Tips to Find Professional Local and Commercial Movers in Miami

Tips to Find Professional Local and Commercial Movers in Miami - Pricing Van Lines
Summary: If you are moving your business, commercial movers Miami are here to help to you. But, how do you find one here? Be sure to read our guide to find the best Miami moving companies that offer residential and commercial moves locally and across Florida.

Finding a reputable commercial moving company in Miami is not difficult as there are a couple of trusted and dependable movers who can help you with both your commercial and local moves. All you have to do is to make sure your choice is one that you have carefully researched based on their reviews and recommendations from friends and families. Also, you have to make sure the moving company you wish to engage is licensed and insured just so you are on the safe side, in case of any unexpected occurrences.

Some of the commercial and local moving companies in Miami, Florida include All trust movers, Luis and Sons moving, Xpress Relocations, ETG Moving and Delivery, Miami Movers for Less, Easy Florida Moving, Two Marines Moving, Power Loaders, Anyway Relocation Services, DFW Moving Company, Dixie Movers, Pro Movers Miami, and International Van Lines among others.

Tips for Finding Commercial Moving Company

We have just given a commercial movers list in Miami above and whichever one you decide to go with is a matter of preference based on which one suits your unique move needs and budget. Having said this there are a few vital tips that can help you in choosing the best commercial movers in town.

Remember the success of your relocation is dependent on how well you are able to make the best choice of moving company that will help you execute the job. If you make the wrong choice of a mover, you may encounter lots of hiccups in having your belongings transported to your new location. Here are some vital tips that will help you find the best local and commercial movers in Miami, Florida:

Check on Insurance 

A good moving company is expected to be insured. Hence, you have to check and be sure that your moving company is well-insured as this is required by law. This is necessary to guide and protect you against scratches and nicks and they should provide all the necessary information you need on ascertaining that they are insured.


Do all necessary researches to ensure that your chosen moving company is licensed, you can check this up with the United States Department of Transportation. Also, make sure they meet all regulations of both local and cross country requirements to handle people’s belongings and goods.

Request for Quote and Prices:

This is very important as if you don’t handle it properly, you might be short-changed. Invite your moving company over to have a good idea of what you intend to move and let them give you an estimate of what it will cost in total. Do not hesitate to ask questions where necessary when you notice any grey area that is not clear to you. This will enable you and your mover to be on the same page so there will not be any form of ambiguity when it’s time to settle your bill.

It is recommended that you should also request quotes from more than one commercial moving company around so that you can make comparisons and know which one best suits you in terms of your budget and what you want from your movers.

Don’t Engage Companies that Switch Names

This is a red flag as most companies that change names do so to avoid being assessed by the Better Business Bureau. They should have a local address and should be able to attend to your calls by their employees with the full names of the business. Do your research to find out if they have other names with which they run their business, go as far as checking their federal and state license numbers.

Get References on Movers

Ask your mover to give you at least three customers that have moved into your area in the past two to three months. Call those customers and ask what their experience with the moving company was like. You can also get a list of reliable commercial moving companies from associations such as the state associations of movers and the American Moving and Storage Association.

Online Reviews

A guaranteed method to tell the competency of a moving company is to evaluate their past performances and a way to do this is by reading reviews about the company on an independent online review website. You can read reviews on a website dedicated to reviewing the quality of moving services offered by moving companies, you can check on,, and among others.

Years of Experience

No matter what, you cannot underestimate the place of expertise the number of years a moving company has been in operation, it says a lot about competence, reliability, and antecedents. You stand a higher chance of getting the best service with commercial movers that have been in operation for several years than those just coming into operation.

The reason is that you might find it difficult to dig out information about the new companies, you might find it difficult to read reviews about them, and it might be difficult to find people who have used their services in the past.

Do Not Sign a Blank Contract

Avoid signing the dotted line of the contract until you have read and understood all that is written in the terms. Do not sign a blank contract, that can be detrimental. Make sure all that is needed to be added to the terms of a contract are all in place before signing.

If it’s possible, you can ask for the services of a legal practitioner who understands contractual agreements to help you scrutinize the terms of engagement before you sign.

Ask Your Movers the Hard Questions

Do not consider any question as being small or too big to ask your movers. Put them on the spot and make sure your questions are answered to your satisfaction. Engage a commercial mover that is able to answer your questions appropriately.

