5 Reasons That Make State To State Movers Better Than Others

5 Reasons That Make State To State Movers Better Than Others
You may opt for DIY moving option local move, but when it comes to interstate move, state to state movers are the best for the job. Interstate moves cross state lines and encompass long-distance moves that require much more protection and planning.

So, you have a move coming up and you need to be sure that you can find solutions that make sense for your budget and everything you need to do. As you work out what is necessary in relation to your situation, you want to start looking at state to state movers that can help you to stay on top of everything.

How do you make sure that you do things right? Are there ways to find the right ones? And why would you even choose one of them over the other – aren’t they all the same?

There are all sorts of movers out there, and some of them will offer different things than others. Over the years, we’ve noticed all sorts of differences between the moving companies we work with. Here are the 5 things that we find are most important when distinguishing one long distance moving company from another.

They have all the services you want

 The fact is, there are a lot of companies out there that offer multiple services related to moving, packing, and everything around the processes. But, different people want different things from their movers, so it’s actually a good idea to look at what services they have.

For example, if you’re someone that is in need of packing services for some reason, you want to be certain that the company in question is going to be able to offer them for you. Can they pack up the items that you have in your home? Do they have the right supplies? How much does that cost?

Another consideration may be storage. What if there’s some sort of delay related to everything with your move? How do they take care of your items and make sure that storage is dealt with correctly?

If you have an idea of what it is that you’re going to need to have done or taken care of, knowing that they can do so is going to make them a solid choice for what it is that you’re looking for from a moving company.

They’re transparent about their costs and quotes process

Costs and quotes processes are some of the most complicated things that your movers are going to take care of. You want to be sure that you’re able to talk to them about the options you have and how they plan on helping you to get everything done.

The estimates process is one that takes a bit of time to work through, but you want to know that they are giving you the most accurate information that they can before you sign on the dotted line of the contract. How should it work?

You can get online quotes at first, of course, but that is just a cursory look at what your move could cost if you end up going with that particular company for your moving purposes. But, that isn’t going to give you an accurate number for it.

So, after you get a quote and you think you may want to go with them, you want to call them and schedule a time for an in-home estimate. This will allow them to come into your home, learn as much as possible about what it is that you’re taking with you and determining how much it may cost.

With a long distance move, they also need to know details related to where you’re headed and how you want your items to get there. It can be a really complex process, especially if you have a lot of furniture and whatnot, but they have the tools to do it right and to ensure that you’ve worked things out in a way that is best.

All that being said, the mover that’s taking your estimate will go back and put together some calculations based on what you own and the distance of your move. Then, they will either give you a binding or non-binding estimate.

Binding estimates make it so that the company has to be within a certain dollar amount when they give you the final total. Non-binding estimates also do that, but the wiggle room is a much higher amount of money.

All this is important to know so that you can understand how they’re doing things and if their estimate is binding or nonbinding. And, according to the law, they have to be transparent with this and adhere to whatever they have decided to do. If a company is not honest or transparent about this, then you’re going to want to go ahead and take your business somewhere else.

They use up-to-date tools and technology

As technology advances, different industries have a lot of new things that they can do and use in order to make their processes simpler. Movers are not exempt from this – in fact, they’ve gotten a lot of tools and techniques that help to make any moving job go much more quickly than it may have in the past.

Great moving companies are going to do everything possible in order to ensure that they are keeping up with these changes and try out the things that make the most sense to them and what it is that they want to be able to work out. More often than not, they are always trying the next big thing to see if it is affordable and manageable.

See if your movers are trying out new things in order to keep up with technology related to moving. If they’re really committed to it, they may be the best company to accomplish what it is that you’re trying to do.

They’re professional and friendly

It can be really frustrating to try and deal with movers that just aren’t professional. Sure, they don’t need to wear some sort of fancy outfit, but they should be respectful and the space that they work out of should be neat and clean.

How do they speak to you? Do they seem like they are answering your questions effectively? Are they polite and ready to assist you with whatever problems may come up? Or do they just blow you off in hopes that you will leave them alone? Professional and friendly movers will make the experience a lot more pleasant for you.

They do the job correctly

You are spending quite a bit of money in order to ensure that they are going to do the job right. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you feel like they are just being all laissez faire about the whole process.

So, as you start to look into whether or not you want to work with a company, you want to look into their background and how they do different types of jobs. It’s not easy to be a mover, but they should be properly trained so that you don’t end up trying to fix all of the mistakes that they may have made during the moving process.

What else?

There may be other things that you’re looking for – like flexibility, or having the right licensing for whatever area that you may be looking to move to. If you have other requirements, you’re sure to find information about them as well – just be sure that you know what is most important while you’re searching for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I schedule my movers first?

If you have a moving date, you want to be sure that you schedule things out as quickly as possible. But, be sure that you research first – it makes it that much easier for you to figure out who is best and how to take care of things properly.

How do I find out things like pricing transparency about movers?

The internet makes it easier than ever for us to figure out exactly what is going on in regards to movers (and other services). You can learn a lot about what it is that is involved in their processes as well. Many of them will allow you to get an estimate from them before making a commitment on anything, too.

How long will my state to state move take?

State to state moves can take a lot of time, depending on how far it is between states. Some can take 2-3 days to finish; other moves can take a week or more. When you finally schedule everything with your movers, they will be able to give you an estimate as to how many days they believe it’s going to take you to complete everything.

Find Your Best State to State Moving Company

There are a lot of state to state movers to choose from, so it is important to explore what you can find and learn what you can about them. Look at what you want and choose the solutions that make the most sense for your family and their moving needs.