Best Places To Travel While Relocating To Portland Oregon

Best Places To Travel While Relocating To Portland Oregon
Bridlemile, Bethany, and Healy Heights are some of the best place to travel while moving to Portland, Oregon. Known as one of the best places to live on the West Coast, this Oregon city has become a hotspot. From the logging towns of Oregon to the hipster bars of Brooklyn, people dream of moving to Portland, Oregon.

Oregon is diverse in both population and geography, and is located in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. and sandwiches between Washington, California, Idaho, and Nevada. Oregon is the place for those who love outdoor life as well as being able to interact with hipsters and city dwellers.

You will enjoy the best of the two worlds and maybe more when you relocate to Oregon. Even though Salem is Oregon’s capital, but every action in the state can be found in the city of Portland.

Portland is the city with some of the finest baristas in the United States, and thus makes it a nice place for coffee lovers. This level of competition makes everyone improve their business performance.

Living in Portland offers great urban amenities, beautiful nature, and a proud, loving community. The city is divided into the North East, North West, South East, and South West areas. Wherever you see west, it means west of the Willamette River, and east is the east of the same river.

List of Ten Best Places to Live in Oregon.

1. Bridlemile

This is located in the north-west of Healy Heights and is home to a population of 7,138. Although it is recorded as a suburb of Portland, the area is a place to be in its own right. Locals of Bridlemile enjoy Cafe Du Berry, Oak, and Olive Restaurant, so, be ready to schedule a date with your new neighbors when you move in here.

The cost of living here in Bridlemile is appealing compared to that of Alameda. This is the number one area on our list of best places to live in Oregon that have an average monthly house rent that is not up to $1,000.

This place is perfect for those saving money to become a property owner in the Portland area as rent here costs an average of $897 monthly.   

2. Bethany

You likely know that majority of the places to live in Oregon will be areas surrounding Portland. Portland is not just a booming city with a wide business district; it is also a city that has nice and lively suburbs. Bethany is inclusive with a population of about 22,346m it also offers its own small town enjoyment.

The housing value in Bethany is over the national average at $412,300, but the average household income is more than $110,500 annually, which makes this place perfectly affordable for anyone relocating here.

Locals in Bethany say that their arms are wide open to the fast growth in the area and that it has made the community created a satisfying and successful environment for people to live.

This suburb is one of the safest places with several commercial outlets to provide for locals and residents.  

3.Healy Heights

Healy Heights is located in the West Hills, southwest of the CBD in Portland. This place is perfect for those looking to stay within the city with the option of freedom and being able to reconnect with nature.

Housing here is costly, and that is why this neighborhood is kind of exclusive as housing value is at an average of $917,353 which really makes it only a dream area for some people.

Home renters may have to rethink their decision to move here as the average monthly home rent is at $2,500.  

4. Northwest Heights

This is another great suburb of Portland and though is smaller; it is an exclusive place of Portland that contains just about 9,769 people. It is closer to the CBD, and housing value here is more expensive than that of Bethany, and the average is at $568,467.

In reality, those looking for a family home should prepare about $600,000; however, if you need a condo or apartment, you should plan $410,000 for it. Northwest Heights, according to sits at the top on the list of best places to buy a house in the Portland area and has also been recognized as the best area to live in Portland.

5. Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights is also a small, inviting Portland suburban area. Its 2,800 population of people are living here to create an atmosphere that combines city and village to the area. Similar to other Portland suburban areas discussed on this list, crime rates here are just little to none.

This small community observes the neighborhood watch policy, which enables them to keep crime outside the place. If you are with children, this place offers you 19 great public schools, and one of them happens to be Lincoln High School, which is one of the best in Oregon.

Arlington Heights is neighbor to Southwest Hills, and that makes it closer to Washington Park, the Portland Japanese Garden, as well as Oregon Zoo.  

6.Arnold Creek

Arnold Creek is so much similar to Bethany, especially in housing and the cost of living. The housing value here is about $429,518. Although Bethany offers the suburban feel, Arnold Creek is in close range to Portland city center and thus offer more urban feel to residents.

Its population totals 9,343 and is a friendly and united community area which makes it great when you look at its closeness to the city center. The proximity of such to the city center in many other cities would eradicate any unity or community feel.

This neighborhood is also affluent as most families earn 415,900 annually. Residents of Arnold Creek states that the place offers some kind of feeling which you will get used to once you interact and get familiar with your neighbors.   

7. South Burlingame

Located at Portland’s southwest area, South Burlingame is a neighborhood with a population of 5,278. This place is a bit far away from the thriving business center in Portland, but it is also more affordable for an average working family.

Housing value here is $360,000, and you can easily get a space to become a property owner. Building quality in this place is possible, and for $590,000, you can get a beautiful five-bedroom family home comprising of three bathrooms exactly on ViewPoint Terrace.

South Burlingame is home for twenty public schools starting from elementary level to middle, up to high school level. Children’s schooling here is really enjoying the outcome of the United States of America’s best educational programs. 

8. Southwest Hills

This place is really a nice place to be as it is home for Portland Japanese Garden, Oregon Zoo, and the Washington Park. To go straight without wasting time, Southwest Hills is an expensive area with several restaurants and diners where you can also catch an amazing picture of the city.

The expensive nature of this place doesn’t go without knowing that the average housing value here is at $630,501, a price worth paying to live in the middle of every action in the state.

The majority of condos you will find on the market here promise a beautiful look of the city skyline and these homes don’t take long on the market before someone pay for them. You must be on the top of your game if you are looking to relocate to Southwest Hills.  

9. Beaumont-Wilshire

This is also a farther place to Portland’s CBD aside Southwest Hills and Arlington Heights, and its population is at 8,273. You will find many beautiful townhouses here on the market, but the housing value is at $462,403, though not the most affordable place to live in Oregon.

Also, average rent in Beaumont Wilshire is high at $1,581 per month, which makes it more difficult, particularly for millennials to relocate here. The booming economy in Portland is working well for its residents as the average household income in Beaumont Wilshire is at $100,000 annually.

Also, 32% of its residents possess a Master’s degree or higher, which implies that the high level of education in this place is enhanced by the high household income.  

10. Alameda

This is definitely an urban area for people looking for the easier possible route to great hikes and trails in Oregon and even enjoys Healy Heights districts. The housing value here is very expensive, but it is because of its closeness to the major commercial hub in Portland.

Properties in Alameda are very pleasing to the eye. The townhouses here are spacious and more of a dream to an American.

Also, you can find housing for the family for around $650,000. Just budget $800,000 for housing although you surely will be given change. This place is ideal for families as it is home for twenty-three schools in the district and twenty-one percent of locals are of school age.  


Portland is a very attractive and nice place to live. It should, in fact, be on your list if you seek a new adventure or a place where you can access unlimited fun as it offers several green spaces, various cultures, many outdoor activities, as well as food scene that competes on international-level. If you are moving here, make you hire a reputable state to state moving company to make relocation much easier.