10 Questions To Ask The Movers Before You Hire Them In 2020



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10 Questions To Ask The Movers Before You Hire Them In 2020

For people who are looking at picking up and moving to a new location, the process of moving can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, you and your family may be very excited to get to your new location, a new town or state rife with new opportunities and fresh faces. On the other hand, moving is a time-consuming and stressful process that can seem like a lot of work.

Make no mistake about it, moving is a lot of work, a process that requires rigid planning, budgeting, and finesse. Depending on how far your move is, you’re going to need to have a plan for how you’re going to load up all of your things, whether you’re going to handle the move yourself or hire cross country movers, whether or not you need to utilize storage services, and much more.

If you plan to utilize the services of a moving company for your big move, keep these ten important questions in mind, and make sure you inquire about them with your movers before the big day arrives.

What special services do you provide?

As a busy person planning a big move, you understandably want to save as much time and energy as possible. If you have the budget for it, one of the best options you can choose is to find a reliable moving company that will be able to do all of the heavy lifting for you.

These days, quality moving companies can take a lot of work off of your plate, and a vast majority of them offer special moving services to help you focus on the larger aspects of your move. Here are just a few of the moving services many companies offer to their customers.

  • Packing up the whole house

Whole-home packing is an invaluable service offered by many professional movers. When you sign up for whole-home packing services, your movers will come in and pack up all of the contents of your home for you, taking one of the most dreaded aspects of moving out of the equation. 

  • Loading and unloading the moving truck

Not too many people enjoy the process of loading up their heavy boxes, appliances, and other belongings onto the moving truck. Many movers will be glad to handle this task for you, loading up all of your freshly packed belongings, furniture, and appliances onto the truck for you, and even unloading it when you reach your destination. 

  • Storage solutions for your things

Do you have some items that you would rather store in a facility before, during, or even after your move? Some moving companies provide climate-controlled solutions so you can store your things with confidence, and retrieve them whenever you’d like.

What is the estimate for this move?

Knowing what you might be spending on your move is an important thing to be aware of before you ever sign any papers or commit to a single moving company. Plan ahead and get in touch with moving companies several weeks or even a month before your projected moving day.

Explain your move to your movers, let them know what services you may require, along with any other applicable information. With this info in mind, they should be able to provide you with a cost estimate for your move. Keep in mind, it doesn’t hurt to get more than one estimate so you can use the movers that work best with your budget.

Can you provide me with your registration number?

Professional movers should be registered with the US Department of Transportation, and should have what is called a USDOT number. To ensure your moving company is professional and in compliance with USDOT rules and regulations, inquire about this number so you can do your due diligence on the company before making any hiring decisions.

Will there be any additional fees I should know about?

Some moving companies may have added fees and surcharges depending on the services you’re needing, extra charges for gasoline, and so on. When you meet with your movers to receive your cost estimate, make sure you also inquire about any extra fees so you can ensure you are still working within your budget.

What does your insurance policy look like?

Making sure your movers are properly insured is very important when choosing moving companies. If something were to accidentally happen to your things during moving day, you want to make sure the moving company has adequate insurance to cover the cost for a replacement.

Professional movers are usually well equipped to handle your things with the utmost care and respect, but it is important to remember that accidents do happen on rare occasions, so going the extra mile to make sure your movers are properly covered is a great step to ensuring your belongings are protected.

How long has your business been in operation?

A good way to tell the quality of a moving service is how long they’ve been in business. A long history of happy customers and successful moves is telling of a trustworthy and respectable moving company.

Do you offer any special discounts or promotional offers?

Sometimes, during the off season when not as many folks are moving, you may find that some moving companies will be willing to give you a discount on moving services. You may also find discounts for students, active military members, and more.

It never hurts to ask, so a simple inquiry about these potential discounts or promotions may be yet another way you can save a few bucks on your big move.

What forms of payment do you take?

Professional movers should accept debit cards, credit cards, or checks. If your movers request a cash-only payment, it may be a sign that they are not as reputable of a moving company as you thought.

Are you able to guarantee dates for pickup and delivery?

When you’re working on planning your big move, you want to be able to have everything planned out and scheduled to the minute. With moving being such a delicate process, making sure your potential moving company is able to guarantee the dates for the pickup and delivery of your belongings is paramount to a successful move.

While most professional movers will be on time for picking up and delivering your things, it is important to remember that sometimes, last minute changes can happen. In this unfortunate circumstance, make sure that you can be reimbursed some money in case the plan changes at the last minute.

Are there any questions you may have for me?

The sign of great, reliable movers is how open they are with communication and how much they genuinely want to help you. When you’re getting your cost estimate, when you have finished asking them questions relevant to your move, turn the tables around and see if they have any questions for you.

Your movers should want the move to go over without a hitch, and should want to make sure that you are thoroughly happy every step of the way during this process. With this in mind, they might have some requests for additional information so they can properly serve you and make you a happy customer.

This is a sign of a great moving company, so make sure you provide them with any details and answers so they can serve you to the best of their ability.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you may have some questions for the movers, you may also have some questions about the process of dealing with moving companies in general if this is your first big move. Here are some of the most frequent questions and answers about moving companies, so see if your inquiry already has an answer:

How fast do moving companies work?

Full service movers tend to work quickly and efficiently. Usually, the packing process takes the longest, so expect about two to three working hours for your movers to pack up a three-bedroom home. The loading and unloading process once everything is packed up shouldn’t take much longer than an hour to an hour and a half.

What should I look for in my moving contract?

Your contract should have all of the information relevant to the cost of your move, along with any additional charges. These charges will usually be based on the amount of things being moved and the distance you are moving.

Is hiring a moving company worth it?

If you are someone who is not physically able to pack up and move all of your things by yourself, or would rather have professionals handle the job so you can focus on other things, a moving company is absolutely worth it, depending, of course, on your budget. Full-service movers will take the work off your shoulders so you can sit back and relax until you reach your new home.

Moving Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

While the planning behind a big move can be time-consuming and stressful, the actual process doesn’t need to be. Hiring a professional moving company to aid you in packing up, loading up, and getting to your new home is a great step in making sure that your move goes over without a hitch, taking loads of stress and work off of your plate. 

At the end of the day, you may find that taking the work off your shoulders and making things as simple as possible was worth every single penny.

Mark Emond
Mark Emond
Mark Emond is a professional writer with an extensive background in the moving industry and its copywriting. He is known for his informative and technologically abreast writing and creating user-engaging content to help both companies and individuals sort their moving-related queries. He maintains a good knowledge base and is always excited to share his knowledge with readers.
Mark Emond
Mark Emond
Mark Emond is a professional writer with an extensive background in the moving industry and its copywriting. He is known for his informative and technologically abreast writing and creating user-engaging content to help both companies and individuals sort their moving-related queries. He maintains a good knowledge base and is always excited to share his knowledge with readers.

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