How to Stay Happy and Sane During a Move

Ways to Stay Happy and Sane During a Move - Pricing Van Lines
Summary: Everyone knows moving home is one of the most stressful things in life. The good news is – there's actually quite a lot you can do to stay happy and sane throughout the move. This moving advice will help you get ready to move, and keep your sanity during the move.

Moving can be stressful and overwhelming because of the enormous tasks that is involved and it can be more devastating if you are moving for the wrong reasons like as a result of a natural disaster or a job transfer that you are unhappy with. The challenge now is how to stay positive regardless of whatever reasons prompted your need to move so that you do not transfer the negative anxiety or frustration to other people like your movers or even your family.

The stress is part of the moving process and how well you are able to manage it will go a long way in determining how happy or sane you will be in the course of your entire moving experience.

Best Ways to Stay Happy During a Move

You need to handle your emotions maturely so that you can always make the best out of the circumstances before you. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can stay sane happy before, on, and after your move.

1. Start early

There is no substitute for starting early ahead of time so that you don’t have to get to your destination late. Setting out early will help you to avoid the daily rush and you can work under more favorable weather conditions. The day you make the decision that you are moving is the day you should start making all the necessary preparation to ensure you will have a hassle-free move. For example, packing usually takes longer than you anticipate especially if you are doing the parking yourself. It is better to start packing things that you don’t use on a regular basis or things that you might not need months or weeks till the day you will move. Park clothes that you will not wear anytime soon, kitchen gadgets you will not use anytime soon, and other home décor items among other things that you probably don’t use frequently.

2. Have a checklist

Having a checklist or a to-do list is the right way to have a solid plan that will keep you organized in place. Trying to keep a list of things you need to get done can drive you insane. Hence, it is recommended and more effective to have these things to be done written down and attach a time frame to each task, this will help you to stay on track and ahead of time. You will relief yourself of a lot of stress by having a checklist because you can track how much progress you are making and you can rest assured and confident that you have done the things that matter and you have an idea of the time and day you need to get other things that matter on your list is done.

3. Prioritize

Prioritize the tasks on your list based on the circumstances you have at hand. Make sure the important things needed to be done are on top of your list and gets the most attention.

4. Hire an experienced moving company

The need to hire the best and experience moving company around cannot be overemphasized. The success and failure of your move are centered around making the right choice of a moving company that is reliable and able to get things working on the day you move. It starts from arriving early enough, having enough movers on the ground, having a seamless transport of your belongings to your new home, unloading as fast as possible, and getting your belongings into your new home.

In order to get or hire the best movers around read reviews about the best moving companies around, invite the possible moving company to your home for an in-house inspection, this will enable them to have a good idea of what your move entails and it is based on this they can give you a fair quote, compare the quotes from these moving companies and make a decision on which one of them to hire.

Hiring the right moving company can go a long way in keeping you happy and sane during your move even if the reason for the move is not what you like. This will help you keep a positive attitude and you will be able to better manage the stress involved without transferring any negative emotion to anyone around you during your move.

5. Accept stress as part of the process

You have to come with terms that stress is part of the moving process, this will help to prepare your mind ahead on how you will best manage the stress involved. Once you understand this part, you already know that you will be stressed but you can manage it by starting small and having a concrete move plan in place. When the stress eventually comes, with this kind of mindset, you will not see it as a set back because your mind is prepared for it.

6. Pack strategically

Do not just pack your belongings blindly, have a strategic plan on how you are going to pack your belongings. Make sure you have related items in the same box and label the box accordingly for easy identification. When you can easily identify what the contents of a box are, then sorting the items becomes piecemeal. You can go a step further by also indicating on the boxes, the rooms where the contents in each box will be unloaded and arranged. Strategical and logical packing will go a long way in helping you to settle down fast and put things in the right places when you get to your new home.

