10 Important Home Improvements To Make Before Moving

Home improvements to make Before Moving
Summary: Tackle some of your home improvement projects before you get settled into your new house is the sure way to secure the place and make it your own. Here are some important home improvement projects that are best to do before you move into your new home.

There are a lot of benefits that come with putting in place home improvement features and remodeling on your home. If it is a rented apartment, there is a limit to how far you can go with the kind of improvements you can make so that you don’t end up changing the whole set up of the house into what your landlord might not like but however, you can tweak things to suit your taste and style as long as you keep it moderate.

On the other hand, if you are the owner of the house, remodeling and improving the look of your home will give it a lift, make it more beautiful, and in the long run, it will be a kind of investment because it will add monetary value to your home.

Whichever side of the divide you fall; whether you are a tenant or a homeowner, refurbishing your home to suit you and make it look beautiful before moving in is a great idea and should be considered when you are moving into a new home. There is a lot of improvements you can add to your home from the interior décor to the exterior in order to make it an absolute beauty for people who visit your home or for passerby who see the exterior as they walk by.

See home improvements as an investment especially if you are the homeowner as they are meant to make your home look beautiful, add value to your home, and also tweak things in the home to what you prefer so that you can enjoy your stay in the home. Before you move to your home make sure you have good communication with your interstate moving companies so that they can arrive early as possible in order to arrive at your destination in time. Also, make sure that all improvement works are completed before your arrival so that you do not have so much more to do or put in place before you start moving your belongings into the new home.

We will consider a few of these important home improvements you can put in place in your home before moving in.

Install energy-efficient insulation and appliances

One way to ensure a greener environment is to minimize energy consumption by installing energy-efficient appliances such as energy-saver bulbs (Led lighting, and fluorescent lighting), dryers, and freezers in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and sitting room. This will help you to consume less energy and save more money on energy consumption.

Another thing you can put in place in your home is energy-efficient insulation. If your home is not properly insulated or doesn’t have basic insulation with your doors giving room for cold and hot air to come in, then you can consider putting in place energy-efficient insulation this will help to seal cracks in your home and your home will become more appealing to buyers or people who may want to rent the house. Check the following areas to identify locations that may require insulation;

  • The doors and windows
  • Electrical sockets and light switches
  • Basement
  • Recessed lighting
  • Attic Hatch
  • Ducts

You can also install a programmable thermostat to help you save more on energy cost. It is not so expensive to install energy-efficient insulation and appliances in your home as the money you will be able to save in the long run will be worth your investment.

Interior painting

It is important that you paint your room while it is still empty, and your belongings are not yet in the rooms, this will help you to avoid the whole place from looking messy. Painting your room before moving into your home is something you should invest in either by doing it yourself or hiring a professional painter to help you.

Bath remodel

A bathroom remodels wouldn’t be a bad idea. You can turn your standard bathroom into a universally accessible one by putting in a walk-in shower, widening doorways for wheelchairs, putting support bars close to the toilet, and lowering light switches among others. This may look like what is not really in vogue today, but in the nearest future, you will come to appreciate the dynamism it brings into your home. You can utilize extra spaces and dormant rooms by converting them to an additional bathroom in your home depending on what its current set up presently looks like. The cost of putting up a new bathroom depends on the kind of fixtures and accessories you wish to put in the bathroom space.

Basic updates

One way to add great value to your home is to carry out a basic update like keeping the paint fresh, fix leakages in, change worn out plumbing fittings, get rid of mold, and replace rotten woods. These routine minor fixes will go a long in preventing your home from deteriorating over time and it adds value to your home as buyers and renters are out looking for apartments that are safe, solid, and in top condition.


If you are moving in with your kids, you do not want to move in before putting in place safety and precautionary measures that will keep your kids safe from house hazards. Put in place all childproofing adjustments such as securing cabinets, covering outlets, installing edge and corner bumpers. If you are moving into a home that already has to be childproof, ensure you double-check each safety fixture to see everything is working properly. Safety is important and it should be seen as a major priority.

