The 10 Reasons to Move to The Midwest in 2022

10 Reasons to Move to The Midwest in 2022
Summary: People have different reasons for moving to the Midwest, including education, jobs, and family. Whether individuals live in a small town or a thriving metro area, the region boasts of lots of amazing opportunities.

Considering a move to the Midwest? Luckily, this is a region of the country that loves to see newcomers. The Midwest is located north of the Ohio River between the Rocky Mountains and Appalachian and is made up of twelve states including Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

These states are often referred to as ‘America’s Heartland’ – and for the best part. If you are moving to this region, then you are fortunate.

Below are some reasons to relocate to the Midwest this year.

1. You can afford living here

We’d like to say that the major reason why people relocate to the Midwest in the first instance is that it is affordable. Unlike the costly cities found on the East and West Coasts, you can afford to live in a Midwest City or town. Ohio is reported by U.S. News as one of the cheapest states in the country, using the cost of living and housing affordability to compare. Other states in the Midwest to feature on the top 10 most affordable list are Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Indiana, Michigan, and Kansas.

With an average listing price of only $310,000, even Chicago is so much affordable in comparison to most other major cities in America (like Los Angeles, NYC, and San Francisco).

2. The region is where some of the most iconic cities in the country are located

The fact is that the Midwest is where some of the country’s most iconic and beloved cities are located – each of which offers its history and charm. If you reside in the Midwest, you will be able to access its offerings. Many iconic cities in the Midwest include Omaha, NE, Chicago, IL, Kansas City, MO, Detroit, MI, Minneapolis, MN, Indianapolis, IN, St. Louis, MO, and Milwaukee, WI. Whether it is a Michigan-star restaurant or a world-class museum, Midwest cities have something for mostly everyone.  

3. Job opportunities

One other reason is that different jobs are available to residents. Even though similar to most of the states in the country, the Midwest was also affected by the economic recession. But certain cities in the Midwest are rising when it comes to industry, healthcare, and technology. This will be so true in the cities of Chicago, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Detroit.

4. The summers are great

It is clear that the winters in the Midwest are so freezing. If you plan to move to this region, you will need to buy lots of winter coats. Luckily, after temperatures start to come and winter fades, residents can enjoy some activities outdoors. During the summer, you will surely see locals taking in the sun at one of the lakeside beaches in Michigan, kayaking in the Chicago River, swimming in many lakes of Minnesota, hiking through one of the numerous state parks, and splashing around at a water park in Wisconsin.

5. Residents see the best of lake life

If you reside in this region, you may spend most of your summer boating, swimming, and fishing at the lake. Your summers will probably revolve around lake life. Midwest is home to the country’s Great lakes such as Michigan, Lake Erie, Superior, and Huron, the region offers an amazing alternative to coastal living. Together with the Great Lakes, there are many smaller lakes in the state of Minnesota, which residents enjoy all through summer.

6. Residents enjoy the best state fairs in the U.S

The truth is that the Midwest is where the best and most iconic state fairs in the United States are performed. Residents travel from all parts of the country to attend these events, which usually depict the region’s unique foods and agricultural roots. Many of the most famous state fairs include the Minnesota State Fair, Ohio State Fair, the Iowa State Fair, the Indiana Fair, and the Wisconsin Fair. Residents visit these summertime celebrations for the carnival rides, music, and delicious Midwest delicacies.

7. Great food

One other reason is that the different types of foods that you will have access to in the Midwest. This implies that there is a possibility that these foods will not be so healthy but they will be hearty. Therefore, they will be highly satisfying and delicious. Wisconsin cheese curds, Chicago-style hot dogs, Cincinnati chili, St. Louis BBQ, an Ohio Buckeye, and a sugar cream pie in Indy are some of the example foods. If you are yet to try out any of these foods, then you are yet to experience life to its fullest.

There is a lot of food for you to try that you will not have enough time to sample it all. Many different restaurants in the region are famous for being delicious and prestigious. Wisconsin is also where Viroqua, a world-class restaurant with a James Beard-nominated chef is located. Then if your search is aimed at the best produce in the world, you can visit the Urbana Market in Illinois, where you have access to everything you are looking for.    

8. Beautiful and diverse geography

Both the topography and geography of the Midwest are indeed stunning. Most of the area is considered flat, with green everywhere, including farmland constituting much of the region. Locals also can explore a whole lot of wildlife in Badlands National Park located in South Dakota. The park has many amazing rock formations, hiking trails, canyons, and fossils. Together with the beautiful parks and plains, the huge Great Lakes in the Midwest are a sight to see. With the region’s numerous geographical wonders, residents are never short of something to see or do outdoors.  

9. State fairs

This is another reason that the unique state fairs that will be held in the Midwest. This is where you can eat many different foods like deep-fried Twinkies and elephant ears, and ride a Ferris Wheel. This tradition is peculiar to the Midwest and is among the reasons why the State Fair is an institution in the country. The Ohio State Fair is one of the major ones of these state fairs. This implies that around 1M people will attend this state fair every year. Then Wisconsin is famous for its state fairs due to the more than fifty amusements rides options and the cream puffs that are known everywhere.

10. Sports are everything

Anyone who loves the Chicago Cubs, Detroit Red Wings, or Green Bay Packers knows that sports are not to be taken for granted. The region is where some of the biggest sports fans are found, and that is the fact whether winning or losing.    

FAQ about Reasons to Move to the Midwest in 2022

Why do people move to the Midwest?

People move to the region for different reasons, including education, jobs, and family. Whether people settle in a small town or a thriving metro area, the Midwest boats lots of amazing opportunities.

Is living in the Midwest expensive?

From transportation to real estate, Midwestern cities offer an affordable cost of living compared to the rest of the nation. Averagely, you can prepare for a yearly savings of $3,098 for rent and mortgage costs of $4,454 if you decide to live in the Midwest.

What state is the cheapest in the Midwest?

Mississippi cost the less among the Midwest states. Its cost of living index is 84.8 and has the least overall housing cost index in the country of 66.7.

What is living in the Midwest like?

The Midwest is known for cheap land, friendly locals, and a stress-free way of life that differs a lot from other regions in the country. Lots of people are moving to the Midwest due to its affordable cost of living, calm pace of life, and open spaces.

Are you ready to move to any of these Midwest States?

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