How Much Does it Cost to Move a Mobile Home 60 Miles?

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Mobile Home 60 Miles?
Summary: Full-service mobile home moves of about 60 miles with the inclusion of disconnect, reconnect and transport will cost an average of $3,000 – $5,000 for a single-wide unit. Those averages will increase if you are moving triple-wide home. You can budget right with these tips.

A mobile home can be a great investment for your life. It is a haven, a home to provide you with shelter as well as being easy to move should you ever decide to pick up and move somewhere else.

Do you have a mobile home you’re thinking about moving out to greener pastures?

Moving is never something people generally look forward to, but it can be a lot easier with some planning and information fresh in your brain beforehand. This is especially true if you can set a budget and stick to it. Once you have a budget in mind and a good idea of what your move will cost, you’ll be ready to search for mobile home movers near me to get started on the process of getting your mobile home moved.

Identifying the Cost

First and foremost, the one thing you should always keep in mind is that there is never anyone answer when it comes to the price of moving a mobile home. Whether you’re moving locally or long distance, all professional moving companies out there will have their own pricing for moving services, labor, and any additional fees to consider (such as special moving services like utility disconnection).

Whether you’re looking at a long distance move or looking for costs for short-distance moves (60 miles or less), you’ll find that trying to estimate an exact price can be tough.

Does that mean that it may be hard for you to estimate your move’s cost? Not necessarily. Call up any local moving companies that offer mobile home moving services and tell them your specific circumstances.

The factors that will go into pricing your move will be:

Size of the mobile home 

How big or small is your mobile home? Size is one of the biggest factors many movers take into account when they are pricing transporting a mobile home. For example, a single wide will be simpler and cheaper to move than a double wide. 

The distance it’s going 

Just like you have to pay for gas in your personal vehicle, how far the move is will be another big factor that goes into your estimate. As is to be expected, shorter distance moves will be much cheaper than if you are moving across the country. 


Labor is something that will also go into your move. Shorter distance moves may have labor priced by the hour, while a long-distance move may have a set estimate in mind. Be sure to work any specifics out with your contractor to decide on the best pricing and course of action for your particular move.

As you can see, there are plenty of different factors that go into deciding what your move will cost. Since no one moving company is the same as the next, you can expect to get several different estimates if you contact several different moving companies. The trick is to find the moving company that works best within your budget and sticking to that budget.

Acquiring the Right Permits

Moving a mobile home is no small feat, and you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that there’s probably a moving permit or two that you will need to secure to be compliant with local laws and ordinances when you get your move underway.

You’ll need to brush up on the local ordinances of any state you’re going through to ensure you have the proper permits. In some areas, you may need to ensure you have an escort from a pilot car service (also known as a guide car) or the local highway patrol. If you don’t handle this important task ahead of time, you may risk accruing penalties and fines in several jurisdictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving a mobile home is not the easiest feat to accomplish, and as such, it comes as no surprise if you have some questions about the process. Here are some of the most common questions about moving mobile homes, so check here to see if your question has already been answered.

What processes go into moving a mobile home? 

Several processes go into the safe movement of your mobile home, including preparing the home before and after moving, securing the windows and doors, moving it across major highways, and more. 

Do you always need a permit to move a mobile home?

This depends largely on the states, counties, and towns you’re moving through, but for the most part, it is always safe to ensure you’re familiar with the local moving laws and ordinances.

Is it hard to move a mobile home?

Moving mobile homes isn’t that difficult if you have a decent moving budget and have some professional movers to help you out, but it is not something you can do by simply hooking your home to the back of your truck and taking off.

There are a lot of intricacies to moving a mobile home, and it is important that you follow them so you make sure you are within the law during your move, and also to guarantee the safe delivery and setup of your mobile home on your new property.


Moving a mobile home is not the easiest task to deal with, but that doesn’t mean it has to be inherently difficult, either. With the right moving company, a good budget, a solid plan, and making sure you have every detail of the move ironed out, and then moving a manufactured home can be a simple and efficient process.

Whether you’re taking your mobile home to a new off-grid set up in the woods or a mobile home park, knowing how to properly execute your move can go a long way in making it happen.