13 Things To Know Before Moving To Richmond

13 Things To Know Before Moving To Richmond
Richmond is about 100 miles east of Lynchburg, Virginia, and 90 miles south of Washington, D.C. and one of the best places to live in. Are you considering a move to one of the most historic and beautiful places in the US? Here's what you really need to know about living in Virginia's capital city.

Considering moving to Richmond? The capital city of Virginia offers an affordable cost of living, a strong employment market, a great hipster fell, and many more.

With all the COVID-19 craziness that is affecting the whole world currently, you may be thinking, now is the time to relocate to a place that is not so crowded.

If you are planning to move to Richmond, VA, then you are ready to get a treat. You sure want to be prepared and also know what to expect.

Richmond is one of the best destination choices of people when moving to Virginia due to its seamless mix of rich heritage and modern affluence.

Whether your reason for moving into this city is to start a new job, establish a business, enjoy your retirement, or just to seek a change of environment, you will have the chance to find all that you need to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Begin your life in Richmond on a better track by reading this great guide.

1. Cost of Living is Affordable

Richmond performs better when we compare its cost of living to the country’s average. In the utilities, groceries, transportation, and healthcare categories, Richmond is lesser than the national average. However, in the real estate section, which compares the cost of renting and owning, Richmond is 10 percent above the national average.

If you consider the median yearly cost of living in the Richmond Metro area against the closest metro areas of Charlotte and Raleigh, you can live in Richmond with a yearly income of 7% less.

When compared to Washington, DC, a metro area located just 110 miles north of Richmond, a yearly household income of $105,539 is required to keep a relative standard of living for a family of four. In comparison, the same family needs just $83,370 to live in Richmond.

2. Housing Market in Richmond

The housing market in Richmond is right now on fire with homes being closed under an hour of getting to the market in many desirable neighborhoods and usually for higher than list price. The average home price is $214,800, but you can still get a house for below $100,000 in growing neighborhoods inside the city limits or if you are willing to reside farther out into the suburbs.

House prices have increased 13.44% over the past decades, and a huge 8.8% in just the last year.

The median monthly rent for a 2-bedroom apartment is $1,061, which is below the state average of $1,209 and the country’s average of $1,148.

3. Explore Many Great Outdoor Activities

Visit disc golf at Bryan Park. Float in a rented kayak across Brown’s Island. Then relax and decompress at an outdoor yoga class located at Byrd Park. Enjoy your afternoon with a hike through history at Mid-Lothian Mines Park. Moving to Richmond means you will have a large backyard that is often filled with easy outings.

4. Job Opportunities in Richmond

Did you know that Richmond is among the best American cities to seek employment opportunities? The unemployment rate of the city is 3.1% and it offers employment opportunities with Fortune 500 entrepreneurs too. There is a strong startup community in the area that encourages and supports the growth of the local business.

Companies like Workpath and Paymerang are a few of the many bustling technology startups in Richmond, and they are supported by Startup Virginia, a nonprofit organization that works with startup companies with investors, mentors, and donors to aid their growth and long-term success.

5. Richmond Economy is Booming

In general, the economy and the job market in Richmond are healthy. The rate of unemployment is just 3.1% while the country’s average is 3.9%. The average income is a bit lower than the country average. Richmond is a hub for legislators, lawyers, and lobbyists, since it is the capital of the commonwealth. Administrative support, healthcare, and food & accommodation are the leading three industries of employment.

6. Experience All 4 Seasons in the South

If you want to select a place to live to enjoy all four seasons, relocate to Richmond. The summers in Richmond are hot and humid with temperatures reaching the 800s and 900s. Fall and spring are much pleased with plentiful rainfall more often and temperatures in the 600s and 700s. Also, residents of Richmond can experience winter.

Don’t get discouraged by the possibility of snow, though, because this Virginia City only sees around 11 inches per annum on average. However, this variety of weather makes Richmond a center for great events all through the year, from the International Dragon Boat Festival in August down to Shiver in the River in February.

7. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

This is located on North Boulevard and it is home to one of the most amazing art collections in the country. It includes a lot of galleries displaying varieties of artwork from all over the universe and hosts a lot of temporary exhibitions during the year. Inside the gallery of early 20th-century European art, there are the works of popular French artists like Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, and Henri Matisse.

There are also notable collections of French Impressionist works, Art Nouveau, modern and contemporary American art, Art Deco, German Expressionism art, African and South Asian art, as well as Himalayan art. There are also large collections of English silver and Faberge jeweled works in the museum.

8. The Food Scene is Increasing

Amazing Richmond restaurants continue to grow every year, making this city an up-and-coming foodie destination. Enjoy the better side of dining with Oysters on the Half Shell and hit Seafood Paella at Rappahannock. Taste creative takes with the Wavy Gravy at the Fancy Biscuit in breakfast classics. Eat Lump Crab and Scrambled Egg Enchilada by visiting Millie’s Diner.

