How and What to Pack First When Moving

How and What to Pack First When Moving
Summary: The items that are purely for aesthetic purposes are good items to pack first when moving. This might include artwork, Knick Knacks, decor, books, and so on. Learn how pack these items for easy moving.

Packing is the most important and crucial part of moving. It is an unavoidable part of any and every residential move. Packing your stuff right is also important to keep it intact and in good condition during a move. To keep your belongings in right and safe condition, packing it with adequate protection is very much needed. Protective packing is mandatory as while moving the packed boxes are handled by many people in various conditions. Your things may get damaged while loading, unloading and/or placing.

Whenever we think of moving, packing is the most horrible of all the moving tasks. It is the most dreaded task as it is both time and energy-consuming. It takes days to pack an entire list of things accumulated in a household over a span of many years.

Hiring movers and packers for packing your stuff is a good idea though but at the same time, it will cost you a handsome amount of money. Although professional packers do take care of your belongings you may still stay in dark about the whereabouts of your important things. On the other hand, packing your stuff yourself will not only save money but will also make you more organized and you will be aware of the placement of your stuff.

So if you are deciding a DIY packing then you may feel overwhelmed even on the idea of it. Knowing what to pack first, makes your packing much easier than usual. And for a successful and organized packing, the two most important things that you should keep in mind are:

  • Need to sort and organize your stuff before packing
  • How much before a move, you should start packing

Sort & Organize:

Don’t just gather your stuff and start packing everything, instead, go to each room of yours and start sorting the stuff first. Sorting your stuff will not only save money but will also save a lot of your efforts and time. The more the stuff to move, the more money will be charged. So choosing not to take some stuff along will automatically save you money. Packing less stuff will also save a lot of packing material, thus money. It will also save a lot of time and effort that will be spent on packing.

Create a house inventory which should include a detailed list of all the items. Now, make two different inventories of wanted and unwanted stuff. Sort all the things on the basis of their usage and requirement and pack only that stuff which is really needed. Consider selling and/or donating all those things that you don’t need anymore. With the leftover things, you can make money by organizing a garage sale. Things that are not sold in the sale can be donated too.

When to Start Packing Before The Move?

When you sort your things and end up with the remaining important things that you have to pack, you will be half sorted to decide what to pack first. Starting packing early is the key to a successful and stress-free packing experience but at the same time, it may leave you in a dilemma that what to pack first as you cannot pack your daily essentials too early. The following are some things that you can consider packing in the beginning.

Items kept in the storage

The first and foremost things that you can consider packing first are items in the storage. Take out all the items kept in a storage unit and garage. These items are mostly already packed in boxes but don’t forget to open these boxes once and get rid of things that you do not want in the future. This way you will be left with fewer boxes to move.

Seasonal clothes

Seasonal clothes are the next thing you should pack in the beginning when moving. Seasonal clothes are also generally kept in a packaged form. These clothes will also not be needed immediately so when you will start packing, you can definitely pack them first which will make you more flexible to handle the more difficult parts of your home.

Fancy and Rarely Used Dishes and Utensils

You might not be thinking of hosting parties at your home during your moving days so another thing that you can pack in the beginning packing days is your fancy dinnerware. Fine china is also the perfect item to pack in the first boxes. Be careful while picking these items. Label these boxes clearly and post fragile on them. You can also pack all those big dishes and cookware that are rarely used. You can even consider using paper plates at home in the last days.

Artwork including wall hangings, picture frames, and other decorative material

Decorative items and artwork like wall hangings can also be packed in the beginning only. You definitely don’t need to keep your decorations up during your moving days and in fact, there are fair chances that you may forget them down on a moving day due to all those moving day chaos. You can avoid forgetting about these by prioritizing them and packing them first. 

Knick Knacks

Smaller stuff is always difficult to pack. You may feel overwhelmed if you will keep these for the last day. Even if you are very fond of these things and you like using it often, packing these knick-knacks first will be a good idea when moving. These smaller items may get scattered throughout your home to create a mess.

Extra Handlooms including towels and linens

Extra handloom including towels, cushions, and linens are the perfect things to pack first. Keeping your new stuff safe for your new place is definitely the right way. Keep a few and most needed linens and towels and pack all other stuff at the beginning of packing. You can also use some of your towels for filling in space between your fragile items packed in a carton.

Books and CDs

Keep a book or two handy to read during your moving days and pack all the rest of your books. Be sure that you have returned borrowed books if any to the library or friends who soever they belong to. Along with books, you can also consider packing all those electronic movies and game CDs at the beginning itself as you might not be able to spare time to watch a movie or play a game during your moving days.

Above said are a few things that you can consider packing at the start of your packing process. Let us now discuss how to make packing easy and ensure you have packed everything and that too efficiently.

Make a moving checklist is one of the best ways to ensure you do not miss on packing anything. you must make a room-wise packing list and jot down all the items that you have in your home. If you have belongings stored in a storage facility and are planning to move them along, add those items in the list as well. as you pack, check the items on the list and have the entire house packed in a well-organized way for safe transport.

What are the best Packing Tips

Once you get rid of unwanted stuff and are left with the things that you have to pack for moving, be sure to keep some points in mind to have a smooth packing experience:

  • Gather all the mandatory packing material to pack all your stuff safely which may include cardboard boxes, tape, brown paper, bubble wrap, markers, and zip bags.
  • Pack delicate items separately.
  • Pack heavy things in smaller boxes.
  • Keep all the smaller parts of bigger items in a zip pouch
  • Mark and label all the boxes either room-wise or item-wise
  • Fill in spaces in a cardboard box with towels and linens. This will not only save money but will also keep your fragile things safe.
  • Don’t forget to pack an essentials bag for the next day after a move.
  • Pack hangings clothes as it is in garbage bags. Packing them this way will make unpacking easier too.

Leave the things in the drawers as it is and secure them with tape to save them from unlocking while moving.