How To Find Exact Storage Unit Cost

How To Find Exact Storage Unit Cost
What are the exact prices of storage units? PODS storage unit prices start at $149/month. Delivery and pick-up fees average $74.99. To find the exact cost of your storage project, check with storage facilities near your location and pick an exact size.

Getting things rounded up for the big process of a move? Moving is a process that requires a good amount of planning and finesse in order for it to be successful.

You need to be thinking about moving companies or renting a moving truck, packing everything up, deciding on the day of your move, and most likely planning the sale of your current home, all at the same time.

How is one person supposed to keep their mind sane with all of this to be thinking about? Your move could be further compounded if you think you need to find somewhere to store some of your things. How do you find a storage unit in the midst of a move, how much will it cost, so many questions that need answered.

While you’re thinking about your plans and getting in touch with out of state moving companies, think about taking advantage of some of the following tips to help you find the best storage unit for your needs during your move.

Why Do I Need a Storage Unit When Moving?

There are several reasons you might consider getting a storage unit when you’re in the middle of a move. While everyone’s circumstances surrounding their moves are going to be different, you can think about some of these reasons why someone why consider renting out a storage unit during a certain stage in their move, or even for the entire duration of the move.

1. Planning to stage your home for a sale?

If you’re planning on cleaning your home to make it as presentable as possible for a pre-sale open house, you might consider renting a storage unit so you can move the majority of your things into it prior to your move.

This way, your things aren’t in your home while you are hosting an open house and showing it off to potential buyers.

2. Are you thinking of traveling before you head to your new home?

Maybe you’re thinking about taking a little vacation between now and the time you move into your new home. If this is the case, a storage unit could be just what you need to store your things before you head to your new location.

3. You want to keep more expensive items safe

Moving is chaotic, and is not completely unheard of for accidents to happen, though this is rare as long as everyone is careful. At any rate, renting a storage unit for your more expensive items while you’re moving will help you have peace of mind knowing the items you need to store are perfectly safe.

How Much Will a Storage Unit Cost Me?

This depends entirely upon your needs, and the prices will vary based on a few things, such as the size of the storage unit you need for your things and the particular storage facility you choose to work with.

Some facilities will have different prices than others, and naturally, bigger storage units will be more expensive than smaller storage units no matter where you go.

When you find a storage facility you are happy with, the next step will be determining what size storage unit you will require for the items you wish to store.

To help you get a bit of a guesstimate going, you can consider some of the average costs for different sized units that other folks have rented. Some of the average prices for popular storage unit sizes per month are:

  • Average monthly rent for a 5×5 storage unit: $60 per month.
  • Average monthly rent for a 5×10 storage unit: $70 per month.
  • Average monthly rent for a 10×10 storage unit: $110 per month.
  • Average monthly rent for a 10×15 storage unit: $130 per month.
  • Average monthly rent for a 10×20 storage unit: $180 per month.

These are the average prices per month across the country for each of the different sized storage units. If this sounds like something you will be able to afford, then the next step is to decide how big of a storage unit you will need to rent for your things.

Keep in mind that the monthly prices above are also for basic storage units that don’t come with any extra amenities like electrical hookups or climate control.

If you think your items will require these things in storage, then make sure you address your concerns with the storage facility management.

What Size Storage Unit Will You Need?

The biggest key in figuring out how much your storage unit is going to cost you is how big of a unit you choose to rent for your things. How do you know which size storage unit is right for you, though?

Go through your home and assess your belongings, setting aside and gauging how many things you intend to store. When you have a good idea of which items are going to make their way to the storage unit, ask yourself these questions to decide which size unit will be the right size for your things.

Looking to store a few smaller items?

If you’re only thinking about storing something small for awhile, like bags of collectibles, books, your movie collection, or other small items in smaller quantities, you should be served perfectly well by a smaller 5×5 storage unit.

What if you’re moving the contents of an apartment or small home?

If you’re looking to store your things from a smaller home, like an apartment or a one-bedroom house, then you should be served well by a storage unit around the size of 10×10 feet, which should be ample storage space for this amount of stuff.

Needing to store the contents of a larger home?

What if you’re moving from a larger home, like three or even four bedrooms? You would be best served by finding one of the largest units. Most facilities have units going up to 10×20 feet, which should be enough space for the contents of a larger house.

Planning to store your vehicle?

What if you want to keep your car in storage during your move? You will be happy to know that many storage facilities have you covered with specialized units just for this use case.

Once you have found the right sized storage unit for the amount of stuff you are planning to store, just reserve it as soon as possible with the storage facility so you will know your storage unit is ready for you the minute you are ready to begin loading it up with whatever items you plan to store in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Someone who has never needed to store things away during a move might still have questions despite all of this new information. If this sounds like you, no worries! Plenty of other movers have had questions about the same topic. Some of the questions they asked the most, along with the answers to these questions are below.

How do I organize things in a storage unit?

Keeping your storage unit nice and organized can be simple with a little system. You should make sure anything you store in your unit is packed up properly and stacked according to weight (heaviest boxes on bottom, lightest boxes on top). To help you sort through your belongings in the boxes, make sure they are clearly labeled on the outside.

How can I keep bugs out of my storage unit?

Make sure you choose diligently when you are looking around at potential storage facilities. You want to find one that has regular pest control, and you’ll want to make sure you don’t do things like keep any food or anything else that could attract any potential pests into your storage unit, along with doing what you can to keep it clean and visit it often to check on your stuff.

Should I store my things by my old home or my new one?

If you’re moving out of state, you might wonder if you should store your stuff nearer your current home or your newer one. It might be easier for you to find a storage facility near your current home, and this way, when the time comes for your big move, all you have to do is load up the remainder of the stuff from your unit into the moving truck, and be on your way to your new home.

Keep Your Stuff Safe Until You’re Ready For It

Having access to storage during a move is a great way to have peace of mind that certain items are going to be safe while you’re transporting your stuff across the country, or even storing things away while your home is being staged for a sale.

Whatever you need storage for, you can be sure that a quality storage unit will keep your stuff nice and safe for you until you are ready for it again.