 Head to Sub Rosa Wood Fired Bakery to grab Croissants and Cinnamon Sugar Braids. Enjoy tasty Italian delicacies at Mussels Marinara from Dinamo. Eat unique creations, such as Lobster Pop Tart and Cat-Sea-Pig when you visit Spoonbread Bistro. After you are filled up at the best restaurants in Richmond, complete it with a Pumpkin and Salted Caramel Pie from Proper Pie Company.  

9. Easy to Travel to and From Richmond

Moving to Richmond will position you in a strategic post, ensuring you can easily get to and from, by train, plane, or automobile, and even in Megabus. Richmond is very much easy to travel to and from as it is located on the 95 corridors. The Richmond International Airport is located just 10 minutes from Downtown, together with many regional airports too.

I can’t say the number of jets I see flying in and out of Hanover Airport. Amtrak services the East Coast from Florida and runs to New England. It is super easy to get to New York or DC on the train. You can also follow a Megabus from Downtown Richmond to points north and is affordably priced. This is a way to travel to DC without driving through the congestion yourself.

10. Crime Rate is High but there are Many Safe Areas

When the analysis was done on the happening of violent and property crimes per 100,000 residents, Richmond scores 5.9 of 10, showing a higher crime rate than other metro areas of similar features. Its crime rate is also a bit above the country’s average.

While some neighborhoods are famous for being a hotbed for crime in Richmond, there are other areas where safety is not a major concern, similar to any city in the United States. Moving to the suburbs of Henrico, Chesterfield, or Hanover County will improve your chances of staying away from crime.

11. Transportation and Traffic

Richmond is easily on Interstate 95 which spreads from north to south, and interstate 64 that crosses east to west. Interstate 195 and the Downtown Expressway cross the middle of the city, making transportation easier to and from the busiest parts of Richmond.

Traffic is not a major concern in Richmond, even though rush hour on interstate 95, 64, and 195 can become jammed. Interstate 295 and Interstate 288 are there to divert traffic across the city to the east and west respectively during rush hour or congestion.

The Greater Richmond Transit System (GRTC) operates the bus system in the city and surrounding counties of Henrico and Chesterfield. Services also started on a rapid transit system in the summer of 2018 known as Pulse which operates in a 7-mile stretch of Broad Street starting rom Rocket’s Landing in Richmond’s East End to Willow Lawn located in the West End of Henrico County.

12. Richmond is a City that Bikes

If you enjoy cycling, then you would fall in love with Richmond in no time. Richmond was in 2015 home to the international bike rice known as UCI Road World Championships. The race participants cycle across Richmond, and the region, with Kings Dominion inclusive. The tough hill climbs on cobblestones in the Libby Park of Church Hill were the highlight of the race.

Since this race, Richmond has been turning more and more bike-friendly. A lot of streets now have small rotaries replacing stop signs so bikers don’t have to stop at every corner. You also can rent bikes at different spots around town just for day’s use.

13. Best Neighborhoods in Richmond

  • Church Hill: as I said earlier, the first settlers of Richmond named it while they were standing on the borer of Church Hill. The views from the incredible historic homes here are great. This is also where the Historic St. Johns Church, where the famous ‘Give me Liberty or Give me death’ speech was delivered by Patrick Henry. Churchill and Richmond are mixed in History.
  • Rockets Landing: iIf you are considering a move to Richmond and looking for a home that has river views, Rocketts Landing, located on the bank of James offers condos and townhouse options, many with city and river views. It also has a lot of restaurants and will soon have extra shops and eateries as they stretch further. It is also located towards the Capital Trail, which is a popular bike route that runs to Jamestown.
  • Shockoe Bottom and Shockoe Slip: Located downtown, you have access to a lot of incredible restaurants. You also are in proximity to the canal and the start of the Virginia Capital Trail for walking and biking. You are also close to the 17th Street market and Main Street Station. Here, you can hop on the train or enjoy an amazing event in the fascinating renovated space called The Shed. Completely covered in glass and steel design, it is home to many events such as raft + Design and Virginia Wine Expo from the Visual Art Center.
  • Oregon Hill: This neighborhood has a mix of new construction and historic homes, and some of the great views of the river and Belle Isle. The Overlook Townhouses still have some new construction possibilities if you find that appealing.
  • West End: The Answer Brewpub is one other great beer and brewery alternative for you. This began as a huge Vietnamese restaurant with a beer-loving owner. It features a restaurant that offers a great beer list and one that also brews its local beer and has a Brewpub behind it, since, well, Beer is the answer. There are just a few of the many great beer options you have access to.


With its unchanging economy, better amenities, plentiful attractions and amenities, and welcoming locals, Richmond is one of the best locations to reside in Virginia. If you are trying to find a reliable state to state moving company to assist you to haul your items to Richmond, be quick to obtain a free moving quote from us.