How To Find Affordable Moving Companies In Our Area

How To Find Affordable Moving Companies In Our Area
Summary: Finding an affordable mover to handle your move only ensures that your move will be carried out in the most efficient way. Start your hunt for cheap movers ASAP · Ask around for a reliable recommendation, request in-home price estimates, compare the various moving quotes and more. Read on!

Moving at amazingly cheap rates is, most definitely, the case of a moving scam. Low-ball moving estimates aimed to draw you into the trap. When you are offered something for nothing by people (or when you are offered too cheap rates for moving with a professional moving company), they are likely going to scam you. So, what then can you do?

Talking about cost-saving methods during a household move, finding affordable moving companies, or hiring a cheap cross-country moving company is your best option if you plan to move to a new home for a cheaper cost.

The question is – how can you locate affordable movers or cheap cross country movers? How can you select a moving company that renders quality services at fair prices? Remember, when you are looking for affordable Movers, you are looking for both good deals and quality services.

The helpful guide here will provide you guidance all through the entire process of hiring the best affordable movers in your area.

Simple Steps to Find Affordable Moving Companies

To find affordable moving companies that also offer good services, you must get trustworthy recommendations, check the reputation of the moving company, make a list of three or four movers that seem perfect for your moving needs, ask for on-site estimates from them for the moving costs (in addition to the online quote you will get), talk about the unique requirements of your move, and analyze and make a comparison of the offers.

Below are steps to find affordable movers in your area:

1. Begin your Search for Affordable Moving Companies ASAP

Begin to get referrals and reach out to recommended movers at least 1 – 2 months before your moving date. If you are performing a move during summer, you should give more notice. The purpose is to contact affordable and quality moving companies that will offer quality services you need, at a reasonable rate. And, as you can think of, demand for such movers will be high even before the actual start of the relocation season. And while the reason for that is clear, it improves the sense of urgency in locating cheap interstate moving companies before they are completely booked out.

2. Get Recommendation

One of the important tasks when finding cheap local movers is that you can’t predict the one that will be both cheaper and reliable. Understand that every moving company in the market will claim to be the best. However, what they say about themselves doesn’t matter but what others are saying about them is the most important thing you need to consider when searching for an affordable and quality moving company.

Word of mouth advert is the best; you should know that someone who recommends a mover is sure to have enjoyed the moving experience with the company. So, if a lot of people sing of the same moving company, this can only mean one thing, the moving company seems to always deliver a great job. Ask your friends, colleagues, family, and neighbors if they can recommend a moving company with reasonable relocation rates.

3. Ask for In-Home Estimates

Ask for price calculation from many movers and compare the offers you receive to pick the one that will work with your tight budget. Even though it may sound easy, the process of price estimation sure has its specifics. A professional and trusted moving company will come with a detailed, written moving estimate that contains all charges (including taxes). Run from a moving company that won’t show you how they calculate the price.

4. Make a Comparison of Different Moving Estimates

This is the moment of truth: after receiving different price quotes from different moving companies (whether friend-recommended or top-rated), now is the time to make a comparison of their offers so you can select the winning bid. Naturally, the first thing your instinct will lead you to do is to check the overall price. And that is normal since you are trying to relocate with as little money as you can spend. You should not focus your attention only on the price of the moving estimates you received.

Finding the cheapest mover in your area involves strict comparison among the cost estimates you received. Pay special focus to the extra services and each of their rate – any additional service that is needed to complete the job, from packing, temporary storage, unpacking, and furniture disassembly, as well as highly specialized ones like hoisting, crating, and shuttle services.

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5. Research the Winner Comprehensively

To select the good affordable moving company for your next move, you need to gather a lot of information as possible about the mover; how they take care of the move, and the fees they charge. Your best chance at asking questions you need answers to is when the moving company representatives are in your home to perform a visual inspection.

Ensure you take the opportunity to interview them and determine:    

  • The full name, phone numbers, address, e-mails, and website address of the company
  • The USDOT number and/or MC license number of the moving company
  • How long the company has been performing moves;
  • The kind of liability coverage the company provide;
  • If the moving company will move your belongings themselves or hire subcontractors to perform the job;
  • The services they include in their moving estimate;
  • The services they charge as extra and the amount they charge for them;
  • The advance payments they request as well as their cancellation policy;
  • Their accepted payment methods;
  • If you are allowed to pack items yourself and if they will take liability for items you packed yourself;
  • How long it will take to complete your move;
  • If they can give exact pick-up and delivery dates;
  • What they will do if your shipments didn’t arrive on the pre-scheduled date and time;
  • Any other thing you want so that you can make a perfect decision about your movers and guarantee your peace of mind.

Now that you have the entire information you need as well as the binding moving estimates offered by your local movers, you can check and analyze the offers and choose your option.

6. Know the Average Moving Costs

Definitely, your greatest goal should be to locate the most affordable moving company near you. However, how do you determine what is cheap and what is expensive if you don’t know the median moving cost which is the median cost that movers charge for the job? Moving costs are determined in varieties of factors.

When moving long distances, the scaled weight of the goods together with the distance between the two locations is used to figure out transportation costs. With a short-distance (local) move, the cost is determined by the number of hours and the number of workers needed to finish the move. Charges for extra services like packing, auto-transport, pet moving, and so on, should be separately indicated on your moving estimate. 

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7. Give your Negotiation Skills a Try

The greatest step to locating affordable long-distance moving companies, or cheap short-distance movers if you are moving locally, is to negotiate a better moving price with your selected movers. In most cases, prices of the moving company are negotiable as the overall cost itself will be based on many major factors – variables like the overall weight of the goods, the requested or required relocation services, and, yes, the moving company you choose.

Contact the movers to determine if you qualify for any price discounts – a student, first-time customer, early reservation, a returning customer, and ongoing promotions. Perform a quick internet search to determine if you can find related coupons to the moving company you plan to hire and if you can find such coupons, use them.

If a moving estimate is higher than your budget, then you should contact such a moving company and let them know you want to hire them if only they are willing to reduce their quoted price. Telling them that you’ve gotten a better offer from another company is another way to have movers reduce their quoted price.

8. Check Other Options

Understanding that hiring an affordable moving company is just one way to save money during a move is very important. It is among the most effective options but you should add the cost-saving methods of using a cheap mover with other cost-saving techniques to further reduce the moving cost.

Together with finding and hiring an affordable mover, below are other things you should do to reduce your moving expenses to the lowest:   

  • Optimize: The amount of the household belongings you are relocating to the new home plays a major role in how cheap your move may be. Try to optimize your stuff to reduce cost.
  • Reduce cost of moving supplies: Get free boxes from family, neighbors, friends, or local businesses to reduce your packing expenses. Use free packing supplies and alternative packing materials to further reduce the overall moving cost

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  • Employ self-packing: Pack up your belongings by yourself and maybe have a few of your family or good friends helped you so you can save money on hiring professional packers.

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It is easy to find moving companies; finding affordable moving services is not so difficult as well, but finding affordable and quality state-to-state moving companies is a bit challenging. Fortunately, there is an easy way for you to beat the difficulties – you only need to follow the helpful tips above and you will surely hire the cheapest and the best moving company for your move.

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