7. Invest in quality supplies

Every penny spent on getting quality supplies will be well worth it in the end. Get dolly carts, bubble wrap, bins, and sturdy boxes; you can buy, borrow, or even get some of these supplies for free. Quality supplies will help to keep your belongings safe, make things organized, and makes packing a lot easier. With sturdy boxes, you are guaranteed that your belongings are safe and will not get damaged in the process of transporting them from one location to another.

8. Be independent

Do not bank or over-rely on people who promise to come around and help you on or before the day you move. You never can tell who will keep to their promises and who will not. Have other contingency plans in place to take care of plans that may fail, make sure you are not overly dependent on people helping you out, you can’t count on them until they show as some might even end up not showing up at all. Hence, it is important that you are independent in the way and manner you plan your move.

9. Manage human resources well

For those friends and families who keep to their promise by showing up, make sure you manage them well by getting all hands on deck and make sure they go about doing things the right way so that things don’t get complicated. Ask people who come around to help what they will be willing to do in order to know where they will best be of help. This will help you to ensure you manage people effectively as possible.

10. Keep important items safe

Make sure all the things you need the most like your laptop, jewelry, and pills are kept in a special place or box that is well secured. Or you can go even a step further by storing them in a safe at the nearest bank. Or have a trustworthy family member handle them. This is help to ensure that you do not lose any of your valuables in transit.

11. Throw away trashes

One opportunity moving offers you is the chance of getting rid of old clutter, and junks items that you do not need anymore and may constitute dirt in your home or even add to the weight of items to be moved into your new home. You can as well get rid of items that are capable of bringing back bad memories even if it means you have to get new ones to replace these items. It really will be worth it because it helps you avoid the sad memories that may make you unhappy. It is better for you to get rid of these things when you pack because if you have to wait till when you unpack you would have spent extra bucks in moving them all along to your new home.

12. Create time for yourself

Do not be carried away with the moving plans that you forget to create time to take good care of yourself. Carve out time despite your busy schedule to take rest, meditate, and cater for your personal needs. This will help to get you refreshed and reinvigorated to get up and stay active the next day.

13. Look ahead

Whenever you feel like you are beginning to worry about the whole experience and it seems like you are being overwhelmed. Take off that negative thought by looking ahead, focusing on how you are looking forward to designing your new home, how it’s going to look beautiful and even better than the home you are vacating. Keep a positive attitude by imagining what the new set up of your home will be and how it is going to all look glamorous and exciting to behold.

14. Stay focused

Avoid distraction by making sure you have your items in the right places and make sure they are secured as well. If you have once suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the past, you need to be careful to handle with less anxiety so that you can better manage your emotions and well-being as you oversee the entire logistics proceedings.

15. De-stressing techniques

There are some de-stressing techniques you can employ, let’s take a look at a few of them;

  • Exercise properly

Create time to exercise, by running, walking, playing a sport or go for a yoga session a few days in the week to stay fit ahead of your move.

  • Give yourself a treat

Take some time out to give yourself a treat while you are planning your move. You can go for a massage, a hot bath, have lunch time with friends, and read magazines.

  • Read books

Relax as a way of reading a book at bedtime a day before your upcoming move to take off your mind off the stress that you envisage.

  • Take deep breaths

It is scientifically proven that taking deep breaths help to reduce overall stress levels. Inhale deeply through your nostrils and out through your mouth a couple of times. Do this several times daily, it will help you to better manage the stress.

  • Unplug

Take off your eye off the screens including the TV and your phone just to relax and have a great time.

The good news about the entire moving experience is that just like every other thing that has a beginning and ending, moving also has a beginning and ending, and after the whole delivery of your belongings to your new home you can take a sigh of relief. Hence, it is important that you remain happy, keep a positive attitude, and ensure your sanity is intact so that you can have enough energy left to put things in their right place and right rooms. The truth is that; you will still have to be putting things together for a couple of weeks or even months as setting things into place is not what you will conclude in a day. You keep tweaking things around until you perceive they are in their perfect location in your new home.

Above all, make sure you hire the best moving companies around if you are not doing the move yourself.