What is the Cost of Moving From Fort Lauderdale to Miami?

What is the Cost of Moving From Fort Lauderdale to Miami?
Summary: The specific cost of a Fort Lauderdale to Miami move will depend on the size of your move, services you request and more.

The cost of moving from Fort Lauderdale to Miami starts at $1,000 and can go up to $3,500, dependent on several factors.

Hiring reliable and experienced moving companies in Fort Lauderdale is the best way to ensure your upcoming relocation is seamless and affordable. Top-rated movers have extremely fair moving rates, especially when you are relocating within the same state.

Factors such as the size of your move, how early you book a moving slot, the time of year you are relocating, and any special services you request can all influence the cost of hiring professional movers.

How Movers Determine Relocation Costs

When you are looking to hire state-to-state moving companies or local movers, understanding how they determine the costs for a relocation is important. Local movers tend to charge hourly rates, while long-distance movers calculate a fixed rate for the entire move.

Most moving companies will classify a move from Fort Lauderdale to Miami as a local move because it is within the state and is less than 100 miles.

You can hire a mover who will have a fixed hourly rate, which varies depending on the number of professionals they need to bring to your home or apartment on moving day.

Local movers also have fixed charges for truck rental, which changes based on the size of the moving truck you require. You may also have to pay a fixed fee if the movers need to use specific equipment during your relocation, or if they use packing supplies to pack your belongings.

One stipulation in most moving contracts involves the client paying for a minimum number of hours, which are indicated in the moving contract. For instance, the movers may stipulate that you have to pay for at least two or three hours of their service.

Sizing Up Your Florida Move

As you go over the possible costs of your move by using a moving cost calculator, you may be wondering how to save money. One of the most effective ways to cut costs on your local move is by downsizing.

By having fewer belongings, you can rent a smaller moving truck and ensure the movers pack, load, unload, and unpack your belongings quicker. If you have furniture, appliances, decoration pieces, clothes, and other belongings that you do not use, then you may want to sell or donate them before your moving day.

Another way to cut expenses on a local relocation is by doing a lot of the work yourself. You can find low-cost moving boxes and supplies online, or ask for them for free through local charities or businesses, and pack your belongings before the movers arrive.

The professionals would only need to load up your boxes, furniture, and appliances, drive the moving truck to your home in Miami, and then unload them in your new residence.

How to Prepare for a Relocation From Fort Lauderdale to Miami

The days before your moving day from Fort Lauderdale to Miami are extremely important to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Make sure you have a complete idea of what belongings you are taking, and what you are selling or donating. Pack up everything before the movers arrive, unless you want them to handle that task.

You should also take care of other business before the moving date, including filing a mail forwarding form with the USPS, closing or transferring your utility accounts, and informing friends and family about your new address.

If your moving date is on a weekday, ensure you have taken the entire day off work. The movers will require at least one person to supervise the movers on both ends, in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. While you can ask a friend or family member to take care of this task, you may have peace of mind by watching the movers work yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any documents I should obtain from the movers before and after the move?

Yes, you should obtain written proof of the binding quote from a moving company before you agree to hire them. There is also a moving contract, which outlines the terms of the move.

Movers also provide a bill of lading when they arrive on the day of the move, which reiterates all the terms and conditions of the relocation. You should also obtain an inventory of the moving boxes and furniture after everything is loaded onto the moving truck.

What happens if any of my belongings are damaged or lost on the journey?

Moving companies do provide insurance coverage as a default option when you are signing your moving contract. The default coverage is usually fairly limited, however, and you may want to ask the movers about additional protection if you have expensive items on the moving truck.

Should I expect any surprises in the final bill when I am paying for my relocation?

If you requested a binding quote from the moving company, and informed them about every aspect of your relocation, then you should not expect any additional charges on the final bill. Movers are not allowed to change terms after giving a binding quote, unless the customer asks for additional services on moving day.

Can movers load/unload large and heavy furniture or other materials up several flights of stairs?

The best moving companies in Florida will have no problems transporting large or heavy objects up and down several flights of stairs. You must inform the movers about such an issue ahead of time, as they will bring the relevant equipment and extra personnel to ensure there are no problems on moving day. They may also charge an extra fee based on the number of flights of stairs.

Can I ask the movers to make multiple stops along the way from Fort Lauderdale to Miami?

Yes, movers will make as many stops as you require to pick up or drop off items during your journey. You should, however, inform the movers ahead of time about any such stops.

Your final bill will be higher if you are making more stops as such a journey will take longer than a straightforward trip from your address in Fort Lauderdale to your new home or apartment in Miami.

Final Thoughts

A relocation from Fort Lauderdale to Miami is manageable with the assistance of moving companies in Florida. The best movers ensure that you have a seamless moving experience, as they take care of everything from packing to loading to unpacking.

Those who hope to save money on their relocation can handle the packing and unpacking, leaving loading, unloading, and transportation to the professionals. By hiring top-quality, reputable movers, you should not expect any problems during your upcoming move.