A Complete Guide to Survive a Cross Country Move

Summary: Moving can be both fun and challenging. But when your belongings have to make it hundreds of miles and survive bumpy roads, preparing takes a little more careful consideration. Here are the best survival tips you need for your cross-country moving adventure.

Changing places is a major decision whether you are moving around the block or to a new neighborhood across the town. However, when we talk about long-distance moves that include cross-country travel the anxiety and uneasiness rise to a whole new level. While short distances might change your zip code but they do not affect other major aspects of your lifestyle like cross-country move does.

You have to move to a new place, with new friends, and adapt to the changes with no time given. Things get really messed up because of this sudden change. However, there are many possible ways that allow you to make this cross-country transition easy and smooth for you to get in pace with your new address. Here are a few tips:

Hire Best Cross Country Movers to Enjoy Peace

You must already be dealing with a lot of things because you are moving to a distant place that has everything new in store for you. Amid this entire nerve-wracking situation, worrying about the reliability of the cross-country movers you are hiring is the last thing you will ever want.

To ensure you keep the stress and nervousness of a cross-country move to its minimum, you must invest in a professional packer and mover company that makes your move smooth. A company with significant experience in long-distance moves will come equipped with specialized equipment for the move as well as a plan for how to execute.

Research, analyses, and invests

When you hire a cross country moving company, you invest your hard-earned money in a reliable and experienced cross country mover. A little time invested in researching the best cross country mover will help you ensure that you are investing in the right company that will offer you high-quality services and ultimate peace of mind. Analyze the market, get quotes from different companies, talk with representatives and ask for references, connect with reverences and know about their experience, and more.

Make an advance booking with the right movers and packers

Often people underestimate the time and efforts required to pack an entire home before you finally move to a new place. If you have got the news that you have to move to a new address cross country, the first thing you should do is hire a reliable moving company. Waiting for the last minute to talk with packers and movers can cause you lots of time, effort and money. However, if their circumstances and you have to make a quick move, you must tell the movers in advance about the time-crunch so that they can make arrangements accordingly.

Hiring a reliable and experienced long distance moving company is the wisest decision to make while you are moving to a long-distance place. The experts can make your move smooth and help you cut down the stress and hassle of packing and moving the entire house. Hire a packer and mover diligently and you can rest back and relax while they move you home with finesse.

Cross Country Moving Tips for a Smooth Move

1. Reduce the Shipment as much as Possible

The cost of your cross country move is a lot dependent on the weight of your shipments. This implies that the more items you move, the more costly your move will attract. Considering that most cross country moves cost many thousands of dollars, you will want to save as much money as you can, whenever possible.

To reduce the load, we recommend giving away nicely-used belongings to Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Habitat for Humanity. You also can try to sell some items via a consignment store or online marketplace.

2. Divide and Conquer

Cross country moving is not easy especially with a family. However, having many additional sets of hands can be of help. As you start packing up your home, ask your partner and children to help you. We recommend teaching them the right ways to pack a box before they start the packing process.

School-age kids should be able to help with packing up each of their rooms. Ensure you pack items that are not essential or the ones you won’t need in the weeks before the move (like books and seasonal clothing), first. Leave essentials for last.

3. Make Advance Arrangements for Travel

Don’t save it until the final minute to book your travels. During a cross-country move, make sure you research and arrange the entire travel details at least four weeks or more in advance. From hotel bookings to airplane tickets, these travel schedules are important to make sure you have a successful move.

4. Get Quotes from a Minimum of 3-4 Moving Companies

Special services, pricing, and offerings differ from one mover to another. Make sure you interview up to four moving companies to make a comparison of quotes before you hire a moving company to handle the job. To get help on what to ask your movers during the interview, read How To Compare Quotes When Moving cross country?

5. Inspect to be certain that a Moving Company is Licensed and Insured

You want to prevent a situation where you hire a dishonest moving company when moving to another part of the country. Luckily for you, moving scams can be easily identified, if you know the things to look for.

Aside from the ridiculously low moving estimates, the dishonest moving companies will likely not possess any license or insurance. To find out if a long-distance moving company is licensed, check them by using their USDOT number in the database of the FMCSA. You will also want to confirm that the moving company is licensed properly. Moving companies are required to give you the right documentation to prove this.

