

  • Insurance: The storage company you are hiring must be fully insured and must provide you with the same, even if it means that you have to pay a little extra. The insurance will not only help you to safeguard your interest but it is also a way to check the credibility of the company you are trusting with your items.
  • Correct Size: For a handful of things, you may not require a full-fledged self-storage unit, and similarly you would not want your things to be stored as a pile of clutter in a small space. Thus, it is really important to choose the correct size of your belongings. Also, the size of the storage unit will decide the rent that you have to pay to keep your belongings in these storage units.
  • Market reputation: Do not randomly hire any self-storage unit but seek assistance from your friends and family who have earlier hired such kind of services. Some companies keep increasing the rent in between, and at that time you have no option but to surrender to their demands. Thus, it is really important to hire a company that has a good market reputation and is less likely to do such things.
  • Agreement: Always make sure that you sign an agreement with the company you are hiring. If the company is hesitant to do the same then it is recommended to back out even if they offering their services at low rates. Not agreeing to the same is the sign that something is fishy and you must avoid such a scenario.
  • Instead of features look for perks: Don’t get tempted by high-class features of these storage units, instead, look for the perks. If your items do not require climate control then there is no point in hiring a climate-controlled storage unit as it may cost you a lot. Other features that make storage units expensive are access to cameras, indoor and outdoor facilities. Instead of paying extra money for all these features look for the company that provides you the perks like free moving truck services for a local move or discount on long-distance movement or 24-hour security.
  • Safety and Security: Safety and security not only means round-the-clock security but it also means that the storage company you are hiring has all the safety measures like fire hydrants and fire alarms in place. Also, the location where these items are stored must have access to authorized persons only, any unauthorized person must not enter the premises without proper checking. Some other safety measures may include wall fencing.

These self-storage companies provide a wide range of offers and services, it is up to you to choose the right deal that not only fits your budget but will also ensure the safety and security of your belongings.

However, keep in mind that there is a restriction on some items that cannot be stored in these self-storage units like flammable and explosive materials, weapons, medicines, and any such thing that can prove to be harmful.

We hope that now that you have all the information about these self-storage companies you will only choose the right one for your needs.