How To Compare Quotes When Moving State to State?

How To Compare Quotes When Moving State to State
Summary: Save time and money by comparing moving quotes and guaranteed prices from the best moving companies online. How do you go about it? We've got you covered! Read our guide on how to compare moving quotes when moving state to state.

Moving is a costly process that involves a lot of time as well as energy. When you begin to plan the move, you will discover the complexity of changing home.

Though it is an overwhelming task, fortunately, you can hire a moving company to perform the problematic aspects of the move for you. This mostly makes the move painless and stress-free.

Our experts at Pricing Van Lines have the right means of getting you the perfect state-to-state moving companies.

While we recommend movers to you, calculating the cost of the move may be confusing for you. This is the main reason for this post.

You first need to understand the factor for determining and making a comparison between moving quotes to get the best moving quote.  What do you understand by moving quotes?

What is a Moving Quote?

The purpose of a moving quote is to give those who are moving, an idea of what their cost of moving will be.

The number of money people will have to spend on their move is the principal basis of their worry. However, you don’t have to worry. Each moving company is under obligation to provide their potential clients a moving quote at no charge.

This is the best way of finding out whether you will have enough financial capability to hire the moving company to perform the move.

It is important to note that every company provides its prices, so you will want to locate the one that gives the best price.

Therefore, if you are looking for interstate movers, remember to ask for a moving quote before you sign a moving contract.

Factors that affect your Moving Quote

To make a price comparison, you first need to calculate your shipment list. If you are relocating home, you need to sort out your household items and take their measurement.

If you are moving items like a heavy piece, a pool table, or a piano, you should inform the movers.

You will have more chances of obtaining an accurate moving estimate when you provide more details.

By making two or more comparison of moving companies before you hire them, you will possibly save some money on your move.

When you start making a moving budget, just be sure to gather the entire necessary document for the move. Based on your relocation distance, you might need to spend some extra costs based on your move.

When your document is all set, you can begin to make a moving plan and a moving budget.

Below are some of the most popular factors that will influence the overall price of your move:

  • Your moving distance
  • Size of the shipment
  • Your moving timeline
  • The moving service you choose
  • Extra services, such as packing and unpacking

Step-by-Step Moving Quotes Comparison

Now that we’ve discussed the basics of moving quotes, we can now learn how to make comparisons.

If you still don’t get the importance of moving quote comparison, let us shed some light on it.

To get a moving company that will offer you the best, you will need to make a moving quote comparison obtained from different movers. Each moving company provides their prices, and this will enable you to get the one that perfectly suits you and your budget.

So, how do you find the best moving company that charges the most reasonable price? 

Step 1: Find a Minimum of Two Reliable Moving Companies

When you are searching for moving companies, you will want to get a minimum of 2 or 3 reliable companies and make a comparison. When you have more choices to pick from, you will be able to look for a company that will meet your specific need.

Stopping your research immediately you discover one that has good customer reviews will stop you from making price and service comparisons with those offering other better services. 

It is important to screen your search to a minimum of two moving companies so you can make moving quotes comparison. But how do you make sure you can rely on a company?

Well, this can be done by performing rigorous research. For instance, you will need to check the company’s information, look up the USDOT number online, so you can be sure a company is properly licensed, insured, and has good online reviews. This will help you screen out potential moving scammers.    

Step 2: Compare Movers’ Reviews

Immediately you screen down your search and select your top three movers, make a comparison of ratings and reviews. However, you can’t solely rely on everything you read online.

People sometimes write too good or bad things on purpose. Therefore, you will need to know how to screen out fake online moving reviews before making a comparison of moving companies.

You will want to figure out the moving company’s conduct during the move, whether they were on time or late, lazy or hard-working, did the moving went as planned, and so on.

You can also make the right decision in choosing the right company for your move by seeking other people’s experience.  

Step 3: Make a Comparison of the Services and their Price

It is important to opt for the moving that can offer moving services for you at the most affordable price. Therefore, before you compare moving quotes, ask your moving companies about the services they can offer you.