For more about hiring movers, read 9 Things To Look Before Hiring State To State Movers

6. Consider Renting a Moving Container

One famous cross-country moving option to use a professional moving service is renting a portable moving container. These moving containers also work as storage pods and are so helpful to people that need storage before, during, or after moving. Famous moving container providers are ABF’s U-Pack, U-Haul’s U-Boxes, PODS, and 1-800-PACK-RAT, just to mention a few. Click here to get a closer look at the best moving containers in the market

Read How to Choose the Best Cross Country Movers

7. Document the Conditions of your Shipments

When you are hiring a mover, carefully consider your valuation coverage solutions. The free, basic protection of the company covers only a minimum. If you choose to go for more coverage, consider getting the Full Value Protection, which will gold your moving company liable for the exact cash value of the belongings. Click here to get a closer look at moving insurance.

8. Read Reviews from Customers and Check Mover’s Ratings

Before you hire a moving company, ensure you check customer reviews and ratings. You can find reviews on our Moving Company Directory. The page includes customer reviews for over 600 movers across the nation. Our reviews also include the USDOT number of the company, specific relocation services, BBB rating, fleet size, official complaints filed with the FMCSA (if any), and whether the mover is associated with the AMSA. 

9. Ask for a Contact Number from the Driver

When moving to another state, your belongings will arrive probably in a week or more. To be up-to-date with the condition of the truck moving your goods, you may want to ask for the contact information of the driver. Your moving company should give you some ways to track the location of your driver whether by phone or via email. Usually, a representative at the moving company will reach out to the driver on your behalf.

10. Come with Important Documents and Valuables

Don’t pack your family heirlooms and jewelry with the rest of your household possessions. Ensure you pack any valuables in a different and secure bag. The same applies to important documents and paperwork like marriage licenses or certificates. These should all travel with you when moving to another part of the country to make sure they are safe.

11. Pack Essentials Bag for Moving Day

When moving across the country, it is vital that you pack a moving necessities bag and maybe a suitcase to travel with you all through the move. Essentials should feature all the things you will need in the days to your moving day and also the few days after the move. These might include toiletries, clothing, toothbrushes, baby necessities, vital documents, toilet paper, trash bags, pet food, wallets, toilet paper, a tool kit, bottled water, and extra shoes. For a complete list of things to pack inside your moving necessities bag, click here.

12. Remember to tip your Movers for a Nice Job

Did your movers do a great job? If you choose to tip them, ensure you have cash with you immediately after the movers arrive with your goods. Don’t forget: you will need sufficient cash on hand for each mover. Click here for advice on the amount to tip movers.

13. Inspect for Damage after Moving

As you unpack your shipments, be sure to carefully check each item, especially large or valuable belongings like antiques, china, and furniture. If items were broken or damaged on the move, you may then file a claim on the movers to get compensated for your goods. Make sure you make a comparison of the situation of your belongings to the photos or videos taken before the move.

14. Change your Address

Luckily for you, changing your address is super-easy, all thanks to the latest technology. To change your address and make sure that you get all your snail mail, check USPS.com and pick the date to start forwarding your mail. Changing your bank account as well as your credit card billing address can also be done online. For further tips on changing your address during a move, click here. 

15. Get a New Driver’s License

If you plan on driving, you will need to get a new driver’s license after moving. Visit your local DMV and come with all the essential paperwork. You will possibly need a current driver’s license, proof of your social security number, proof of residency, and an extra form of Identification.

16. Go Round your Surroundings and meet your Neighbors

Ready to interact with the neighbors? Go outside and say hi. Take a walk around the neighborhood and explore the outdoors. Hit the local coffee shops and register in your local Nextdoor.com group to receive updates on news and happenings in the area.


Now that you have a plan, a list of materials, and creative packing ideas and tricks, you should be ready to relocate cross country. Still, trying to choose whether you should hire state to state movers to move these things for you or do it yourself? Check the advantages of hiring movers and other cost-effective cross-country relocation options.