How Can I Pack My House Fast?

Top 5 Ways To Pack Your Home Quickly
Summary: Moving day is coming faster than you thought it would. Here are some of our favorite tips for getting your home packed as quickly as you can.

Packing your home is already a big hassle – but if you have to do it in a hurry, it can be even more of a headache. The best way to pack your home quickly is to pay for packing services; they can typically finish packing a 2-to-3-bedroom home in an afternoon.

But some people don’t want to pay extra for packing services. How else can you make sure that your home gets packed up as quickly as possible? Our guide also has some tips on how to make that happen.

Pay for Packing Services

If you’re looking for speed, you can’t get much quicker than hiring your moving company to take care of packing services as well. These are experts in their field who know the ins and outs of packing, and they are able to do it very quickly.

In general, most packers are going to be able to get everything in your home packed up and ready to go within just a few hours. Larger homes (4+ bedrooms) may take most of an 8-hour workday, but it won’t often take more time than that.

Packing services do cost a bit of cash – in general, you’re going to pay an hourly rate based on the size of your home (number of bedrooms). Some affordable moving companies will give you a discount on packing services if you use their company for both packing and moving, so be sure that you ask about that as well.

Purge and Donate ASAP If You Can

Whether you’re hiring packers or doing it yourself, you want to start sorting items as quickly as you possibly can. You don’t want to get into a situation where you get to your new home, and you have a bunch of stuff that should have never gotten onto the truck in the first place.

Put everything that you don’t want or need into a pile and then schedule a time for a donation center to come and pick it up if they offer that service. Or find a family member with a van or truck and send it with them to the donation center. Also, be sure to take any waste to your local dump and or recycling center.

Use What You Have

Instead of running around all over the place to try and find moving supplies, you want to take some time and see what you can find in your home. Do you have empty baskets, buckets, and other such items? Use them as boxes.

Clean clothing and linens work really well when you want to pack fragile items. Put glasses and cups into clean socks so that they’re well-protected. And use your Tupperware to store smaller items that you may need to keep together for one reason or another.

Basically, it’s about being resourceful. If you have things that could be used in lieu of moving supplies, then you want to go ahead and use them. It’ll end up saving you time. Then, if you find that you need more, you can get stuff at that point.

Get Friends and Family On Board

The more people you have involved in your move, the easier that it’s going to be for you to complete everything within a reasonable amount of time. If you have family or friends who are willing to help, get them to come over and have a packing party.

This can be “killing two birds with one stone” so to speak. Many of those same friends and family will want to see you before you leave, and if they’re helping you with moving, you’re getting that done at the same time. Just be sure that you order pizza (or something else) and have plenty of drinks on hand for their help.

Come Back For It (If You Can)

If you need to get across the country for a job opportunity or to start school, you may find that you’re better off putting everything into storage and coming back for it later. If speed is essential, this process could take longer, but it may be easier and fit your schedule better.

This could also work if you have friends or family in the area you’re leaving. You may be able to pay them to get things done and load it into a moving pod so that it can get sent across the country to your new home. You just need to plan accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get packing supplies quickly?

 If you need packing supplies ASAP, then it’s best for you to go to your moving company or a shipping store to get them. Many of these places will offer what are known as moving kits. Moving kits have enough supplies (boxes, labels, etc.) for the average home, and they’re sized based on how many bedrooms are in your home.

Is it faster to move myself or hire a moving company for the move itself?

Long distance movers have years of experience and special tools that they can use in order to expedite the loading and unloading process. This means that they can get your move done more quickly, and you can take care of the other details that may need to be sorted out.

Do movers offer storage services?

Many moving companies have storage units for rent, as well. They can help you with a short-term agreement (where you pay by the day) or a long-term agreement (where you pay on a monthly basis). If you need a storage unit, ask the moving company you’re using and they may be able to give you a discount, too.

Get Started on Your Move Now

If you start the packing process now, you’re going to feel much less rushed when it comes time to actually pick up and move. Figure out a game plan and then start executing it so that you’re ready when moving day comes around.