Remember to request their price. This will enable you to make a price comparison of one moving company with the prices of other companies. You already have found a reliable moving company, so the final step will be to find the affordable one.

Moving Quotes vary from One Mover to Another

You need to understand that moving quotes are provided by each company and so it differs; hence, you may not have an equal comparison. That is why it can be very confusing to collect a moving quote from relocation companies.

While one moving company calculating the moving based on the weight of your shipment, the other is calculating based on the moving distance. The quote from moving companies that offer full service will be so different for a shot and long-distance move.  

Let’s take a look at moving quotes for different types of moves

Moving Quotes for an Interstate Move

When we are on the topic of long-distance moving, lots of companies are using shipment as the basis for determining moving quotes. Trustworthy moving companies will provide you the most accurate moving estimate possible.

Until the shipment is measured on the scale, you possibly will not know the total weight of the belongings. Yet, a moving company under-estimates the weight, which implies that the customer’s move will be more expensive.

That is why it is so important that the moving company’s representatives perform an in-house estimation of your household items before they provide you a moving quote. After talking about measurement, the bill can be a bit higher, but not much.

Inviting about four different companies to come to your home and perform a moving estimate is great advice. Just ensure that all the moving estimates are based on similar weight.

If the moving estimates from some movers are different by being staggering lower than the others, which implies that there is something uncertain. Removing such companies from the list of your potential moving companies is a good way to prevent moving scams.  

Moving Quotes for a Local Move

It is often easier to understand those moving quotes since they are determined by constant variables. The weight of the shipment can differ, but labor or materials estimation cannot. You can also prevent additional charges when moving with the following useful tips.

The following are the factors for determining moving quotes for the local move:

  • The moving truck’s size
  • Number of movers
  • Time
  • Materials

When you are moving a short distance, the moving company will take the number of movers, the required materials as well as the size of the truck into consideration when determining an hourly rate.

The time-traveling from the old home to the new one and back to their location is also chargeable. Yet, sometimes, you will obtain an hourly rate for your moving quote. During a local move, remember that weekends, end of the month, and moving in the peak season generally cost more.

Pick the perfect type of moving estimates when making moving quotes comparison.

Regardless of whether weight, distance, number of movers, or the time needed to perform the move will be the basis to which the move is charged, the type of moving estimate is important. You can easily make moving quotes comparisons when you have a similar estimate at hand.

Below are three types of moving estimates that you can choose from when hiring your local moving company:

Non-Binding Estimate

This type of moving estimate should not be your first choice when shopping for a moving quote. In general, you will estimate your shipment’s weight, and the moving company will give you a final cost. However, since this is not binding, you will have to pay for the exceeding weight if it is beyond estimate.

The issue with this type of quote is not only in payment but in whether you were planning for it or not. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says that you are given up to a month to pay the charges if you don’t have enough money to pay once.  

Binding Estimate

This estimate type is much better than the non-binding estimate. Firstly, you will pay the agreed price upfront. This is only ideal if your household goods weigh a bit beyond estimated. You will know the cost of your move in advance and this will enable you to have enough time to get ready and also know what to plan for.

However, if the weight of your item is less than the initial estimate, you will then have to pay for the original price.

So, the point here is to have the right estimate of the weight of your household belongings done by the moving company. This is one of the important steps of the moving guide to reducing the stress of your move.  

Binding Not-To-Exceed Estimate

This is certainly the best choice for moving estimates. It presents the entire benefits of the binding moving estimates, but also some of its own. The binding-not-to-exceed moving estimate enables you to know the price from the start.

If your items’ weight surpasses the previously estimated weight, you will not have to pay the added price. But, if your shipment weighs less, you will have to just pay for the shipping cost. This implies that you will not pay for the full amount if your shipment does not weigh as estimated earlier.


If you are making a moving quote comparison, you should know the things to look out for. You should endeavor to get the most reasonable quote available based on the type and involvement of your move.

Ensure you don’t go into contracts with moving companies that refuse to provide an estimate of your moving costs. These companies usually promise the lowest moving price but later request money for extra moving costs.

Finally, a moving quote is the best way to plan your moving budget and save yourself from many moving problems.

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