What Is The Cost of Moving 1-Bedroom To Another State?

Cost of Moving 1-Bedroom To Another State?
Summary: The cost of a 1-bedroom apartment move is between $200 and $500 if you are relocating locally. For an interstate move or above 100-miles, the cost of relocating a 1-bedroom apartment is often $1,000 per room, with $0.40 per pound as the average cost.

The cost to haul a 1-bedroom apartment interstate on average is $1,200$2,500. However, the service, distance, and time of year can influence your moving cost.

Cost is the major point of concern for most people during a move. Although your 1-bedroom apartment move is small, you still might want to go with the professional state to state movers.

The actual amount will vary based on your move’s distance the special services you need as well as the moving company you choose. While receiving an on-site estimate is the best, the following will provide you with an insight into what to expect.

How much does it cost to move a 1-Bedroom Apartment?

Local moving companies charge mainly per hour, with a median rate of around $100 per hour for 2 movers and a truck, which is enough to move an apartment. A 1-bedroom apartment move usually takes between 3-5 hours or from $300$500 for labor only. You also may get charged fees for additional special services and supplies.

Below are some examples:

  • Moving belongings up and downstairs
  • Storage
  • Elevator carries
  • Long carries (unable to access parking and long hallways)
  • Shuttle service (when the moving truck cannot fit down your street or park closer to your apartment)
  • Packing services
  • Packing supplies

Make sure you ask detailed questions from your movers when they are providing the in-home estimate. Prices may vary based on the floor apartment you are moving out of or the parking space available at the entrance of the building. Ensure that you give all important information about the buildings when receiving an estimate for a highly accurate quote.

Costs for a 1-Bedroom Apartment for Long-Distance Move

Moving companies get the costs of long-distance moves by the weight of your goods, the distance it’s traveling to, and the cost of additional services and extra insurance on your shipment.

While prices may differ by company, the table below will reveal an idea of a typical range for moving a 1-bedroom apartment.

1-bedroom apartment (3,500 pounds)

500 miles

1,000 miles

3,000 miles

Standard cost




Including packing services




Including mover’s insurance




Including insurance and packing services




Remember that these amounts are mere estimates, and the exact cost will be different. Your home’s weight may be more or less than 3,500 pounds. Check our next table below that contains basic items found inside a 1-bedroom apartment as well as their estimated weights:




250 pounds

Bed: full-sized

350 pounds

Coffee table

100 pounds

Sofa: 3-seater

290 pounds

60″ flat screen television

75 pounds

Entertainment center

210 pounds

Dining set : medium table, 4 chairs

600 pounds


150 pounds

Desktop computer and monitor

50 pounds

You also will need to consider the numerous items, such as books, coffee makers, blenders, clothing, DVDs, and toasters. The advantage of an apartment move is the fact that you won’t be moving heavy appliances such as stoves, dishwashers, or refrigerators. This keeps your cost down a lot.

Cost of Moving 1-Bedroom Apartment Interstate by Distance

The table below is a look into the cost of a 1-bedroom out-of-state move. Costs are dependent on the distance someone may have to relocate and if they require box packing services together with the move.

 One-Bedroom Apt. (3,400lbs)

Moving 500 Miles

Moving 1000 Miles

Moving 3000 Miles

Moving Only

$2,100 to $2,600

$2,300 to $2,800

$4,000 to $4,700

Moving + Valuation Insurance

$2,400 to $2,900

$2,600 to $3,100

$5,000 to $5,700

Moving + Full Carton Packing

$3,100 to $3,600

$3,300 to $3,800

$4,300 to $5,000

Moving + Val. Ins. + Full Carton Packing

$3,400 to $3,800

$3,600 to $4000

$5,300 to $5,900

Understand once again that this is an only range, and your actual move cost will be dictated by a certain factor. We recommend getting a few accurate quotes from professional interstate moving companies near you for a long-distance move.

Tips to save cost for moving A 1-Bedroom Apartment

There are many things you can do to reduce the cost of your 1-bedroom apartment move. Based on these factors, your moving price can be lower or higher, as the case may be. Here, we’ve discussed some tips on each of those aspects so you can save as lots of money as possible during your 1-bedroom apartment move.

  • Fewer items cost less: During your 1-bedroom apartment relocation, consider whether the belongings you have are cost-effective to be moved or you will just purchase new/used at the new address. In general, the more belongings you have, the more expensive it will get. Movers may charge like a three-hour $300 minimum for two movers or may sometimes be a 4-hour $400 minimum for 2 movers.
  • Pack yourself:You can save more money by snubbing packing services and performing most of the boxing and cushioning yourself. The only goods you may need the assistance of the pros include your fragile electronics and furniture pieces.  
  • When are you moving? The time that costs the most when moving are to relocate during the end of months, summer, and weekends. This is because movers are super busy during those times. Most moving companies don’t change their pricing all the time (summer rates may differ, however), but you may be able to negotiate a better deal or lower minimum if you choose to move at off-peak periods.
  • Packing materials cost: The cost estimate leaves out the cost of packing materials. You can read our last post on the number of boxes required to move a 1-bedroom apartment to obtain a look at the number of boxes and packing supplies you need. But, from our evaluation, you shouldn’t spend more than $100 to $150 more on packing materials (if you choose to go for new) to relocate a 1-bedroom apartment.  
  • Plan for packing before you move: Contact the landlord to make preparations. You will want the easiest spot you are permitted for unloading tasks. You could also plan to get there early and park your vehicle closer to the entrance to allow space for the moving truck.
  • DIY your 1-bedroom apartment move: The most affordable way to move is often to take care of the process alone. A 1-bedroom move is small and can be well managed, so go for renting a moving vehicle and get help from a few friends. Below are some of the costs you will possibly incur on a DIY move:
  • a) Truck rental: Prices change based on the trailer’s size and the distance you will be moving. You also may need to buy fuel, because some rental providers ask you to bring back the truck with a half-tank of fuel. U-Haul’s smallest truck is offered at $19.95 with the mileage.
  • b) Packing supplies: Costs for 1-bedroom packing supplies start from $40 – $100 on moving material websites. These often just include packing paper, moving boxes, mattress bags, furniture pads, and will cost extra.

FAQ about Cost of Moving 1-Bedroom to another State

How many moving boxes do you need to perform a one-bedroom apartment move? 

To move a 1-bedroom apartment, you will need around 10 to 15 small moving boxes, three to five medium boxes, two to three large moving boxes, two to three wardrobe boxes (they should contain around 2-ft of hanging clothes), and three to five medium heavy-duty dish boxes (for delicate belongings and kitchen items).

What is the cost of storage for a 1-bedroom apartment?

Storage for a 1-bedroom apartment will cost around $200 to $300 per month on average. You will be provided the option of a climate-controlled unit or standard warehousing. If you need storage for more than a couple of months, we recommend that you go with temperature control. Each moving company differs from one to another in their charges. The best thing to do is to speak directly with your mover. Most relocation companies will not charge any fee for the first month of storage.  

Is Hiring A Moving Company For A 1-Bedroom Apartment Worth It?

Your current situation and budget will determine. Certain moving companies focus on smaller moves to help their clients move on a budget. However, most moving companies have their minimum, which makes it unworthy.