What is the Cost of Moving From Tampa to Orlando?

What is the Cost of Moving From Tampa to Orlando
Summary: The cost of moving from Tampa to Orlando will depend on the number of bedrooms’ worth of belongings you are moving, services you request, and more.

The cost of moving from Tampa to Orlando within Florida ranges from $400 to $2500. The specific cost of your relocation will depend on several factors, such as the size of your move, when you move during the year, how early you book a moving slot and any special services you request.

Moving anywhere is a challenging process, even though an interstate move from Tampa to Orlando is more manageable than having to relocate across the country.

Between deciding what to pack or throw away, closing utility accounts, hiring moving companies in Orlando, and saying goodbyes to friends and family, you may be slightly overwhelmed.

Below is a guide that explains your options when relocating from Tampa to Orlando in Florida, while outlining the factors that are most likely to influence the amount you have to pay movers for assistance with your move.

How Moving Companies Calculate Moving Costs

When you are moving within the same state, such as from Tampa to Orlando in Florida, the price of your move will most likely be calculated through an hourly rate. The moving company charges a fixed rate for each hour their employees work on your move, while they may ask you to pay for a minimum of four or five hours.

Aside from the hourly rate, you can also expect a one-off fee that includes renting the moving truck and any supplies that the moving professionals use to pack, load, unload, and unpack your belongings. You might also be charged extra fees for parking or carrying possessions up numerous flights of stairs.

Lowering the Cost of Your Relocation

Aside from checking the Orlando cost of living to determine how you can save money in the long term, you may also be thinking about ways to save on hiring movers. One of the most effective ways to lower the cost of a relocation is to downsize your move.

If you are relocating fewer belongings, you can rent a smaller moving truck from the moving company. The movers also need to send fewer men to your home on moving day, while it will take them less time to load and unload fewer belongings.

Another tip for reducing the cost of a local move within Florida is to pack and unpack your belongings without the help of the movers. Only request a loading, transport, and unloading service.

Is a DIY Move a Reliable Option?

A Do-It-Yourself relocation is an option in very specific circumstances. If you are extremely handy, do not have a problem lifting heavy objects, and feel comfortable driving a moving truck, you may be able to complete a local move from Tampa to Orlando without any professional assistance.

Such a decision, however, would result in a lot of work, even for someone who does not mind taking on challenging physical projects. Packing up a one or two-bedroom home is a lot of work, even for a couple of people, and loading heavy boxes and furniture onto a moving truck is a lot of effort.

Even if you rent a truck and drive it to your new home, you may not be saving as much money as you assume. Not only are you putting in many hours of work yourself, but when you add up the cost of moving supplies, renting a truck, and buying insurance for the truck, you may not even save that much money compared to hiring reputable movers.

Preparing for Your Tampa to Orlando Move

The best way to prepare for a move, whether you are hiring interstate moving companies or state-to-state movers is to make a list of all the tasks that you must complete before they arrive.

If you are requesting a full-service move, then you only need to clear away items that are not being packed. When furniture or belongings are remaining at a home, and only some items are being transported, you should move all the items that need packing into one part of the house or apartment.
That makes life a lot easier for the movers and ensures they do not accidentally pack the wrong items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I include hazardous chemicals such as cleaning supplies or fertilizer for the movers to move?

No, local and long-distance moving companies do not permit the inclusion of any hazardous materials on their moving trucks.

If you require transport of a specific item, ensure you are asking the movers ahead of time about its possible inclusion. Any items not permitted on the truck can go with you when you drive to Orlando.

What is the ideal time to book a slot for movers to relocate from Tampa to Orlando?

As a general rule, the earlier you schedule a move, the more chances of you securing the ideal time slot and paying a fair price. Movers are even busier during the summer, compared to the winter, fall, and spring months.

If you are moving during peak season, try to schedule your move two months in advance. For off-peak moves, one-month notice is sufficient.

Is there a difference between a binding and non-binding quote?

Yes, a non-binding moving quote does not carry any weight. A mover can state they will charge a specific hourly rate, along with added expenses, but can change their mind at the last minute.

The final bill for your move may be entirely different to what the mover claimed. When you receive a binding quote, movers cannot change the price unless you request additional services.

Can local movers accommodate special requests, such as transporting extremely heavy objects like pianos or pool tables?

Yes, the best local movers in Florida have the capability to transport extremely heavy objects, even if they have to climb several flights of stairs.

You must, however, inform the movers about these special requests when you are making a booking for a moving slot.

Explain the specifics of your request, as the movers may have to bring additional equipment or an extra person to assist with that aspect of your relocation.

Is it possible for movers to make a stop at a storage unit during my local move?

Yes, local movers have no problems making additional stops during a local move. Whether you want to keep some items at a storage unit, or you are picking up belongings from more than one address, you only need to inform the movers ahead of time. If they are aware of the itinerary, there should be no issues on the day of your move.

Final Thoughts

The cost of relocating from Tampa to Orlando is heavily influenced by the size of your move. Relocating a studio or one-bedroom apartment’s worth of belongings is a lot cheaper than moving from a four-bedroom house to another similarly sized home.

By downsizing your belongings, packing possessions yourself, hiring movers during the off-season, and scheduling your move at least one or two months in advance, you can bring down the cost of a local move as much as possible.

Hiring reputable, safe movers is also important if you hope to relocate safely and within your budget. The highest-rated movers in Florida charge extremely fair rates, do not add extra fees at the last minute, and will safely get your belongings from your present home to your new address.