Professional Local and Commercial Movers

A professional mover should be certified, insured, and licensed to carry out operations by the relevant agencies and bodies. Three important things that should not be overlooked when you plan to hire state to state moving companies are;


Reputation is a function of antecedents, experience, and quality of service. Before engaging a local or commercial moving company in Miami, be sure to do your finding of their reputation, ask questions like; since when have they been in operation? Are they Insured? Are they licensed? Do they have human resources? These are some of the questions you need to find answers to before you hire a mover.

If your answers to these questions are positive, then you are properly on the right path to engaging a reputable moving company.


Do they keep to their words? Are there any hidden charges? Do they have references? These are some of the questions you need to ask when you want to hire a mover in addition to reading reviews about the moving company you wish to hire. Hiring a reliable moving company will give you rest of mind knowing fully well that your moving task is in the hands of a capable mover.


You need to invite your potential movers to your home for an in-house inspection, this will enable them to have a good idea of what your moving needs are and they will also have a firsthand view of what the weight of your belongings or goods is like. It is with this they will be able to provide you with a quote.

Invite more than one mover to your home and get their respective quote, compare the quotes and decide on which one will be best for you based on your budget and what you require from your mover.

These three attributes discussed above is what distinguishes the good and the best commercial movers in Miami, Florida.

The Best Moving Commercial Moving Companies in Miami will;

  • Have an excellent online presence compared to their competitors?
  • Have years of valuable experience delivering top-notch moving services for their customers.
  • Be willing to visit your home to evaluate the size and weight of your belongings or goods in order to provide a free estimate.
  • Have experienced and well-trained movers to help you get the job done seamlessly so that you don’t have to bother yourself while you engage in other personal activities.
  • Clearly answer all your questions s that you fully understand their terms of engagement and contract.
  • Be polite and conduct themselves in a polite way to their clients.
  • Provide incentives in form of added services like packing and unloading among others.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Local and Commercial Movers

Planning and Logistics is Easier

When you plan to move, you might not have sufficient time to plan and put all logistics in place. A professional mover will help you with all these and you can focus on other personal demanding tasks. Your mover can help you with all the processes involved in moving from start to finish without you having to do anything. It all depends in the agreement you have with them.

Your Goods or Belongings Are Safe

With a professional mover, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and secured in case of any kind of eventuality or accident that may occur. Although, this rarely occurs in case it does happen you are covered with a professional moving company.

It Saves you Money

By hiring a professional mover, you will eventually find out that one way or the other you have saved money. This is because they have the right expertise, supplies, and equipment to get the job done. If you decide to do it yourself.

You will need to start finding boxes, supplies and other items to pack and put your belongings together. With a professional mover, you don’t have to worry over a whole lot of things as they will be handled by your movers.

The Right Equipment

Your moving company will have the right equipment to carry out the job and their movers are specifically trained to do the job. Doing it yourself might involve, looking to rent equipment and trucks which eventually might not be the most appropriate for the job at hand. Hence, professional movers are used to doing the job and they will do it much better than you will do.

Share the Risk

If you hire a professional mover, automatically you have shifted almost all the risk that may be involved to your moving company. If you decide to do it yourself, anything can happen and whatever happens, you will face it yourself. However, with a professional mover, you will still get some compensation in case of any accident or mishap.

Easy Handling of Heavy Items

You don’t have to start looking for people to help you lift heavy items when you hire professional movers. Moving large items like furniture, electronics may be dangerous and difficult as it will take you more time and you might risk getting injured or coming off with back and muscle pains. Why go through the stress when you can have professional movers get the job done for you?


You don’t have the experience of carrying out moving tasks. Let professional movers who have the expertise and experience of moving homes and businesses help you with all your relocation needs. Experience is the best teacher and as such they have the technical know-how of handling fragile and special items.


Hiring a professional mover will enable the whole process involved in moving your belongings well organized such that packing, loading, and unloading are all done at the appropriate time to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

With the tips discussed in this article, getting or hiring professional local and commercial movers in Miami should be easier than ever. The points discussed also show that hiring a professional mover offer lots of benefits in the long run regardless of how much it may cost.

Put your movers on the spot, ask questions and make sure you hire only those who provide you with the right answers.