How To Deep Clean Your New House Before You Move In

How To Deep Clean Your New House Before You Move In
Summary: Moving into a new home is like making a fresh start. Before moving into a new space, use this checklist to clean the entire house efficiently and perfectly. We also discussed how much it cost to have a pre-move cleaning.

Once you make the decision to move, your mind may start immediately racing and wondering what you should do to make sure your new home is prepped and ready to move in.

One of the most important things you should do in order to prepare for your move-in is to clean your new home before you officially move in. If you are using out-of-state movers, you should try your best to prep your home for move-in to make their job easier and minimize how much they charge you.

It is likely that the previous residents will do a surface clean in the home, but it is unlikely that they will take the time to deep clean. You have to consider which areas of a home are not frequently cleaned due to being overlooked or too difficult to reach.

Some examples of areas of your home that you should deep clean are:

Stovetop and oven

A common thing that people forget to deep clean in their homes is the burners on a stovetop. Often, oil and crumbs get stuck on the burner and can cause a burning smell or even a fire while you’re cooking.

Even more, people often forget to clean the inside of their oven. This is not only a hygienic concern but a major safety concern since oil and crumbs that collect at the bottom of an oven come in close contact with fire and can cause a full-blown fire or even an explosion.

Behind the refrigerator

It may be cumbersome, but you should consider moving your refrigerator in order to clean up behind it. You don’t want dust to collect behind or below somewhere where you store your food- it is a hazard to your health and wellness.

Top shelves of a closet

The top shelves of a closet seem so far out of reach that it is likely that you won’t even think to clean them. But, these shelves can accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, and dander.

Deep clean or change toilet seats

At the very least, you should deep clean the toilet in your new home. If you want to be more thorough, you can even buy new toilet seats and swap them out with the old ones to ensure that your toilet is as clean as can be.

Deep clean or change air filters

You never know if the previous residents in your home were heavy smokers or had animals that shed a lot and kick up a lot of dust particles.

Air filters can hold a lot of these particles and will blow them back into the air through the vent. You can remove the vent filters and clean them and you can even buy brand new filters.

Spray for insects and pests

You never know if the old residents of your home were plagued by insects and pests, so it is best to spray your house with deterrent spray to keep pests away.

Of course, it is a lot of work to tackle all of these tasks on your own, so you may want to consider finding a company that specialized in cleaning newly vacated homes so don’t have to!

You can tell them the areas of your home that you want to be cleaned, but if they are true experts with experience in cleaning and prepping a new home for move-in, then they will probably already know what you want to be cleaned, and they even may know to clean areas you didn’t even think of!

What is the first thing to do when moving into a new house?

There are many things you should do when you move into a new home, but some things should be done sooner than others including the following.

  • Set up utilities: Before fully moving in, you should set up your utilities so all of your electricity and water is up and running for when you finally settle into your new home.
  • Change the locks: For safety reasons, you need to change your locks sooner rather than later. Make sure to make copies of the new key for emergency situations.
  • Check the windows: Similarly, you want to make sure all windows close and lock the right way for safety. Even more, if the home does not come equipped with window screens, then you may want to consider installing them yourself to prevent a break-in and deter pests from entering your home if you like to have your windows open.
  • Organize boxes: If you are already in the process of moving and if packages are slowly being shipped and delivered to your home it may seem easiest to stack them all in the living room. However, it is best to organize your boxes based on the room supplies that are packed into the boxes so you know where to find the items you are looking for in the room that you are in.

How can I bring good luck to a new house?

A great way to bring luck to your new home is by cleansing it as best as you can.

To begin, you should cleanse your home by physically cleaning it- it’s good luck to be rid of old dirt and dust.

You can also light candles and sage to cleanse the general atmosphere. The out-with-the-old and in-with-the-new philosophy applies here- by purifying the atmosphere you are getting rid of any negative energy that could be lingering from your home’s previous residents.

Some people believe that repainting your front door is a great way to invite luck into your home. By painting over the past, you are making the home truly yours and inviting in positive new experiences.

Even more, you can make your home lucky by picking a particular move-in date! You want to check the weather to make sure that it isn’t raining on the day you decide to move in- this is bad luck!

You also want to avoid moving on a Friday. Even if it’s easier to move on a night where you don’t have work the next day, moving on a Thursday is considered a good omen.

Should I clean the carpet before moving in?

If your new home has carpeting, then you may be wondering whether or not you should deep clean the carpets before moving into your new home.

It is reasonable to think that it is fruitless to clean your carpet before moving in since so many people will be walking all over it during the moving process.

However, there is no better time to deep clean a carpet than when your home is completely empty. It is nearly impossible to clean every square inch of your carpet when you have furniture, so it is best to deep clean your carpet before you begin moving in your possessions.

If you find that your carpet suffers from wear and tear while you are moving into your home, you can always spot clean the areas that were dirtied. This is far easier than moving around furniture after the move-in process is completed.

How much does a move-in cleaning cost?

If you want to deep clean your home to bring yourself good luck by getting rid of old dirt and dust, you may be overwhelmed by how much there is to do! There are so many nooks and crannies for you to clean when you are moving into a new home.

Luckily, there are cleaning companies that specialize in deep cleaning a home to prepare for new residents. Of course, pricing for move-in cleaning services varies for a multitude of reasons.

  • Home size: If you are moving into a large home, then it will likely cost you more money to get your home cleaned before you move in.
  • Level of cleaning required: If the previous residents left your new home in very poor condition, then it may cost you extra money to get your home professionally cleaned because the cleaners will have a lot of extra work compared to a home in average condition.
  • Special requests: If you are very particular in how you want your home to be cleaned, then this may cost you extra money, as well. It is likely that the cleaning company has a specific way of doing things to maximize efficiency, and if you add in special requests they may need to re-strategize and pay extra attention to detail, ultimately causing them to spend extra time cleaning your home.

With these things in mind, the average cleaning cost for a move-in cleaning is around $300 but this figure is not necessarily what you should expect to pay. If your home is small and in good condition then you can expect to pay around $250. On the other hand, if your home is large and in poor condition then you should be prepared to pay upwards of $500.

While it may seem like a lot of time and a lot of money goes into cleaning your home before moving in, you should remember that how well you prepare your home before move-in sets the atmosphere that will radiate through your home for years to come.