Best Guide To Select National Movers of 2022

Guide To Select National Movers
Summary: Choose the best national moving company by comparing credentials, quotes and customer experience. To help simplify your move, follow our guide on how to choose the best moving companies for your national move.

Find out how to get the best cross country movers for your move. This will save time and prevent any frustration by hiring the best national movers for your moving needs.

Moving to another state is definitely a stressful and exciting job. You pack up your household belongings and your cherished memories along with you to your new home. The companies in our network are well-reputed and understand the need to make your moving experience a memorable one.

However, if you are keen on choosing a national mover yourself, this post gives you guide on how to select the best mover.

Things to Check While Selecting the Best National Moving Companies

We recommend you allow a nationwide moving company to move you to another state. This is because as professionals, they are familiar with the challenges of packing and hauling your appliances, furniture, and personal belongings. This is made possible since they often transport items interstate, cross country, and internationally. 

You will surely meet many long distance moving companies ready to partner with you on your move once you decide to hire professional moving services.

In this case, however, your advanced understanding and preparations will predetermine the type of company you hire and the quality of moving services to expect from them.

We have compiled some advice on the factors to consider when choosing the best moving company. 


Check for personal recommendations of national moving companies from your trusted people. If you already have a list of moving companies and their respective moving cost estimates, you can now discover if any of the companies have been hired in the past by your friends, family, or co-workers for a long-distance move so you can obtain their recommendations for the most reliable company.

After all, leaving your household valuables to the hand of strangers is a scary thing to do, especially when you’ve been assured by each professional moving company that they are the best at what they do.  

Check Reliability of Movers (Comprehensive Research)

You definitely need to figure out the reputation of your long-distance moving company before you hire them. However, it is more important to check the trustworthiness of those moving companies, especially their licensing, insurance, and professionalism.

  • USDOT: Every long-distance moving company must possess proper licensing certification issued by the United States Department of Transportation. A cross-country moving company is only issued a USDOT number after meeting the requirements set by the federal government, and it serves as proof that the moving company is legit and safe to use for consumers. To discover if your moving company has a valid licensing, run their USDOT number on the FMCSA’s server.
  • AMSA: ProMover is a program that certifies moving companies and is run by the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). To know whether or not the long-distance moving company you are considering is ProMover, check the AMSA If the companies are ProMover, then you can be sure they’ve successfully passed a vigorous background check and have sworn to comply with the Code of Ethics set by the AMSA. You can trust ProMover with your household possessions.
  • BBB: Best national moving companies are offered accreditation by the Better Business Bureau as a sign that they are reliable BBB-accredited movers that customers can trust to move their possessions. There is a Standard for Trust set by the BBB which moving companies must comply with in order to be and remain accredited by the Bureau. Check here to see if your preferred long-distance moving companies are accredited by the BBB.

Check the Reputation of Movers through Moving Reviews

Need help on choosing a good long-distance mover? Checking the online reputation of the moving companies you’ve listed is the next step in hiring a good national moving company.

Old customers usually leave reviews in the form of their experiences with a moving company, whether good or bad. This is why best the movers in the industry keep offering quality services just to make sure they stay at the top of the rank and obtain positive customer reviews.

Once the companies made it pass your affordability screening, you can now subject them to the trustworthiness test by reviewing them on Yelp, MyMovingReviews, Moving Feedback, and other review websites to find out who can give you a smooth move. The total ratings of the moving companies will be indicated as stars with 5 stars as the best, and 1 star as the worst.

In addition, you will get an idea of the reputation, dependability, trustworthiness, and professionalism of those moving companies through short but informative testimonials written by old customers.

Only use customer reviews as a guide to finding out the best moving company. Usually, comparing moving companies through reviews may be tricky as you may discover several positive reviews and negative ones about a particular mover. Then who will you go with?

Check the Affordability of Movers through their Moving Cost Estimates

Now, you can make a comparison between your long-distance moving companies moving quotes. Definitely, the first thing that will catch your attention is the price given on each moving estimate.

This is why you may be tempted at times to go with the quote that offers the lowest price and then contact the mover. So far, you are also looking for means to save money on your next household move.

Although you can still go ahead with the lowest offer you receive, avoid going for such without doing comprehensive research on all the movers currently on your list.

This means you should never consider a company because it offers the lowest price for your move, especially when you know that there are many rogue moving companies out there looking to scam you. 

Focus on Details

No question is stupid when researching a moving company for your move. It would help if you were sure this mover would protect your investment.

They must make sure this moving process run smoothly, as being a customer means you probably don’t know much about the process.  

Insurance Coverage

Ask your moving company about the available insurance policy as well as the company’s plan to ensure the belongings get to its destination safely. In addition, put the expertise of their agent to work. The majority of the moving companies have been moving households and businesses for many years. 


You also need to consider the location of the moving company. We recommend using the service of a moving company in your area in order to avoid internet scams by dishonest movers.

Try to visit the physical office of the company and inspect all their moving equipment. You should also have a conversation with the people you meet there so you can discover if the company is right for you. 

Price Comparison Tool

Lastly, make use of the price comparison tool which can be found on Pricing Van Lines to find the differences between moving quotes provided for you by several national movers. This is has been found to be effective way to choose the best affordable national mover.


Pricing Van Lines goes to the extra lengths to find out the best moving service to help our users and visitors with their move at affordable pricing without compromising the quality of services.