How Much Does it Cost to Move a Couch?

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Couch?
Summary: There are options for moving a couch. Explore your choices, costs and what to expect for local or long-distance couch moving services.

If you want to move a couch, you’re going to be looking at spending at least $70 for a local move and $400 on average for a long-distance move. Of course, the price will vary depending on your circumstances.

Deciding whether you should pack up the couch or leave it can be hard, as oftentimes the couch is the largest and heaviest item in a home. They’re also pretty expensive, which can make leaving them in your old home seem like a bad investment. However, moving couches can sometimes be just as expensive as buying a new one.

So, what should you do with your couch and how much will it cost to move it to your new house?

Should You Transport Your Couch?

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you should transport the couch to your new home in the first place. The good thing is that this becomes an easier decision once you know exactly what you can expect to pay to get your couch to its newly planned location.

Our tip is that you think about whether it makes sense to have the couch moved without thinking about the overall costs or the cost of your move. This will allow you to simply figure out if it is logical or not and what the best course of action is for your household. Some of the questions you should ask include:

  • How much is the couch worth?
  • Is the couch made by a well-known brand?
  • Is the couch an antique piece?
  • Did you receive it as a gift from someone special?
  • How well preserved is the furniture piece?
  • Is the couch in good condition overall?
  • Is buying a new couch something that will be done in the near future?

When you’re assessing the couch and answering these questions, consider the facts without any attention to the costs. Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll have a clearer idea of what you want to do with your couch.

Costs to Move a Couch Locally

There are a few scenarios you may find yourself in when it comes times to move, so let’s go over them: moving the couch by yourself, renting a moving van, and hiring local movers.

  • Moving a couch by yourself can be pretty easy and cost-effective if you have your own vehicle to transport it, like a pickup truck or a large SUV. However, if not, you can see if a friend will let you borrow their vehicle. This means all you’ll have to do is load the couch and pay for gas.
  • Renting a moving van is another option if you don’t have access to a personal vehicle large enough for the couch. The van rental will depend on several factors, but you get the added bonus of bringing along other items you may need moved. You’ll need to pay for the rental period, parking fees, road tolls, vehicle insurance, and other costs.
  • Hiring local movers can be a good choice, as there are many small-load local moving companies that provide services. Let them know the dimensions of your item and they’ll quote a price or you. If you have other items to move, remember that you will be subject to the hourly rate of movers.

When you move a couch on your own, you will only be paying for fuel costs. When renting a moving van, you will pay an average of $30 each day of the rental along with a mileage fee. In general, hiring local movers will cost about $70 an hour and you may be required to pay a minimum hours’ fee.

Costs to Move a Couch Long Distance

Moving a couch over a long distance is a bit different than completing a local move. Long-distance or cross-country moving companies provide quotes based on several factors and are typically more expensive than hiring local movers. However, your couch will be in the best care and protection with long-distance movers.

On average, the costs of moving a couch long distance will come in at about $400 depending on different factors. The distance you move, for example, plays a large role in the costs as the longer you must travel the more you will pay.

Weight of items is another factor, as heavier items cost more to be transported. The dimensions are calculated as well, as items that take up more space will cost more because they prevent movers from taking on the load they ideally want.

Another consideration is the condition of the couch, as antiques are more fragile and require more care and precautionary measured to prevent damage. Delivery timeframes also play a role, as movers will need to ensure that they can ship your items during the designated timeframe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I move heavy things by myself?

If you want to move heavy items without professional help, you’re going to need some equipment and supplies. Moving straps, furniture dollies, and sliders will all be required and you need to use proper form to avoid injury. Do not twist while lifting items, bend at the knees, and keep items close to you when carrying them.

Will movers be able to get around the corners in my home?

Not every home is ideal for moving large furniture pieces and you may be wondering how your couch fit into the room in the first place. Movers know exactly how to get your items in and out of the home, so they can handle moving your couch around tight turns and maneuvering around corners.

How do I get the house ready for furniture?

The main thing you should do when you get to your new home is clean so that any new furniture placed does not get dirty or dusty. Make sure walls are clear as well as flooring and the ceilings, as this could cause dust and dirt to fall onto furniture pieces and make them look old or dingy.

Ready To Move Your Couch?

When you’re ready and have decided on whether or not to move your couch, contact movers to get more information about what you should do and how to prepare. Get quotes and find the best local or long-distance moving company to get your couch transported quickly and safely.