Fix walls, flooring, and carpets

The best time you can easily notice any crack in the walls and floors is when you have not moved into the new home. Inspect every part of the rooms and the entire building in order to identify defects and imperfections. If there are any cracks or imperfections, you can easily fix the defects in the walls, flooring, and lay carpets properly.

Siding and vinyl window replacements

Damaged, deteriorating, or old-looking siding can make your home look outdated. Renovating your siding is a valuable investment that adds great value to your home. Make sure the trim is in shape and looking good as this is an important factor that makes the upgrade on your siding look beautiful. Complement the siding with an upgraded window by adding low-energy vinyl to make it all look its best.

Wood deck addiction

The best home improvements that yield the greatest value are those on the exterior of your home because they are the first thing anybody will see and the first impression lasts longer. If the exterior is looking so good, what it means is that the interior would even look better. Hence, adding a wood deck to your home can be a real deal that can enable the value of your home soar. Wood is the ideal material to choose for your patio or backyard deck as it is classy, trendy, and looks modern as well. A wood deck will add more value to your home than what you will get with a backyard patio or composite deck. Make the dimension to fit into the shape and design of your home and also add a railing system for additional stability and functionality.

Kitchen remodel

Another home improvement you can invest in is to give your kitchen an uplift or an upgrade. There a whole lot of modifications you can make in your kitchen depending on your budget and your personal preference. The kitchen is one major part of the home where buyers check to know if the value of the home is worth the asking price as they don’t want to buy a home and still have so much to spend in refurbishing the kitchen to suit their what they like. As a result of this, the kitchen is one part of the home where you will always get great value for every penny you spend in making it look better. There are lots of important home improvements you can incorporate into your kitchen from installing energy-efficient appliances to installing countertops, installing or painting existing cabinets, and installing wall and floor tiles among others.

The interesting part of a kitchen part is that you don’t have to spend so much to get a huge return or value on the money spent. Minor kitchen improvement is capable of recouping up to 81% of its cost in average resale value. The major and most valuable home improvements in a kitchen that can be carried out include modernizing countertops and cabinets, upgrade kitchen appliances, upgrade the faucet and sink, and update wall and floor tiles among others.

Use Manufacture stone veneer on the exterior

A good exterior home improvement that can go a long way in offering you a good return on your investment is to enhance the exterior part of your home with manufactured stone veneer. A manufactured stone veneer as the name implies is a type of stone that is man-made with composite materials shaped in molds. It looks similar to real stone and the way it is installed isn’t different. Stone veneer will add great beauty to your exterior and make it look appealing. Adding stone veneer to just a small part of your home alone is still considered a good investment because of the value and benefits it will still add to the home.

Get The Best Hands

Before you commence your improvement works in your home, make sure you have a budget and know how much you are ready to invest in the home so that this can serve as a guide that will enable you to stay within your budget.

In addition to working around your budget, it is important that you also get professionals for each improvement works in your home. For example, if you are upgrading your kitchen fixtures ensure you engage the services of professional plumbers to get the job done for you. There is no substitute for experience as far as technically skilled jobs are concerned and as a result of this whether you are painting, flooring, tiling, installing electrical, and plumbing fittings make sure you hire professionals to handle these jobs. Having professionals handle the job will reduce the possibility of design errors or misfits in the installed fittings.

Visit your new home ahead of your move date

If you are moving from one state to another, it is important that you make solid arrangements to make sure that all home improvements are done ahead of your arrival to your new home. Try as much as possible to visit your new home ahead of your move day to do a personal inspection of the improvement works done so that you can request amends wherever necessary. This will help to save you the stress of having to do touch-ups when you arrive at your home. Doing touch-ups after your arrival can make things difficult and it can also make the entire space look messy.

Moving interstate

If you are moving long-distance or from one state to another, ensure that you hire the services of a competent mover. Read reviews about interstate moving companies in order to have an idea of what people who have used the services of these moving companies in the past are saying about them. Also do well to invite these movers to your home for an in-house inspection so that they can give you a more accurate quote based on what the move will entail, compare the quotes from the moving companies, and based on your budget and other factors decide on which one of them you will hire to help you handle your move. The success of your move is dependent on hiring a capable moving company.